Thursday, December 24, 2009


is our home for now, while me and mango are looking for our dream home. we went to see some property on the atherton tablelands, with a stunning far away view of hills and valleys, but without water to swim in and a phone line, so we had to let go of this lovely place, i was a bit disappointed as i could see myself live there happily. it was a good experience, we first had an idea to go for some temporary property, that didn't exactly meet our full needs, but after viewing this proprety we decided, that the best thing to do would be to wait till our real deal dream home comes along.

david and emile left us a few days ago, it was not so easy for me to say goodbye, those people were a part of my life for a relatively short time, but it feels like i have known them for ages, and i truly miss their presence. i hope to see them again one day. being a part of the making of a fruity documentary, was very interesting and educational. i noticed, that most people like to be "stars" and they are willing to listen and debate more enthusiastically about fruit, while a conversation is being filmed. without the film crew, i find it is very rare to get people interested in fruitful fruity conversations. the power of the media is surely huge.

when we arrived at fruitopia, there was a care taker and two wwoofers present, and we were welcomed by all. we had just missed out on a raw food gathering, organized by thirty bananas a day people: harley and his girlfriend freelea, plus their friend nick. all great ozeee kids, eating raw, mainly fruit, folowing the principle of calorie counting etc. inspired by doug graham, one of the well known raw food gurus. harley, his girl and their friend nick arrived a few days after us here at fruitopia, and we had some interesting long discussions about our similarities and differences in our lifestyles and it was all very interesting and fun and educational for all of us. despite our differences we remained in good spirits, and we enjoyed our time together and we hope to meet up again in the future.

and it just happened, that one night we all had dinner at the same time and place and while we were at it, i noticed a special beautiful and loving energy flowing around, as everyone truly and fully enjoyed their raw fresh fruity meal with real zest for life and beauty.

we are here now for about a week and we have met some other local raw food mostly fruit munchers, and it is great to see people enjoying eating lifefull food. and yes, fruit is the most popular winner for sure. my spirit always rejoice at such scenes.

due to christmas holidays everyone left today to the big town cairns for several holiday activities, and me and mango are left at home alone.. nice change..

harley, freelea and nick left for good, they are a sweet traveling rawfood people and they usually don't stay at the same place for toooo long.

me and mango continue looking for our dream home, visiting real estates, and checking local papers and asking anyone we strike conversations with for some tips. yesterday we went to visit the information centre in mareeba, as i wanted to know where some great swimming spots in the area are, and next to it was an art gallery shop, so i got in, while mango was resting in a shady place under a lovely big tree, lying on the bench reading local papers, and i walked through the shop enjoying lots of different artwork and on the end there she was, sitting and knitting, a lovely lady, rosemary, who works there once a month, selling artwork. we had a nice and interesting conversation, and she asked me to give her my ph number, and she promised that if she heard about some suitable fruity place for me and mango, she would ring. i said that is very kind and i am sure she knew a lot of people in area, being such a friendly soul, and she said looking deeply straight in to my eyes: i know everyone. i answered with a big smile. yes, i could have chatted with rosemary for much longer, but i was not alone and i did not want mango to wait for too long, so i said sweet goodbyes and we were off to fruitopia for a nice refreshing fruity meal. our favorite at the moment is blended mangoes, and sometimes we squeeze some raw fresh orange juice in as well. yum, yum, yum.

emile and david also enjoyed blended mangoes, and some other fruits, like ice cream beans, bananas, etc. i hope after their fruity experiences with us, they let more fruit into their lives, to inspire others and to contribute toward a better health for themselves and the planet earth.

love and peace may be with you all.

life is beautiful.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

goodbye sydney

said me and mango, when we were finaly leaving our shoebox in the city, the day we were so much looking forward to became a reality and off we were to far north queensland.. leaving the city behind, traveling three thousand kilometres to our first destination, a big fruity proprety called fruitopia near mareeba, where we have been invited to stay for a while.

just a few days ago, before we left sydney, emile (director) and david (cameraman) arrived from the usa, and with enthusiasm began making the documentary movie about our fruitarian lifestyle, and they have been keeping pretty busy with the movie making since the day of arrival, til today. they are easy going, realaxed and open minded guys, and it is fun to be a part of their work. i was wondering how i was going to feel in front of the camera, and i learned i am relaxed, and for most of the time i just don't pay any atention to it.

we were traveling and filming as well for six days before we arrived at this place caled fruitopia. today we are here for our second day, but to me it feels like we have been here for ages. we are on the end of some country road, with fruit propreties all along the way, and we have seen mainly mango orchads. mangoes are already a few weeks in season in this part of oz, and it was a pure joy to see so many mangoes hanging down from the trees on long stems, actualy we have seen a lot and lot of mango trees blessed with abandance of yummy fruit troughout all of queensland.

while traveling we ate yummy cherries, durian, avocado, lychees (mostly), oranges or freshly squeezed orange juice, we also stopped at tropical fruit world in northern nsw, next to the qld border and emile bought us all different kinds of sapote fruit, my favorite was the yellow one, and pineapple and a few other bits and peaces of not so common tropical fruit, which we kept sampling on the way up north. we also shared some with three young english traveling girls, we also shared with them some words mostly about fruit and it all took a part in documentary movie making. we approached a few people on our way, talking about our fruity lifestyle. most people had never heard about fruitarians, i am not surprised, fruitarians are very rare in this world, especialy the ones like me and mango, who eat raw fresh fruit only.

well, it is nice to be at some destination after a week of traveling, fruitopia is a quiet and relaxing place with a fair bit of organic raw fresh fruit around, mainly mangoes, paw paws, ice cream beans, white, black and mamey sapote, and possibly other varieties of sapote, passion fruit, cherry tomatoes, bananas, jack fruit.. and i am sure there is more..

mango has been trying by phone to contact some people he used to know when he lived here, to get some info about suitable acomodation for us. so far, we are not having much luck getting hold of people..

winding down, enjoying much more fresh air, fruit and people..

life is beautiful

Saturday, November 28, 2009

mango and me

have been enoying the summer season for some time now, beutiful summer with its yummy fruit and refreshing swims in the ocean. yumy yum.

and most importantly the big day of our moving up to far north qeenslad and looking for our new home is very near. yes, we will begin our exciting journey around the 9th of december.

to add to our excitment further new events await us. a few months ago mango got an email from a friend of one of his friends, who said that he would be very interested in making a documentary about fruitarians and that he was thinking of us for it. because the mutual friend told him, that we were both long term fruity people. he also likes the idea that we are a fruitarian couple.

of course, me and mango were happy that someone should be interested in our unusual raw fresh fruit only lifestyle, and after making sure, that the documentary would be portrayed in a good fruitarian light (as so far most people prefer to ridicule this peaceful loving and healthy way of life), and the director of the movie emile said yes, he believes it is a great way to live and he is also interested in fruity ways, we agreed to it.

a few days later he asked if it would be ok, if his friend, cameraman, david should also come along, we said no worries, they are both very welcome. they have never been in australia and they are looking forward to seeing some parts of it as well as to making the fruity documentary.

we both spoke with emile on the phone as well, and they are arriving from america on the sixth of december and two or three days after we should all head of on our three thousand km long trip. they are going to have their own transport, our car is going to be fully packed with our belongings

we are more busy than usual, giving away and selling a few more things from our shoe box, and putting aside the stuff we are going to take with us

life is sweet

me and mango

mango and me

Thursday, October 29, 2009

after me and my mum returned

form a very warm turkey to cold and almost sunless days and torrential rains were also in action. it was not the best welcome, as we both love sunny, warm or hot days.

i did not mind so much, as the thought that in six weeks i would be returning in to sunny warm oz, where i would warm up for sure, but mum had been hoping to be warmed by the czech summer, she had been looking so much forward to the whole autumn, winter and spring, and now the summer was not delivering what she had waited for, so she was complaining: "this is not a summer, the half of it is over, and before i know it, the long icy winter will be here again". and so on she winged, she just could not get over it, that she was so cold, and the smile often disappeared from her face.

it was not easy for me and romana to talk my mum in to joining me and visiting romana in as (the town where romana lives), we both wanted it and in the end we succeeded, mum agreed, and only two days after returning form turkey, romana and her son come over to pick us up and take us with them to their home.

we had a peaceful and great time, and we were also discussing a new serious situation with help of tarot cards. mainly my mum and i were reading, romana a little bit too. we were reading cards together for others often. i learned how to read from my mum and romana is learning from books. mum and romana see each other very rarely, they keep in touch mainly by phone, they are both too busy so, there is not much contact. the discussion was very intensive and it took two days, before something important sprang from the darkness into the light..

of course there was plenty of time spent with three year young david, for walks and visits.. mum left after two days, and there was only a few days left until the weekend, for which i had planned a get together with czech raw food people from the forum, but our days spent together went so fast, that i realized that i could not leave romana alone, i felt that she needed me to be there with and for her, and my feelings were proven to be right when she asked me to stay a bit longer, so i could not make another choice, than to say goodbye to the raw food weekend in the country i had been looking forward to so much.

romana means a lot to me, she is my big love, we have only met each other a few times, when she was a baby, and then fifteen years later and we fell in love straight away. and it took a long time, before we began to see each other a bit more often. it is always like a beautiful dream, when we are together. our souls are happy together. so i ended up staying with her and david till wednesday, when i traveled back to stay with mum, dad etc. and on friday i was traveling again to skalna, for a school reunion. i had been looking forward to it like a little girl..

more about that, next time.. (this all took place toward the end of june and beginning of july this year!)

life is beautiful

david and watermelon

little david is enjoying watermelon

ranni rozcvicka

david and romana are playing morning exercise

romana and david

romana and david, my love

Sunday, October 25, 2009

an environmentally friendly diet,

is supported in sweden. it is a great idea to have information on how much carbon dioxide emissions are created in producing everything that people eat.

i myself believe, that the best diet for the environment and humans is a raw fresh fruit diet, preferably local and of course vegan organic.

