Sunday, February 24, 2008


yeah, we are in last summer month and as usual i wish that summer never ends. some may think that is impossible, but it is for those whom willing to travel. just like little prince was moving to be constantly with sunset and sunrise, i love to travel to follow hot sun. true sometimes i am trapped to do so. like right now. me and mango cannot move out of sydney or travel as we are waiting  for  mango's  residential visa. any day now. so yes, we both are looking forward to freedom from city environment like noise and air pollution.

true is we are lucky, living very close to beautiful coast so we can enjoy beach on sunny days, and there is always yummy fruit in fruit shops including our beloved magic durian.

in last few days we are enjoying summer fruits: blended rock melon, lychees, mangoes, honey mangos, white nectarines, red paw paws, avos, cucumbers and tomatoes. and mango was fasting on friday.

i am busy downloading my pictures to redbublle. would you like to have look? just click on the pictures below.

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addiction and cravings

this is true, that biggest enemy of every inspiring fruitarian are cravings for toxic dead 'food'

i believe it is work for our spirit, to deal with it.

meditation, yoga, or any favorite exercises maybe very helpful...

also psychology, to understand nature of addictions.

i find very good psychology book from anthony robbins: awake the giant within..

anthony is talking about neuroassociations. as in all we do, we do it to gain pleasure and avoid pain.

all we need to do is associate toxic food with pain. and raw fresh fruit with works!

let your spirit rejoice. by keeping your precious bloodstream pure. show the toxins that you are much stronger that them...

i wish you all success in saying NO, to toxins.

ambulance in the valley. by joseph malins /last from the seven verses/ enjoy!

better guide well the young, than reclaim them when old,
for the voice of true wisdom is calling,
"to rescue the fallen is good, but 'tis best
to prevent other people from falling."
better closeup the source of temptation and crime
than deliver from dungeon or galley;
better put a strong fence 'round the top of the cliff
than an ambulance down in the valley.

it is important to understand nature of toxic substances. there is only one way to be free from vicious circle of addiction: do not give in when cravings arrive. if you do remember you do not feed yourself but your addiction, so you actually feed your enemy, feeding addiction make only stronger bond to it. just like alcoholic have to stop drinking alcohol for once and all to be free from it's addiction same rule apply to cooked or raw toxic food unnatural for humans.

it is not easy but it is possible. best is to put energy in to finding ways that work for you to stay firm in the times of cravings.

and never blame yourself, you are not the problem; toxic food is.

so once again i wish you all success in saying no to toxins.

life is beautiful

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Friday, February 22, 2008

genetically modified foods

well, food suitable for humans in my believe is raw fresh fruit only. here is some info from article in nexus magazine: sowing the seeds of destruction.

in 2003, jeffrey smith's seeds of deception was published. it exposes the dangers of untested and unregulated genetically engineered or modified (ge/gm) foods that most people in  the usa eat every day with no knowledge of the potential health risks.

efforts to inform the public have been quashed, and reliable science has been buries.

consider what happened to the world's leading lectins and plant and plant genetics modification expert. uk-based arpad pusztai. he was vilified and fired from his research osition at scotland's rowett researdch institute for publishing industry-unfriendly data that he was commissioned to  produce on the safety of gm foods. his rowett research study was the first ever independent one conducted on them anywhere. he undertook it, believing in their promise, but became alarmed by his findings. his results were startling and have implications for humans eating genetically engineered/modified foods.

pusztai found that rats fed gm potatoes had smaller livers, hearts, testicles and brains. as well as damaged immune systems; they showed structuralchanges int heir white blood cells, making them more vulnerable to infection and disease compared to other rats fed  non  gm  potatoes.  it got worse. thymus and spleen damage showed up, as did enlarged tissues, including the pancreas and intestines. there were cases of liver atrophy as well as significant proliferation of stomach and intestinal cells that could be a sign of greater future risk of cancer.

equally alarming was that all this happened after only 10 days of testing, and the changes persisted after 110 days - that's the human equivalent of 10 years.