Environment on the menu as Swedes sit down to dine
October 24, 2009

SHOPPING for oatmeal, Helena Bergstrom, 37, admitted she was flummoxed by the label on the blue box reading, ''Climate declared: .87 kg CO2 per kg of product.''

''Right now, I don't know what this means,'' said Ms Bergstrom, a pharmaceutical company employee.

But if an experiment succeeds, millions of Swedes will soon find out. Labels listing the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the production of foods are appearing on grocery items and restaurant menus around the country.

Changing diet can be as effective in reducing emissions of climate-changing gases as changing the car one drives or doing away with the clothes dryer, scientific experts say.

''We're the first to do it, and it's a new way of thinking for us,'' said Ulf Bohman, head of the nutrition department at the Swedish National Food Administration. ''We're used to thinking about safety and nutrition as one thing and environmental as another.''

Some of the proposed dietary guidelines may seem startling. They recommend that Swedes favour carrots over cucumbers and tomatoes. (Unlike carrots, the latter two must be grown in heated greenhouses here, consuming energy.) They are not counselled to eat more fish because Europe's stocks are depleted.

And less surprisingly, they are advised to substitute beans or chicken for red meat, in view of the heavy greenhouse gas emissions from raising cattle.

''For consumers, it's hard,'' Mr Bohman said. ''You are getting environmental advice that you have to co-ordinate with, 'How can I eat healthier?' ''

Many Swedish diners say it is just too much to ask. ''I wish I could say that the information has made me change what I eat, but it hasn't,'' said Richard Lalander, 27, who was eating a Max hamburger (1.7 kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions) near a menu board revealing that a chicken sandwich (0.4 kilograms) would be better for the planet.

Yet if the new food guidelines were religiously heeded, some experts say Sweden could cut its emissions from food production by 20 to 50 per cent.

An estimated 25 per cent of the emissions in industrialised nations can be traced to the food, according to recent research here.

The dietary recommendations, which are being circulated for comment across the European Union, have been attacked by Europe's meat industry, Norwegian salmon farmers and Malaysian palm oil growers, to name a few.

''This is trial and error; we're still trying to see what works,'' Mr Bohman said. NEW YORK TIMES

i found this interesting article here:

living food

environmentally & human friendly living, life giving pawpaw, as all raw fresh fruit is..

Friday, October 9, 2009

yes, i admit it,

i had occasional negative thoughts, that that roof was not going to be fixed, and that the wind screen was not going to fit . i have had this car for five years now, and i am very comfy with it, it suits me and i would not like to say goodbye to it...but i shooed away those negative thoughts like annoying flies, with all my might, with success, saying to my self: "why should i worry about something that hasn't even happened". and it worked, my worries left me in no time, as i focused my mind on having a good time..

it happened about a year ago, that someone took our car for a joyride, and damaged it a fair bit as well, besides other things needed to be fixed, the windscreen was broken and they told us only after the windscreen had been changed, that there was a big hole in the roof and it was urgent to fix it asap. and for that reason, the windscreen had to be taken out once more, which meant it could easily be broken in process.. well, that was not the best news.. later on we got several torrential rainy days and we discovered that the roof was leaking a bit, and friend of friend cleverly used some miracle paste and fixed the leaking trouble. afterwards, the car stayed dry during rainy days, but the unattended hole in roof was getting very rusty and bigger, so we decided to get it fixed, we hired another friend and he fixed it with the windscreen on, but it cracked through the fixing process anyway, but only a tiny bit, so it was still road worth

the crack on the windscreen slowly but shortly expanded, now when mango got his oz residency, it was clear to us, that time for a long journey into the tropical far north was near, and therefore it was a time to fix the roof properly at, after some debating, we decided that a friend and mango would take the windscreen off and fix the roof, while i visited my friend just around the corner, where mango would pick me up on the way to garage where we had organized a new windscreen, and it all happened as planned.

in the garage, they told us, that the windscreen would arrive two hours later and then a bit of work needed to be done, and then two hours free from any disturbance like driving or shutting and opening doors.. so me and mango very quickly decided to get a taxi back to our shoebox and there we shared one sweet and creamy durian and about two hours later a half liter of raw fresh orange juice each, and soon after we drove back to the garage with a car that mango's friend had left for us to keep an eye on and drive as we please, - he had left on a far north queensland holiday..

and when we arrived in the garage our car was waiting for us nicely fixed, we were very glad that it all worked out well and that it is all over and done with.

so after we returned back to our shoebox, we celebrated with another durian, yum.

about an hour later a half liter of fresh orange juice each

ja a toyota

me and toyota camry waiting while mango is organizing delivery of and changing windscreen

life is beautiful

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

so, it is here

yes, finally, the news we were waiting for, arrived...

A typical australian sunny morning was pretending like nothing special was happening, but i knew it already the night before, that good news would arrive today, yes, i even knew it was going to be a good one, and i was looking forward to it transpiring..

for a sunny breakfast at eleven, me and mango enjoyed a so sweet sweet fresh juice from grapes, two hours later we shared the king of fruit , a very yummy durian, me and mango are enjoying this first class delicacy from the tropical kingdom daily, all durians are magical, original and highly precious... we always share one, and exceptionally two, but at times, the exception becomes a rule... ha ha ha it serves us right.

later on i dived in to a hot bathtub, and my body and spirit were so satisfied, and soon after mango rushed in with a see-through blue jug, filled with one liter of freshly made juice from watermelon skin, and a half liter glass in the other hand, smiling, and i said thankyou also smiling, he said he was going to check the mail box

i kept smiling and i poured a full glass of that excellent, very much loved by me, drink, and i joyfully enjoyed sipping it.. relaxing in the hot water and in no time mango appeared again, telling me that he got a paper to collect some mail from the post office, and it did not indicate what kind of mail it was. i said: "this is the news we have been waiting for, for over two years now.. mango was not so sure, but he wanted it to be it.. he jumped in the car and drove off to the post office..

meanwhile i continued sipping on the strong juice, which had a very positive influence on me, and i love the taste; sweet and always different, at times it tastes like the best cucumber juice.. juice from watermelon skin, which almost everyone throws away. mango does not drink it, he does not like even the thought of it, i do not force him, everyone has their taste preferences. the truth is, that mostly we are enjoying eating or drinking the same fruit at the same time, may it be one kind of fruit or a mix of two or more..

i hadn't finished the second half-liter glass of dark green almost black juice and mango was back again, and it was clear as the sky to me, just from his shiny happy face expression, that it was good news, so my happiness also increased, and i said: so they gave it to you didn't they? yes they did. said mango and then we both giggled hi hi hi, ha ha ha, ho ho ho, hi hi hi and so on..

so, finally the time come to its fruition for me and mango, he got permission to live in australia, yippee, sweet, yahoo.. we both love australia and we would not like to have to look for our future home outside of sweet and magic land of oz. and already at the end of next year, mango can and will claim australian citizenship. one of our mutual dreams came true.

preparations for traveling up north are ahead: fixing car, maintenance of car, giving away stuff we wont take with us, sell some things, and packing what we will take with us.

and then almost three thousand kms, a long way through beautiful unique australia up to far north queensland, in to the tropics, where we are going to settle in some fruit paradise. we are looking forward to it, big time..

life is beautiful

ps: around 17:00 pealed tomatoes and cucumbers, mango with avocado, and after 18:00 yummy longans. we are looking forward to eating fruit picked by us straight from the trees, vines and fruit bushes.

this happened on the tenth of the ninth of two thousand and nine. (10 9 2009)

sweet mango

my sweet mango

Friday, August 28, 2009

we landed in turkey on time,

it was a lovely sunny morning with the celsius hovering around thirty plus, we were looking so much forward to the hot weather, because the weather in the czech republic was more on the cold side. well, we walked out from the airport hall with a big smile, and in no time we were seeking information about what bus, from a long line of buses near by, was ours, from a tourist guide girl.. yeah, we were smiling, but she did not, and she seem to be annoyed and not very helpful, so i told her, that she may consider not working with people if she found them annoying. i do not remember how she reacted, i think she did not.

after a while we found our bus and we were looking forward to the about two hour long journey, through the, to us unknown, turkey, that is why we made that particular holiday destination choice, we like to discover new places on earth. the whole, maybe even three hour long way, we watched from the window, and chatted mainly about what we could see.. we traveled trough luscious countryside, where i could joyfully adore big fruit orchards, and many big glass houses (mainly made of plastic), and i also liked the abundance of fruit trees in parks and on streets of towns we traveled through. it was truly delightful walking around orange trees, pomegranate trees, carob trees, fig trees, etc. but it was not very delightful to see all the fruit i love so much, still green, not yet ready to eat.. except oranges, but the fully ripe and ready orange oranges were way too high to reach, the reachable branches were all harvested and showing just green oranges of all sizes. oh, no.. but,

the beauty was, that on our way to the beach was an excellent little corner shop with plenty of cheap, fresh and tasty fruit for sale, yes, they had fresh strawberries first and second grade, i got always the first, same with the cherries, apricots were not the best, but the oranges, grapefruits and watermelons were heavenly.

usually we get our own meal option, but this time, it was so cheap and breakfast and dinner in the form of self service buffet were already included, so we had those meals in a big eating area, we ate always in an outdoor area with a pool, in the sun. and i was more lucky than smart, because there were always freshly cut, fresh and tasty oranges, grapefruits and watermelons for breakfast. we always ate from nine to eleven, so i had plenty of time to enjoy slowly eating just juice from orange and grapefruit quarters, and munch on juicy sweet watermelon triangles after. i am sure i had at least one half of a watermelon every breakfast. mum, she had coffee and bread, cheese, boiled egg and some raw fresh fruit as well.. they were daily increasing a bit and bread etc. were decreasing

and for dinner (from six to eight) there was watermelon always very sweet and yummy, like all fruit i had the honour to eat. and whole uncut oranges, we were permitted to take with us to our rooms, so me and mum brought every night enough oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice we made some time after dinner on our hand orange juicer we always take with us on holiday. and those juices were always so yummy, we drank it heartily, giving thanks to the sun, which we truly both could feel in the fresh juices and the whole fruit.

one night, at dinner time, mum brought some part of some dead rotting animal, seasoned and cooked in the kitchen, and i could immediately smell the stench of rotten old meat, so i said to her that the corpse is stinky, but she, as a meat muncher, could not smell it, did not believe me, and she ate that mad stuff.

she woke up in the early morning hours, very sick, i slept through it and when i woke up, around eight, she, the poor thing was crying out, telling me she was going to die. i knew, that she got poisoned by that rotting corpse, but i kept it to myself, as there was no time for education, but for compassion, so i told her that i am sorry she had to suffer so much, but i was sure she would survive it and live, especially if she gave food a rest, she said that only the thought of food was making her sick. she spent all day without energy in bed and she got severe diarrhea. the next day she felt much better and straight away got in to a breakfast, having coffee and bread, boiled egg and cheese, but after she had eaten just a little bit, then she went for the orange grapefruit watermelon plate and she almost ate it all.

soon after breakfast we went for sun and water bliss in our hotel yard, and in about one hour mum was rushing in to our room and when she returned, she told me that she threw up about 4 liters of stuff, in to a big bathroom marble sink. so i asked her to spare me any details, i do not enjoy listening to such stuff, so she stopped, and i noticed she finally looked much better, so i told her and she said that she is feeling well again, and since then she had more of the fresh fruit and veg than usual, and she cut down on meat a lot. but still way too much of bread, cheese and eggs. i forbid her to eat any butter or margarine, luckily she obeyed me, i told her that she had plenty of fat in eggs and cheese. even her doctor told her that she must cut the fat, so that is why she took me also more seriously on the fat issue, and truly reduced her fat intake.

we both always had raw fresh fruit for lunch, i had mostly strawberries and cherries or both, and mum all sorts, bananas, apples, apricots, grapes, and i had sometimes a small taste from her fruit

my mum always loses some kg's while we are holidaying together. she naturally eats more fruit and veg when she is with me, and she also loves fruit on the hot days which she tolerates very well. this time she lost 4kg, but when we have our own meals she looses 5 to 6kg. in such times she eats mainly fruit, much less of veg and very small amount of bread, and almost no meat at all, she usually has a tiny bit of some stinky salami and one tiny tin of poor dead fish. we also drink raw fresh juices daily. i drink and eat raw fresh fruit only.

and we had a great time, we relaxed a lot by the water and in the sun, we went for nice walks around flowery and fruity parks, and we even managed to buy some decent stuff, despite all of the touristy kitschy stuff everywhere. mum bought a summer cotton dress for me, coffee, spices and some turkish sweets for herself and family. i didn't buy a thing.

the first day i had a nice swim in the sea. - even though it was visible to my eyes, that the water was not very clean at all. well, i was already in and could not resist to swim which i love so much. so i swam mostly under water as usual, and already in the early night i got the corners of my eyes full of puss, which built up fast again after i cleaned it. well, i was not very surprised, this is how my eyes react when i swim or bathe in polluted water, and because that happens rarely i tend to forget about it. truly it was my first and last swim on the famous kleopatra beach on the turkish riviera and i had swims in the pool in our hotel yard, which to my delight was chlorine free and never very busy, so most of the time i had the pool just for myself, because i always wait until the others leave the water, so i did not have to watch out for others while swimming and i could swim with closed eyes, freely where ever my moves took me, all i had to look out for were the pool walls, so i had to pay some attention to the space i was in.

luckily i took with me a bit of aloe vera leaf, and it helped me to heal my infected eyes fast, on the third day they were clean again, it was a very strong and unpleasant infection.

so even though they have so much yummy fruit, - turkey by sea no more!

even so, I was reluctant to return to the cold czech summer.

the two weeks holiday was over in no time

on our way back to prague, still in turkey in the airport hall, me and mum arrived to a very long queue, we were last because i walk as fast as a snail, so i made myself comfy and sat down on the clean floor, waiting for the queue to move forward. shortly after the tourist guide girl, who was not very pleasant that i commented on earlier, appeared.. and she was smiling and reminded me that she was the one that i had told her what i thought about her annoying service, and she apologised and said that my comment helped her to look at herself more closely, she had not been aware how she treated her customers, and she took me and mum to the front of the queue and organized for me a wheel chair, so i did not need to walk the long airport hallways. usually i organise this service by myself. so i was truly happy, not because we didn't have to wait in the long queue, but mainly for the lovely tourist guide girl. we even had time for a very nice chat.

life is beautiful

mum in turkey

my mum at breakfast time on the turkey holiday, the fruit is all mine, i had always 3 fully loaded big plates of oranges, grapefruits and watermelon. always fresh and very yummy. mum had some fresh fruit as well, usually after her toxic "food". i borrowed and read the ozzy and sharon osbourne book.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

untraditionally prague

welcomed me with rain, in the past it was always sunny and heat waves as well, but this time i had plenty of tropical rain, even the temperatures were wrong. yes, it was mostly cold.

when i happily left the gates of prague ruzyne airport, as always on the end of a long long flight over half of the earth

i could not see my mum and friend in any direction i was looking, so i rang them with a borrowed mobile, and mum said that they are coming to meet me, they just arrived... my flight was on time, but they were late, thanks to some roadwork. so in a moment we were happily greeting each other and then we began our happy and chatty journey to the little village without shops, where my mum, dad etc. live. yes, more family members are living there and two big dogs.

we stopped over in kaufland/shopping center in marjanske lazne not far from our destinations. i bought a few 3kg nets of oranges and a water melon. they had only two and it was also a bit expensive, the next day i went there with my parents and there was no sight of watermelons, so i was pleased with myself that i got one the day before, even when mum was pressuring me that i do not need any fruit, because she got for me what i ordered - strawberries, peaches, apples and bananas were waiting for me at their place, and that we would go shopping the next day anyway. no, she did not change my mind, because when i feel something i must follow it, i have known this for a long time now, otherwise i have regrets, which i've been avoiding for ages.

oh, how happy i was, that i had a beautiful and big water melon, because i really craved one so much, no wonder, i was dehydrated a lot, after a long flight in artificial air. but i did not open my watermelon, it was late afternoon, and i open my watermelons only in the mornings, i do not use the fridge, i like to eat fruit at room temperature. so i have to finish the whole melon in one day or i can have the rest next day for my first meal of the day. so i had sweet and juicy strawberries and they even tasted like strawberries, i was glad they were grown in the czech republic, not that i have problems eating fruit from different regions, but i like to support local business (czech). and i had yummy peaches before i went to sleep. i opened the watermelon the next day, after we returned from shopping, because i do not have breakfast soon after waking, sometimes after long time (4pm), and it was very yummy watermelon full of sun, sweet with strong watermelon aroma and very juicy.