gm foods today saturate our diet, particularly in the usa. over 80% of all processed foods sold in supermarkets contain them. other gm food include grains like rice corn and wheat; legumes like soybeans (and range of soy products); vegetable oils, soft drinks, salad dressings,vegetables and fruits, dairy products including eggs meat and other animal products, and even infant formula. there's also a vast array of hidden additives and ingredients in processed foods (such as in tomato sauce, ice cream and peanut butter. they're unrevealed to consumers because such labeling is prohibited - yet the more of these foods that we eat, the greater the potential threat to our health.

today, we're all lab rats in an uncontrolled, unregulated mass human experiment,the results of which areas yet unknown. the risks from it are beyond measure, and it will take many years to discover them once gm seeds are introduced to an area, the genie is out of the bottle for keeps.


this is just small part of 3 page  article, there is surely lot to say about gm food. about food in whole.

life is sweet with gm free raw fresh fruit

love all,

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my pictures from redbublle
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

red bubble

my friend gave me a link for red bubble, this is great place to share and sell artwork and make some virtual friends. here is my art /some/
and new pictures are on the way. i am happy i find a new home for my pictures along with so many amazing pictures from others. yeah, i am addicted to red bubble already. i love pictures.

me and mango got yesterday heaps of honey mangoes, yum, yum, yum, they do not taste like honey, they taste just divine and season just began. wow! and some lychees, red paw paws, 2 durians, sweet tamarin, big honeydew and rockmelon, cucumbers, avos, box of mangoes and heaps of white nectarines. few bananas

yesterday we drank rock melon twice, and we ate delicious durian, lychees, tomatoes, cucumbers, avos, white nectarines, mango, and we shared one banana

we also had 2 long swims in ocean and nice relaxing peaceful time on almost deserted beach. water was very pleasant. i was not cold as usual, and i could swim in more relaxed/slow way.

me and mango enjoying our fruitarian summer days.

life is beautiful


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

art and fruit

i love pictures, i like to do more fruit art work. i love to promote the beauty of radiant and living fruit. today i visited friend and she gave me very useful link for selling pictures on line. when i have my pictures uploaded, i will post my link. it is bit slow process for me...but i will get there, bit by bit. i am very excited about it all. my spirit is rejoicing. 

in last few days me and mango are sharing blended rock melons, very sweet and tasty, blended mango in grape juice, grapes, longans very yummy ones, tomato juice, tomatoes, cucumbers, durian, avos, white peaches, paw paw.

yeah, i give in to avo and i want to win next time. avocado truly disagree with me.

today was durian and avo free day, we just run out and free time for getting more fruit is tomorrow. i was craving avo, on and of, but never for long so  i could easy deal with it.

garden is happy after few days of rainy days, best water is rain water, cucumbers are flowering a lot and there are about 4 baby cucumbers, we all enjoyed sunny morning in our garden. mango is harvesting for us daily beautiful and tiny cherry tomatoes, so so so tasty, i love them.

life is sweet,

east sydney coast

just around the corner...

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

fruitarian bliss

mango was up early and he ate some fruit.  much later we shared blended honeydew melon 6dl each, my breakfast. few hours later we went and got some fruit: box of very yummy sultana grapes, white nectarines, longans, 3 paw paw,2 magic durians, figs, 2  rockmelons, avos,2 telegraf cucumbers.

i also got some vitamins for my friend, so i went see her right away after mango carried all our yummy fruit in our shoebox.

so it was about 5pm when me and mango shared very tasty magic durian. it had many amazing flavors and so creamy texture.  oh, how  i  wished  i  can  eat  this  durian for ever. me and mango are on the same durian wavelength... blended honeydew melon, fresh figs, two kinds green and dark. avo, only mango. well, i was tempted but i decided i prefer the way i feel without avo.

fruitarian lifestyle is so beautiful, i love to be surrounded by colorful living fruits. i am happy i am not confused about what to drink and eat, i can fully relax my mind about it free of nutritional and health worries free of question marks...