the first night i went to sleep as usual around midnight and in the morning around 8 i was on my way with my parents for fruit shopping. i got a lot of czech strawberries, and i do not know from where lychee, louquats, bananas and a few pears. yeah, i was never very keen on pears, but lately i want them and i love them. they burst with sweetness and juice. i always peal them, the skin never tastes good enough.

i was relaxing and also there was a lot of chatting, and i even managed to visit a friend only a few houses away..

and the next day the same friend who came to pick me up at the airport, took me and my mum in to skalna, the village where i grew up, for her birthday lunch at an old castle. i took with me sweet strawberries, they all knew me, so they did not react. i also got lost, and i took some photos, but mostly i was daydreaming.

the day after, my bother arrived, the next day he left. he returned with his daughter and grandchild on the third day. they left on the fifth day. also, on the fifth day, me and mum paid for a holiday in turkey. we flew to enjoy the sun, sea, fruit and full on relax on the seventh day.

life is beautiful.

view from the castle yard in skalna

view from the castle yard in skalna, one of the many places i used to play a lot.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i love flying,

and that is why i fly often in my dreams and in my fantasies. i do not dream often, but when i do, my dreams are almost always very vivid, magic, impressive and positive, and when negative elements enter the scene, it turns in to a happy end... well, i'll leave my dreams for later and get back to the flying..

i think that if i was born on a fruitarian planet, i would be able to levitate and high as low as fast as slow as i want to.

In my fantasy, a fruitarian planet is the planet earth after the fruit revolution takes place, and all living creatures will live on raw fresh fruit alone, healthy creatures on a healthy planet, living in love and harmony...

right now the earth and everything on it is poisoned, and there is not enough pure energy to fly. i would like to say more about this in my future fruitarian book. yes, i think every fruitarian should write one, the world is not hearing enough about RAW FRESH FRUIT.

flying in an airplane is something i like, but it is not as satisfying as flying freely without any gadgets, even wings..

flying in an airplane is something that pollutes the air and my body as well, with air-conditioning (artificial air), oh no..

well, lately i was airplane flying way too much

sydney - prague, prague - zakyntos, zakyntos - prague, prague - sydney, and eight months later: sydney - prague, prague - alanya, [turkey] alnya - prague, prague - sydney

i knew i would have to pay for it, but i can take it, i can heal and recover from it. and i hope the air can too.. i wish they would hurry up with the environmentally friendly engines..

so only the second day after my arrival back in sydney, my body began to detox, with cough, runny nose, lot of sweat and heaps of sleep.

i had only raw fresh orange juice to drink in the last week since i got back, and on the first day me and mango celebrated my return to sunny oz with a sweet durian, and so on, and on the second day i turn down a yummy durian, all my body wanted
was orange juice.

my appetite began to pick up yesterday afternoon, and mango was eating his avo tomato mix, and he gave me a little spoonful to taste his yummy meal, and i found there something new and yummy and with a big surprise i said oh, there is a banana in it.

i liked it so much, i made tomato banana chili mix, i cut tomatoes in small peaces and squashed bananas with my fingers, and chillies in tiny peaces. it was so yummy, oh, i had it twice. so there it is a new and delicious mix in to my eating part of fruitarian exciting life. i love sweeeeet tomatoes. yes, yes, yes.

i still have mild detox, but i do not need extra sleep, and my appetite is back to normal. yes, sweet magic durian is on today's menu, sweet mango just brought one, now it's almost midday and i am having a big raw fresh orange juice. half liter. sweet and so life giving. full of the water of life, sweet yummy oranges i love.

life is beautiful,

and so are you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my full oz driving license

if i only knew, how long and complicated the process of obtaining my full oz driving license was going to be, i think i may have given up on it all together. so i am very glad that i began this adventure blind as a bat, and i persisted on keeping on going on, and not to give up when my driving license story began unfolding itself with the speed of a lazy snail with a lot of bridges to cross..

to obtain a full oz driving license is a long process as it is, one has to do a road rules test, and then with a recieved L driving licence, max speed 80km/h drive up to 150 hours accompanied with a fully licensed driver, after that it's time for the driving test, when passed, a P (provisional) driving licence is issued for a year and a half with a max speed of 90km/h, after which is another P..

to obtain a full oz driving license was an even longer and more complicated process, just because i am physicaly disabled, and i cannot use my feet i drive with hand controls. so i had to do my license only via some government company, helping disabled people. on my first interview i was told, that i could obtain my driving license only if i was willing to look for work and attend some course about how to get work. well, i did not have a choice, i wanted my driving licence so much, that i agreed to all i was asked to do. i also have to had a 10 to 15 hours of driving hours with special driving instructor, and and and... and it all took ages.. and therefore it is a very long story and i may write a little book about it, one day.. i would just like to add the ending of it: after almost 5 years i finally got my full driving licence. i would be only on my first P if mango had not persuaded me to get my good old czech licence renewed. i did not believed that they would give it to me, as it was not renewed for over twenty years. so i skipped all peees and i can drive 110km/h.

i passed my third driving test on mango's father's birthday day, 15th of may, with an excelent score, and i got a lot of good driving compliments by the instructor, and i could see he was realy impresed with my driving skills, and in the office in front of others he told me that i could be a driving instructor with a score like that. hmmm, i may think about it, i replied.

so, i was as happy as could be, and mango, who went with me and waited for me while i was on the test, was happy, and gave me a big hug, immediatly after i had finished the test. - i was told i had passed as soon as i had parked the car and stopped the engine. so i had a huge smile on my face, and that is how mango knew i had passed the test. so me and mango we celebrated with a mighty durian and so instead of the usual one a day we enjoyed two very tasty durians.

and me and mango we had another almost winter swim, yes it was a lovely sunny calm warm day, and this time the ocean was freezing cold. so mango had 3 mini swims and me one bit bigger mini swim. and surely, it was worth it. i got an amazing buzz and i felt so amazingly fresh and energized. we also took a fair few pictures, so i will post one day some in my new photoblog. where i posted my last pictures (date)

and yes, of course, me and mango are enjoying yummy sweet colourful beautifuly scented raw fresh fruit, full of life giving sweet beauties. oh, yum, yum, yum, we are sharing every day magic durian, and very sweet juices from grapes, black for about 2 weeks and then back to green ones, pineapple apple orange banana kiwi juices, pineapple apple kiwi juices, and almost daily pealed tomato, pealed lebanese cucumbers, and red or green hot chili mix. today mango brought a box of red grapefruits and we had after a long break a very sweet and yummy grapefruit orange juice. before that we had at 13:00 a green grape juice, (my breakfast) and an hour later we munched on a creamy and liquery durian. and three hours later we had our popular tomato cucumber chili mix, mango always with avo, plus he enjoys a few avos just as is and sometimes he mashes them with banana or grated apple and that is seriously yummy, mango at times gives me a tiny spoonful taste of it, but i am remaining avocado free. i am happy with my improved digestion, and that is very important to me. i am glad that i am not really tempted by avo even though i love its taste.. i can easily overcome the rare slight cravings, and even though i live surounded by it, i am not tempted. i am trully enjoying every tiny spoonfull of yummy avo mango gives me at times, and it is enough to satisfy me.

tomorrow night i am off to prague

life is beautiful

green grapes

sweet green oz grapes and even more sweet thai durian

Friday, May 15, 2009

yes, i am still here alive,

enjoying raw fresh fruit, warm and sunny autumn, sharing my fruity life with sweet fruitling mango, and all i do.. and time flies..

and we again enjoyed only raw fresh fruit juices, this time for seven days only, after skipping two months before that, and it was a great and positive experience as always. on the third day i had strong detox via bowels, i was on the wc at least five times that afternoon, i had also strong mood swings, it stopped early at night. i was feeling like i could fly, so peaceful and happy, beautiful and satisfied, lively and fresh, as almost always just a bit magnified. i love the way raw fresh fruit makes me feel.

this time we drank lot of grapes, watermelons, a few times i had the juice from the watermelon skin, always a lot of it, yes, the whole liter and half and i was drinking it slowly for about one hour. oh, those juices truly cleaned my bowels well, not long after i finished drinking them. i also experienced a lot of amazing sensations, especially in my brain, this one i get only after drinking watermelon rind. this very special drink to me is oblivious to mango, he finds just the thought of drinking it repulsive. yeah, a lot of people would turn it down, but me and my mum, we just love it, so when i am with her, i drink it more often.

we also drank a lot of pineapple apple orange, or pineapple apple orange banana, or pineapple apple orange kiwi, or pineapple apple orange banana kiwi, or orange banana kiwi juices and a few tomato juices. they were all very very yummy and life giving.

this is all in the past, so is almost the last two weeks where we were eating lots of fruit again as well as drinking. grapes are still the juices we are drink the most, since the beginning of grape season, (2months ago), and they were almost always the green ones and last week we began with black ones. they are so sweet and syrupy and i can surely feel their strong life power. we had some apple orange banana kiwi drinks, and we shared a durian a day, and on two of the days two. they are not any more peaking at their best, but they are still very edible and magic, and some extra special. i love sharing the durian enthusiasm with mango.

eating very sweet and juicy pealed pears. a few bananas. tomato lebanese cucumber and red hot chili salad. we had only black grape juices and durians during the first two days after only juicing.

me and mango enjoyed a few nice walks, and swims, the ocean is warmer than the air, and swims are very pleasant, but once i get out from the water i am freezing, and i have to get dry and dress up quickly to get warm, and walk up stairs and up the hill back to the car park to get hot. i sunbask fully clothed before i go for a swim, mango almost naked. :)

i usually do not go for a swim this time of year, but mango is a big inspiration for me, he went for a swim about 3 weeks ago, when i only had a look and adorably admired him for it, as i could not go, yes, the fear got me, i was so afraid to get cold, so i skipped the joy of swimming. and yes, i did regret it shortly afterward, already on the way away from the lovely beach, i was thinking to myself, how i missed out on such great fun, and i felt even envious that mango could to it, and i could not. oh, and i learned from this dreadful experience and the next time me and mango visited the beach i jumped in the mighty ocean as well, and i give myself an awesome time swimming in the pleasantly warm water. and i got a nice buzz afterwards. today we also had a very refreshing swim. without mango, in the last few years i would not even consider to swim at this time of year, where mister celsius does not climb much above twenty. thankyou sweet mango for taking me back where i use to be once..

the healing in my legs returned after some time of almost rest, a few days into our recent fruit juice feast and it was at times very strong and pleasant, and it is still on and off with me. today when i was swimming under water with my eyes closed in the ocean i got a feeling like something was grabbing my leg around the ankle, i did not panic, i turned on my back and looked around at my leg and around me and could see only water, and the feeling of grabbing around my ankle was still there, so i knew it was the healing sensation and i kept on swimming in peace, enjoying every bit of it. then when i walked up stairs, admiring the flowering in progress on banksia trees, skies and so on, the healing went on strong and my left leg felt almost healed for a short but very exciting and amazing period of time. the longer i live on fruit the more strong and more often i enjoy amazing healing sensations in both my legs. it is going to be almost three years ago, since i met mango for the first time in person, in fruity tropical thailand. after about two weeks of our time together i started getting very weak but constant ability to move my left foot backward (during this time mango was frequently practicing reiki on me). yesterday the strength improved a lot. i have been able to do so with my right leg for many years, it came back strong at once two years after the spine and spinal cord injury.

life is beautiful

fruit and me


Thursday, April 30, 2009

juicing away again

today is our third day, we are enjoying sweet and yummy raw fresh fruit juices made of green grapes, pineapple orange banana apple mix, pineapple apple banana orange kiwi blend, tomato, and watermelons.

i felt great yesterday, but today shortly after midday i began detoxing with a lot of bowel movement and strong emotions of all kinds. the day is fading away and my detox with it.

i organized and got confirmed two courses in the czech republic with the same company. one is drawing with the right brain hemisphere in the town decin and the second one is singing with the right brain hemisphere in the town telc, both places are embraced by rivers. i am looking forward to learning new skills and improving my drawing and singing i love so much.

and here is my new photoblog entry:


mango is having fun

mango in his element :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

my new photoblog

i love pictures and that is why my new idea of creating a photoblog has been on my mind for some time now, and today was the day when i spoke with mango about it and he helped me to create one. here is the link to it:

mango is very sweet and helpful and also patient. thank you Mango, i would not have been able to create this new photoblog, like my other two blogs, without you, as i am not very smart about how to use the computer - my spaceship. the truth is i am very slowly but surely getting better and i can do many things on my own as well.

fruit is yummy and sweet and we are continuing to get amazingly tasty and creamy durians enjoying them almost daily. also munching on pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumber with red or green hot chili. mango with avocado and me without. drinking a lot of green grape juices, heaps of pineapple orange apple, or pineapple orange apple banana, or pineapple orange banana smoothies, orange peach banana smoothies, rock melon juices, watermelon juices and honey dew melon juices. and very special persimmon juices with surprisingly amazing chocolate caramel vanilla flavour. we drank a tray in a day. eating occasional banana, apple or having a meal of pealed peaches as is. i am eating more bananas than mango, usually 2-5 at once at night as my solo last meal, mango is always sleeping at that time, he goes to sleep 4 or 5 hours earlier than me. that is the time when i usually write and read on the internet. etc. i very rarely watch videos on youtube and such..

we missed out on three sunday local markets due to rainy weather, and we had nice together times instead. it was also yummy to be able to sleep in, than waking up before 5 in the morning.

life is sweet

Thursday, April 23, 2009

me and ocean

fruity me

life is beautiful

and durians are heavenly :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

it's been a while

since my last blog post, i was busy writing in czech (again) it is my new passion, and i had a few days pc free, well almost, i may have just read a tiny bit.

me and mango are busy, and the days always pass in no time.

the durians are so yummy, and we are sharing one magic durian almost daily, with pure joy, they are just incredibly creamy and full of amazing and fascinating flavours, always so original. durian enriched my fruitarian existence it is the most beautiful fruit gift for me. i love durian.

but surely, durian is not the only fruit we enjoy, we are also enjoying drinking boxes of green grapes, about 1 box in 2-3 days. they are very very sweet and creamy in the juice form. they also have a very strong positive healing influence on me. lately i have had long periods of strong healing sensations in my legs, and this is always very exciting for me. i love raw fresh grape juice.

and the nectarines are also very sweet, juicy and rich in flavour, and after 3 years of almost banana free days, i am eating super sweet bananas like a monkey again, having about 5-7 of them almost daily, mango has just 1 or 3 at times. and we also drink tasty pineapple orange, or pineapple orange banana juices. and how about those creamy rock melon smoothies? they are just perfect. tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers are also very sweet and tasty, so are the hot or not so hot chilies we are adding to our traditional pealed cucumber tomato mix. yum. yum. yum. mango is enjoying tasty avocados, i am still avocado free and i love it. my digestive system is working much better now, and amazingly i have at least twice as much poo. before i used to go once or twice a day, now it can be up to 5 times. even more. it is amazing how fast i forgot about this. i was big on avo only in my early fruitarian years, then i had one or 3 once in a blue moon, and since i met mango, who eats avo daily, i got in to that habit as well, and i learned to love avo more than ever... till my body fully rejected it; it refused to digest it and it threw it up. and, yes, because i poo more i feel better. the way i feel depends a lot on how my food is digested. clean intestines, clean mind.

and lately due to avo rejection, i am eating less, i usually start with breakfast after midday often not until 3 or 4 pm. this has been my normal eating pattern for many years, for as long as i can remember. i was always a small eater throughout the day. i never eat or just a tiny bit while traveling, interacting with people, when i am upset about something, when i am feeling very high, or when excited.

life is sweet

magic durian

durian and rose aroma therapy

malabar near pool nsw

another nice near by place by the ocean. malabar nsw

Monday, March 23, 2009

i got carried away

with the czech language, and i had a break from writing in english. yes, i find some of the english grammar a bit difficult, but i still like to write in english, and the best for me would be to write in english and czech together. just use the words that suit the best for what i would like to say. this is the way that i at times hand write my personal notes.

me and mango we are continuing having one beautiful and fruitful day after another. even when things don't always not come out as we wish, we don't let it get to us and we smile it off... :) it is easy as we believe that everything happens for a reason.

last sunday, we missed out on our market day, it was raining at 5 in the morning, so mango came back to bed for more sweet sleep. and i slept as long as i needed, and when i woke up to a beautiful sunny day, mango was busy for a few hours, making some money, and we spent together the rest of the day.

this sunday we did the markets and it was fun, even though i was a bit sleepy around midday, and we did not make much money. the sun was shining and sky was blue, we relaxed, and we drank a fresh orange juice made by mango on the spot three times, and i ate 2 big bananas, mango had a little bit from me, and he also had two avocados. back in our shoebox, we enjoyed a raw fresh rockmelon drink, later on another one, and then as the last meal of the day, king of the fruit, the mighty and the most sweet durian. yum, yum, yum... this time creamy and juicy, with a lot of amazing flavours.