it is so perfect to live in cooking free place; free from stinky toxic fumes. raw fresh fruit is blessing in so many ways.

i love fruit and fruit love me back.

life is precious

honeydew290.jpg picture by kveta

honeydew melon and oranges /2006 shoebox/

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durian head

i find this cute durian head and i love to share it.

here is another picture and some ha ha text...enjoy! w/durian head<

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Friday, February 15, 2008

yummy fruit

yesterday me and mango shared 2 durians, yum, blended white nectarines for the first time ever, yum, lychees, longans, tomatoes, only me one capsicum, avos, i had less than 1/4. and we also enjoyed surprisingly yummy  first  watermelon  from  our  garden.  it  was  really  cute  and tiny one.  we ate it on the sun yeah, we had a garden picnic..

mango was fasting today and i had blended white nectarines for breakfast and then i was drinking all day blended banana and watermelon 5dl about 7 times, each time one banana. watermelon was not sweet enough so banana made it sweet and creamy. yum.yum.yum. 3 tomatoes one red capsicum and one tiny /smaller than egg/avo.

i slipped in to negative thinking, for short time, so i went for little wanderwalk to change focus and i find new  baby cucumber in our garden. wow, that made me so happy.

me and mango had peaceful and relaxing day. missing swim. today was bit cold and showery.

life is sweet

lovely ocean,just around the corner
lovely ocean, just around the corner...

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

after dry fast and juice feast

today is 4th day of eating yummy summer fruits after dry fast and watermelon juice feast.  i was craving avocado so i had just 1/4, next day 1/2, and next day /today/one. when i ate first avo it felt really strange in all ways; the heaviness...

me and mango shared /last 4 days/and enjoyed magic durians/only 2days/, longans, lychees, white nectarines, nectarines, mango blended in grape juice, peaches, red paw paw, figs, tomatoes, capsicum,  avo. and today only, sweet tamarin from thailand.

monday was a beach day.  we had fun as always. swim and sun. on almost deserted beach. yum.

every day is beautiful.

life is beautiful.

our local beach /one of/

one of our local beaches

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

sweet durian

oh, today me and mango shared sweet durian, yeah it is a while since we enjoyed the durian bliss.  it is always amazing and exciting to have other fruit after few days of fasting and mono juice feasting.  today we got last durian in shop, try of mangoes, 1/2 box of sultana grapes, white nectarines, nectarines, peaches, longans, lychees, box of tomatoes, avos, big honeydew melon, small watermelon, figs, red paw paw

we did break watermelon  juice feast with 1fig each and tasting some grapes, later on 1/3 of durian, some figs, red paw paw, nectarines, white nectarines, lychees, mango had some avo and cherry tomatoes from our garden.

mango created table of fruits we had and some dry fasting in last 10 days see here:

every other time when i ate  other fruit after fast & mono juice feast i felt like i fall from skies on the earth. this time i am still in the skies. hmm...

i also experienced very very mild detox.  some short mood swings in last two days, and last night i sneezed few times and after i felt very week/1hour/rest of the time i was peaceful, satisfied, at times euphoric.

yesterday was all day raining and bit cold, so me and mango spend most of the day in our bed, talking, reading, relaxing, etc...

life is yummy,
magic durian
magic durian

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

29 watermelons

yes, me and mango got another 11 watermelons yesterday. it was one great watermelon view as mango put all 29 yummy watermelons together, on few benches and tables. one watermelon slipped and opened after landing with big splash on the kitchen floor. one third of sweet watermelon was for garden, and we drank the rest. i went see a friend for few hours and when i returned mango said: one watermelon exploded ! wow ! and juices was all over the bench dripping down on safely covered printer and other said he was alarmed by explosion and quickly removed funny watermelon in to compost bucket, he also got about 7 liters of juice from bench and floor. he was amazed how much juice was out. garden had watermelon feast with us...yum!