yes, the durians are still very tasty and we just can't get enough of them. so we are having one almost daily and just a few days ago we had two; we had one small but very creamy and delicious durian and i was craving another one so badly, that a few hours later mango left to get an another one, and we enjoyed the second very yummy durian of the day. and i was satisfied. i still enjoy bananas when they are available, and i sometimes eat just one or two, and at times four, five or six yummy bananas. today a girl from the next market stall gave us 2 huge lady finger bananas, i ate one soon after, yum. mango told her and her friend that we live on just fruit.

lately we are drinking lots of green fresh grapes, sweet rockmelons, watermelons, oranges, oranges pineapples and bananas mix, and we are eating, grapes, a little bit of watermelon, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers, hot, or less hot chillies. sweet tamarind. and mango only, avocado.

it is hot and sunny and me and mango are on the beach about twice a week, swimming and relaxing in the sun.

ripening on the porch

home grown bananas are getting ready :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i have a ticket

and i am going to fly away from sydney via abu dhabi and brussels to prague. then i will somehow travel in to a tiny town in the western part of czech republic, very near the german border, visiting my sweet mum, dad, sister and her 2 grown up kids and husband, they all share a house with a garden, only 2 minutes walking distance from the black forest. and i will be visiting some relatives and friends as well, and some will visit me at my mum's place.

i rang my mum last night, and i told her that i will arrive on 29th of may, and she was very pleased to hear that we are going to spend some time together soon, and we've already planned a holiday somewhere in southern europe by the sea, with her grandchild romana and romana's son david (3y), romana is the daughter of my brother dusan and she is like a daughter to me. and great friend, and twin. we share a very special relationship. i am so looking forward to spending some time with her, mum, and david together on our early summer holidays. i am also going to stay with romana and david at their place in as/ash, during my stay in the czech republic.

i also found a very good 3day art course for drawing and singing. i came across it on someone's czech traveling blog. and i would like to attend it.

i will return back in to mango's arms on 29th of july... and i am looking forward to it so much...

me and mango are having a good time as usual, yesterday we drank watermelon and we also shared 2 small very tasty durians, oh, heavens...

today we shared blended bananas in orange juice twice, pealed and chopped tomatoes, lebanese cucumber and chili, and orange juice.

we are postponing our juice feast, just because we feel like we want to eat some fruit as well. especially durians.

and 2 days ago we had a lovely time on the beach, swimming, relaxing while sunbasking and some walking. there were only a very few people around, for most of them the beach season is over. and i always feel energized and very good, after the euphoric nature's beauty treatment.

with raw fresh fruit and sweet Mango, life is beautiful

rainbow lorakeets

rainbow lorakeets on friend's balcony (oz)

life is sweet

Monday, March 9, 2009

still really enjoying our yummy durians

me and mango we are still really enjoying our yummy durians, and lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes are also very sweet and tasty, on top of it, we bought a box of amazingly yummy nectarines. so we are postponing our monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast. we are having grape juice daily two or three times a day. we are eating sweet nectarines and bananas as is separately and mono, or mushed up by fork. mango likes to add usually 1/2 avo as well.

yesterday was a market day and even though i had to wake up early (ten minutes to five) and i slept only for 3 hours, as is the case on most of our market sundays, and the day was busy, but we made only a little bit of money, i felt at peace, happy and i had great day anyway.

at the markets we had 2dl of raw fresh orange juice (9am) and around 11am a few nectarines and a bit later we shared one banana, around 2pm we had more nectarines and shared one banana a bit later after that. on our arrival back in the shoebox, we shared a very sweet green grape juice and about 40 minutes later we opened and indulged in a very unique durian with many new flavours. oh, the segments of fruit were huge, and i felt very blessed... two hours later we pealed and chopped lebanese cucumber and tomatoes, with red hot chili peppers. yum! and mango was already sleeping when i had about 3-4 nectarines.

it was a nice warm cloudy day with hot sunny patches, and toward the end of packing up, gentle rain began dropping and dripping down on us and all, and as soon as we finished and drove of, the rain became much more intense. it felt good to be safe under the car roof. and it was raining the whole night and early morning, then was only cloudy and now it is 14:00 and the yummy sunny sun came out to greet us all. i washed a few things by hand and decided to hang it out on the washing line a few hours ago, but it looked more like rain than sun, which my friendly neighbour, who i run in to, agreed with, and i told him, that i will just see what happens. and as we chatted away, it come to it that he offered me a clothes hanger that i could use for drying my washing indoors or on the balcony. i said, let me see it... and yes, it was just what me and mango had been looking for, for some time already, because we need one for the markets. mango is going to be pleased.

he is away working (gardening) for a few hours, and i've had a very nice and long hot bath followed by a refreshing cold shower and giggly euphoria. and i did some writing. i am organising meeting up some family and friends. also writing for my czech fruity blog, and at forum.

i love my peaceful and happy life

life is sweet

ja a jack fruit

me with one of my favorite jack fruit at bangalow market at far north nsw the rainbow reagon. holidays with mango 2007

Saturday, March 7, 2009

me and Mango, we continue enjoying delicious durians

autumn is here, and it still feels like summer, days are remaining hot and sunny. just how i like it.

enjoying one fruity day after another, sharing eating yummy durians, sultana grapes, bananas, tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers, hot chilies, and Mango only tasty avos, drinking orange pineapple banana smoothies, green grape juice, mango orange smoothies, all fresh and raw.

me and mango are busy and days are passing by very fast. i am enjoying writing in the czech language, it is such a breeze compared to english, where i have to watch more closely at what i am doing, and even then i make a lot of mistakes, and i am lucky that i have my sweet Mango to help me with their corrections and that is the way i am learning to master the english language and it also helps me to let go if i am not sure while writing, and look in to it with him, it saves me a lot of time and i can write in a better flow. yeah, the czech language is very easy for me, i do not have to wonder about grammar or spelling it all just comes up/out naturally. i've hardly written anything in czech for many years now, and only lately i've been feeling the need/want for it. well, now i am doing it and it feels like i've found a new exciting skill, but i already master it.

i also returned to the czech forum with a fair few raw food enthusiasts on their way to where ever they would like to be with their eating habits. i was happy see that i was welcomed back with joy and appreciation by many, especially by those who believe in raw fresh fruit and are each on their individual unique path to get there. they are some old and some new raw fruit and raw food earthlings happy to see me. it took me by surprise and it filled me with a lot of joy. and my czech fruity blog is already well visited. it is awesome to see such a big interest from such a small country.

lately i had very strong feelings that i may go this year to visit my family and friends in the czech republic, and i was pushing it away thinking to myself why do i feel this way? it is a bit early to go. but as time went the feelings were getting stronger and i stopped pushing it away and i began looking for reasons as to why i should go... and i had a few reasons in no time, so soon after i thought it may be a bit expensive to go and mango may not like the idea for whatever reason as well... and so yesterday i decided to tell him all about it and see what he thinks. he said: "if you feel like going, then go for it". so i felt relieved that there is no obstacles and i finally decided to go.

so i mentioned it on forum and we are already organising with a few girls a durian get together. let's see what will happen.

i am happy i've begun to write more and read less, just as i wanted.

the healing sensations are still with me, but they don't come so often.

me and mango we are enjoying sharing our life together more and more as time goes by. i am going to miss him when i go overseas, but returning back to him is going to be very exciting and beautiful. we will keep in touch by phone and net.

and after a year or two i am back in to bananas, i crave them and eat them, at times 5-7 for a meal, or 2 soon after another fruit meal.

almost daily and it is always exciting like a brand new durian experience for us.

life is beautiful

langsat and durian

juicy langsat creamy druitan and little me in the mirror... sweet fruit feast accompanied by sweet Mango who is close by. thailand holidays 2006

i am on top of the world

i am on top of the world :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been getting healing sensations

within my legs on and off since turning fruitarian, and they feel amazing. This time, after many months of absence, they arrived stronger than ever, are covering a larger area, and lasting a lot longer.. This is always very special and exciting for me. I've always believed that i would be healed one day, and i am looking forward to the time when i am going to walk as i did before my severe spinal injury in a car accident. i love walking. and jumping and running...

i love fruit as well, and i am, almost daily sharing with sweet Mango very yummy sweet and creamy full of tasty surprises, mighty durians. yum, yum, yum. many times in bed. i enjoy eating in bed, especially durian, as the bedding pick up and hold for a day or two on the sweet durian aroma. yum.

the rockmelons are also very tasty and fully in the season, and me and Mango are drinking them away, and today we ate half of a huge one each. Mango was about 4 years young, and i felt similar, and we shared some rockmelon euphoric giggles.

pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers are very sweet and we chop them and mix them with very hot chilies. Mango has his with avocado.

white nectarines and bananas mashed

delicious white nectarine and banana mush

after some months with no interest in bananas, i got strong banana cravings,  so we got some on our last fruit shopping, and they were/are just heavenly. mango loves them with avocado mashed up by fork. and me, 2 bananas 2 white nectarines fork mashed, one of my banana favorite mixes. and at times we also eat a banana or two, as is. bananas were for many many years my number one fruit. now, i have so many favorites! i love durian, paw paw, grapes, mangoes, passion fruit, melons, figs, pineapples, mangosteen, longan, to name just few...

watermelons are waiting patiently in our shoebox to be juiced and drunk by me and mango. our regular monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast is near. we got them at a friendly price and they are fresh and very cute.

we are enjoying longans and lychees, sweet tamarind, we ate a box of sultana grapes and for last 4 days we have been drinking a second box of very sweet green grapes, yes, they are fully in season now, and very very sweet. yum.

yes, fruit is beautiful.

sunday markets were fun as usual.

sunshine is with us daily again and we regularly enjoy a lovely time at a beach just around the corner, sunbasking, relaxing, swimming, giggleling... as usual.

i've had a break from reading (too much)

i am writing a little bit more.

i love my fruitarian life.

i love sharing my fruitful fruitarian life with sweet, sweet, sweet, fruitarian Mango.

piglet looking at my yummy raw fresh fruit meal

piglet is looking hungry and excited, i think he is after my raw fresh banana white nectarine mush.

love is beautiful.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

czech fruitarian blog/ cesky fruktrarian (ovocny) blog

yesterday with help of sweet Mango i created a czech fruitarian blog.

here it is for those who are interested:

enjoy, peace,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

yes, euphoric giggles after swimming in the ocean

relaxing on the fine sand, catching the sun rays, after ten rainy gloomy days it was a true delight for me and mango. so was the durian afterwards... yum, yum, yum....

we are drinking sweet and very yummy rock melons, and eating sultana grapes, durians, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumber, hot chili, and mango also enjoys avocados. all fruit is very tasty, each meal is a true delicious delight. only sweet juicy fruit gives me true satisfaction in all directions, my taste buds, bloodstream, spirit... all my being is satisfied. i am thankful for all yummy fresh fruit in my life.

i am reading some interesting traveling blogs in the czech language. this is one way to satisfy my traveling bug, reading experiences of other travelers. so lately i was in new york, washington, western africa and on ship as well, in south korea, india, czech republic, siberia, machu pichu, rio de janeiro, costa rica, south caroline, and so on...

life is delicious

i am feeling great, yes, lots of giggles...

monkey in action thailand 06

curious monkey is staring at me and mango on thailand beach 2006

me and mango we shared many tasty fruity meals

and drinks from all the yummy fruit i mentioned in my previous post, and when there were only sweet and juicy oranges left, sweet mango went for fruit shopping and he arrived with a box of delicious sultana grapes, one of my favorite grapes, 4 big rock-melons, longans, yum, 2 mysterious durians, tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, and avocado. yes, i am still avocado free, and i am feeling much better for it. and amazing durians are still at their best, oh, it is even more delicious and enjoyable fruitarian fun sharing durian with mango. yes we share the durian passion. sweet, sweet, sweet.

we were less busy working, especially mango, thanks to fruitful rainy days, and we had a kind of sweet holidays, sharing more of our precious together time than usual. sweet, sweet, sweet.

life is sweet.

monkeys on the beach in  thailand

banana lady feeding monkeys on thailand beach 06

Friday, February 13, 2009

after 4 days sharing our mono raw fresh orange juices

me and mango included a creamy durian and raw fresh orange and pineapple juice for another 3 days. the next day we were off on our exciting fruitshopping and we bought 2 trays of mangoes, a box of oranges, a box of figs, a rock melon,lebanese cucumbers 2kg, tomatoes 3kg, and avocados for mango. i am still avo free, free from craving it.

so in the last two days we drank orange and mango juices, and ate durian, figs, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers with green hot chili, and for mango only, avo. all raw fresh and yummy.

today is the fifth day of gloomy and showery weather, i am enjoying it, it is not too cold, and i love showers, and yes, i miss the beach and sun a bit.

our days are busy and nights relaxing... time flies and we are again much closer to our tropical fruit paradise. it is a big count down for us since beginning of 2009. only 7 - 8 months to go!

life is,

me in thailand fruitful holiday with mango 2006

me in thailand with mobile kitchen i never needed

me in thailand at the markets 2006

me at a fruit market in thailand 2006 enjoying fruitful holiday with Mango.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfires in Victoria


sad,but true. my heart goes to all who have to experience such horror...

for more information/pictures just click on the picture below

bushfires in victoria 2009

"you always have that radiant glow"

said the lady from the market stall opposite to us, while we were chatting after me and mango arrived... i giggled, glowing radiantly back at her, being pleased with a compliment related to my fruitarian lifestyle. yes, raw sweet fruit is visibly speaking for it self.

i never have and i do not count calories, wondering about vitamins, sugars, fats, minerals, etc. i just love and enjoy eating and drinking raw fresh fruit of my choice because that is my nature. and raw fresh fruit makes me feel great, and that is what i want. so far i've found only 2 kinds of fruit, i can't tolerate, except in very small amounts (avocado, mandarin). i can tolerate mandarins in freshly squeezed juice, mixed with orange and/or grapefruit juice. surely all raw and fresh. the problem is that when i am eating mandarins or avocados i find it difficult eating only small amount, i always want more...

i had breakfast at 12:00 on our fourth day of the raw fresh mono orange juice feast, and just a few minutes after, sweet mango arrived and i made one for him as well. he had had self made orange juice while being out for the morning. we shared another 3 yummy and sweet raw fresh orange juices (3dl each) that day.

and we broke our mono raw fresh fruit orange juice feast with mono durian meal on the day five. at the markets we were all day sharing very yummy and sweet raw fresh orange juices made by sweet mango. 4 times 1dl each. it was a hot hot day so i was happy. after 3pm, already back in our shoebox, i made for us fresh orange juice 3dl each, and soon after we shared the durian's sweetness and magic... i am enjoying so much the effect of the durian on me while i am raw fresh orange juice feasting, it gives me wings, as i pick up a lot of long lasting and steady energy...

and we shared also a yummy durian on the sixth day of our orange juice feast, we had raw fresh orange juice 4 times 3dl (each)

on the seventh day me and mango shared raw fresh pineapple orange juice, 3dl each (at 11:00) and the next one at 17:00. soon after we enjoyed a delicious sweet and creamy durian.

so it just happened that our raw fresh juice feast got enhanced and enriched by magic and still at its best, peaking with amazing flavours and textures, yummy durian. and such is my fruitarian existence also : enhanced, enriched and magic... full of amazing flavors and textures... sweet aromas... sweet sweet sweet...

life is sweet

at art group with a friend

last year at art group with friend A. my father likes my pictures and  he said i should make more of them. it is rare that he gives me, or art, any compliment. so it meant a lot to me.  i am planning to get in to it once we find our new home.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i had my breakfast after 16:00

on our 3rd day of our raw fresh orange juice feast. oh, how i enjoyed a sweet orange drink that was more like nectar than juice. detox is only mild and gentle, and i am feeling very peaceful and content.

mango was out all day, and made himself raw fresh orange juices. then we shared the same at 16:00, 18:00 and at 7:30. all 3 dl.

i am happy that me and mango are sharing our fruitarian path, this was my dream for a long long time, to meet some sweet fruitarians in person and be with a fruitarian partner, i wanted to share the fruitarian spirit. now i have it and it is even better than i had imagined it.

the celsius has been hovering around 30+ degrees for about 2 weeks now, and i am in my element, i feel the best on hot summer days. i am so looking forward to move on and live in a tropical climate, the climate that suits me most. thankfully mango is also a tropical fruitarian. me and mango we are not keen on apples and pears, we prefer tropical durians, paw paw, cherimoya, mangosteen, black sapote (chocolate fruit), pineapple and so on, tropical fruit is rich in variety and sweetness it absorbs the most of the suns energy.

life is sweet

Friday, February 6, 2009

magic durians continue delivering the most amazing flavors,

textures, aromas...they are peaking and at their bestest best, surely the king of fruit for me, durian is the special and beloved one. it takes me to special places in to my childhood and babyhood. and in presence. i always feel so blessed and special when i am enjoying yummy sweet durian. yum, yummy, yumm.

so lately me and mango we were eating a bit more durian than usual, but surely we love many other fruits, and so we also enjoyed with satisfaction lots of raw fresh orange juice, we drank a whole box of green grapes, mango munched on a few, pineapple orange is lately my favorite drinnk, mango and orange. and we ate pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes with some hot hot chili, mango has his with avo, i am still avo free, white peaches, white nectarines, and some other fruits i already forgot about, yeah, just remembered apricots. and for a while now, neither of us is keen on bananas. :)

lately i have noticed some big changes within my body. it is refusing avocado, the bananas i was bananas about for good 22 years of my fruitarian life, are less and less appealing to me. and my body is detoxing while eating and drinking raw fresh fruit, before it was only while fasting or raw fresh fruit juices (mono or stereo) feasting. and for the first time ever, since i jumped right in from one day to another in to vegetarianism, soon followed by veganism, (raw and cooked) diet, i craved meat. oh, at first i could not believe, i thought it must have been some kind of hallucination, but it proved to be real, as it was with me on and off, for a few weeks. well, it was a very interesting experience for me. i felt ashamed that i ever used to enjoy eating some meats, and happy that i have been for so long free from it. and i learned that no matter how big my cravings for meat can be, there is no way i would eat it. i do not perceive meat as food. so temptation just doesn't exist. this experience gave me a lot of joy. last night (being on raw fresh orange juice only for the second day) i had detox cleansing via my bowels, i had to go poo every 10 to 20 minutes and it was almost yellow water with tiny bits of fruit and it lasted from 5pm till 8:30pm. and toward the end it sickly stank like a boiled chicken, yuck. and the day before my emotions were very high. today i feel euphoric (slightly) and very peaceful.

after giving up avos now for about 2 - 3 months (except one throwing up avo drama) i lost some kg's. i have not weighed my self but i can see and feel it. i do not have a problem with it, i do not mind to be skinny as my body wants to be. in the last two weeks i also noticed that my skin has gotten somehow looser something that happens to people who loose a lot of weight, i should say also a lot of fat. so it looks like i lost a lot of that avo fat from my body. i do not panic i have faith in raw fresh fruit and fasting and i know it will get only better as time goes, i can see some improvement already.

at times we go for our morning beach fun. we swim in the ocean and relax in the sun, i get a lot of giggles and i feel just amazing. yesterday we swam 3 times, as usual. me and mango we always enjoy our fruitarian fun on the beach.

the markets are fun as well, and things to sell continue coming to us from all directions.

i've also been feeling for some time now, that i would prefer to go and find some land and start growing fruit trees, rather than travel around oz before doing so, i would long for that land and want to grow grow grow yummy fruits. i feel i am waiting for too long and want to fulfill this fruit paradise dream of mine asap. oz, can wait, it will be there whenever i am truly ready. i spoke to mango about it, and he is ok to skip the traveling around oz and seek some land to live on and from.

i got 2 surprising emails from 2 relatives/friends, my mum gave them my email. sweet surprise, especially from my niece romana, she just got on the net, and we are both happy we can keep in touch in a relatively easy way, because we miss each other a lot. we share a very special relationship. i think we are soul twins. i shared her place with her and her 2 year young boy david for about 10 beautiful days, next time we are planning to spend more time together. in her email she also told me that since i stayed with them, they are eating much more fruit! so that is my mum and romana from my family who i have infuenced to eat more fruit, and they are in touch by phone and occasional visits and i am sure they are having some fruit sweet talks as well. my mum love to share her positive changes and experience with others. she meets a lot of people thanks to her tarot card reading gift. she is very popular and very loved by many. some people take her out for meals, plays, concerts or movies, or invite her to visit their place. she is my amazing mum. and romana is my amazing romana i am blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. blessed sharing my life with sweet mango, the most sweet soul.

i am still reading a lot, i finished anna carenina and i enjoyed the story, now i am reading bits and pieces on lots of stuff on the internet. as far as food goes, it is rare to see honest or true information. but i do not interfere any more as i used to a few years ago, i only observe and learn from what i see. i like reading traveling blogs, and anything about nature. interesting true stories.

life is beautiful.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

yeah, it is always the same, me and mango

we are enjoying very sweet australian summer fruits, it is always an exciting experience, either we drink or eat our raw fresh fruit meals. i always love sharing fruit with others, especially with my sweet mango, he is a true fruitarian like me, and we share the fruit spirit. it is a delight for me to look in to the eyes of another fruitarian. mango is my mirror. when i look at him i see myself. it is a pure delight to touch the skin of another fruitarian. surely it is not only fruit alone that twines us together. to speak for myself mango is perfect for me. as soon as i met him (on the internet first), i could see myself in him. i knew he is the ONE for me. till today his website remains to be my most favorite one.

...yeah, it is always the same, me and mango we are enjoying very sweet australian summer fruits, and since the last post we shared many many and many very sweet juicy and delicious mangoes, as is or blended, some very mysterious and satisfying durians, heaps of white nectarines full of living juice and yumminess, yeah, they just melted, it was like eating juice. white nectarines are one of my favorite fruits, and i could live solely on them for days/weeks... oh, with sweet raw fruit, eating is truly a heavenly experience for me... we were drinking very tasty oranges, and green grapes, eating pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers with some sweet or hot or hot hot hot chillies. avos, only mango. some juicy and almost black cherries, and another fruit i love so much red paw paw.

we were also swimming in the ocean, relaxing under the hot sun, and that is also much more fruitarian fun, when mango is around.

markets are more fun since we are in a better place.

i am still reading anna karenina

visiting friends, singing and some drawing, cleaning, washing, driving, walking, ringing my mum, reading on the net, etc... still, not much writing.

i just started tonight, to test drive a new (second hand) key board, which mango found, and i cannot stop, first i was writing some of my thoughts in czech, and then i jumped here...yeah, it is easy with my spaceship, but truly, i would be lost without sweet mango, at times, he navigates me, or even takes over, pushing the right buttons, taking me the places i want to be.

well, i had 2 avos, a few days ago, and voila, i was sick so i drank aloe, a few hours later i went to sleep and in the morning i was feeling even more sick, and i was constipated. i thought i was going to throw up, and i had to drink aloe twice and soon after the second time i fell asleep, and i slept in peace like a baby for 2 hours and shortly after i woke up the constipation left me and i was healed. oh, i thought i may try to have some avo, and see what happens, and i learned that my body is fully rejecting it. i feel like my fruitarian path has reached a new level. wow, to amazing raw fresh fruit. yum, yum, yum... so yummy and perfect. it takes me to magic places.

life is beautiful

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

enjoying delicious raw fresh fruit as always

each meal is yummy and exciting, oh, i am so lucky that i was/am always in love with raw fresh fruit, and that this fruit love of mine revealed a new world for me. i love the love simplicity and truth i am receiving from the raw fresh fruit spirit. every fruit meal since i can remember was always very special and nothing else could give me such satisfaction as tasty sweet and magic raw fresh fruit.

yeah, me and mango we are sharing our love for fruit. and as always when mango season is on, it becomes our staple food. some days we have just mangoes, as is or blended, and there are only a few mango free days. since my last blog post, we've enjoyed heaps of mangoes, and a lot of pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes, avos, (by mango only i am still avo free and enjoying the lightness and super digestion) heavenly white nectarines and peaches, amazing durians (for the first time ever for me and mango: one durian had some segments where each mouthful had a different citrus flavour, it was the best citrus i have ever tasted. oh, yum, yum, yum, i love durian. yum. no other fruit gives me such exciting flavours and aromas.

tonight we broke our mono fruit drinking feast, after 10 days of raw fresh fruit drinking we both felt it was time to chew on something and so we had some pealed and grated lebanese cucumbers and soon after some sweet tamarind. yeah, that was a true delight for me, as i was craving a sweet fruit after the whole day on watermelon skin /only me/ or cucumber juices. yesterday was a watermelon juice day, i was drinking the skin as well, and maybe lib cucumber juice once. we were drinking mainly watermelons throughout most of our fruit drinking feast, the first few days were mango drinks only, and just when we finished all of our mangoes, on the return from somewhere we found a sweet surprise gift (a box of mangoes) from one of our friendly neighbours behind our shoebox door. and they were so delicious we drank them for 2 whole days.

on the sunday while selling brick a brack at our local markets we drank raw fresh orange juice, each time from one or two oranges, about 3 - 4 times, but around 2pm we run out of oranges and i was on and off hungry till we returned back to our shoebox, and shared a very tasty durian, oh, heavens, thankyou for such delight. later on we had lib cucumber juice.

markets were great, we are in a new and more busy location. this sunday we also ended up talking to two of our customers about our fruitarian lifestyle and they were amazed and they knew it was the best thing to eat raw fresh fruit only, and they never asked as usually people do about protein etc. it was awesome to see their understanding and excitement about it. we had a very fruitful fruity conversation and then i told them my age(52) and both ladies were truly surprised and both told me that they thought that i was in my early 30's, and they were staring at me with amazement. in times like this i feel very happy, because i am sure that the seed landed in good soil. oh, yeah, they also adored our lean bodies, and yet, for some we may be way too skinny. the truth is my skinniness is getting mainly compliments.

surely, life with raw fresh fruit is sweet.

i have been reading a bit, currently anna karenina from leo tolstoy. and i am impressed. also tonight i opened the bible and the first words my eyes glanced on were clearly talking to me.

oh, i love my fruitful life. even more so since i am sharing it with my sweet fruitarian friend mango. yes, we are living under one roof for a while now (3 years in may) and loving it.

love is

me on crazy picnic at minamara falls