i love to share fruit. yesterday me and mango shared 6 watermelon sweet delicious drinks /blended sieved/5dl all. one and 3/4 watermelons

today 5 divine watermelon drinks as usual. one watermelon

today was beach day, ocean lost its blue due to heavy rain and storms in last few days, and full of sea grass and it was fun to swim in it. we were relaxing absorbing sun ryes. swim was one long one and one only 1/2 way, it was not so sunny and hot any more, mango was chatting to some fresh Aussies, from uk and i had fun with their adorable children, creating sand castles...later beautiful deep blue and gray sky hiding the sun and promising rain made us all leave the beach.

i am enjoying my watermelon juice feast days...i do not have desire for other fruit yet!

life is beautiful

whale.picture by Fruitarian
the blue whale by fruitarian kveta

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

dry fast and 18 watermelons

yesterday was second day of dry fast for me and mango.

i had busy day,  mango woke me up at 8am i wanted sleep, so after tiny wee and poo i had cold shower and even after i could easily go back to my sweet sleep. not for long, i was euphoric and giggly  at  times within few minutes. i was fully peaceful all day and i had no negative thoughts.i enjoyed every second of my existence even in the  middle of the big city... it was raining and 2 and 1/2 hours/one way/ traveling on public transport ahead of gave me lift to better bus stop and to save some time. i went see a friend. i arrived back to shoebox before 6pm.

and i noticed that mango look bit sick, and yeah, he is telling me how he felt sick on the way back, he vomited twice. he was very quiet and peaceful.

when i got sleepy i jumped in bed and i could not sleep but i was peaceful about it. i knew the morning will come and i will have my watermelon juice. i was looking so much forward to it. i was not hungry. i was hungry around 6pm, but only for very short time. so all night i was sleeping and waking up lot and at 4am mango woke up and asked me if i am for watermelon juice and i said yes, please, he made it for us and we both have our first watermelon juice in bed and very soon after i slept like a baby for about 3 hours.

me and mango shared very very sweet watermelon juice9 times each 5dl, at times bit or more over, yeah we drunk two big watermelons today, yum, yum, yum.

we also went and got 7 huge watermelons, 29 cents kg. the biggest was 8.5kg. they joined other 11 watermelons in our shoebox we got earlier, when fresh, they keep that way for some time.  18 watermelons. watermelon fruit full of LIFE. WATER OF LIFE. sweet sweet nectar. i love it. wow to sweet oz watermelons!

today was warm rainy day, me and mango peacefully relaxed most of the day and night and we truly enjoyed all we did. i am content and satisfied. our garden turned in to jungle.

life is precious,
sweet watermelon

magic watermelon, sweet and delicious life giver

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

dry fast day one

mango was dry fasting on friday and i had one orange juice 5dl, orange one mango juice 5dl, twice few hours apart, tomato juice 5 dl, and 5/ 3 and 2/ tomato as is without skin. one early delicious apple only me.rainy cold 21+cludy gloomy day outside and warm and happy in our shoebox.

yesterday was rainy saturday with lovely sunny breaks. me and mango shared orange and one early delicious apple juice 5dl, yellow melon/casava/5dl, yellow melon casaba 5dl, tomato juice 5dl, tomato juice 4dl, tomato juice 4dl. yeah, all juice day.

today is rainy day, i am missing the sun all ready, today me and mango are dry /without water/fasting i am feeling peaceful and i am a bit in my own world and i do not feel hungry at all, but i was for a bit fantasizing about watermelon juice on the day of breaking my fast.

today and yesterday i am having strong healing sensations in my right leg. it is truly magic experience.

few days ago i had 1/4 of small avo and the same day after, third day i just had tiny taste and gave the rest to mango.  he is having usually 2 avos a day. i am happy i do not miss it, as i feel so so so much better. and i poo and wee more often as well.

i am also happy that it is not big deal to go without food and water.

life is amazing,
yummy strawberries, full of life
yummy strawberries, full of life.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

baby watermelons

watermelon flowers are magically transferring  in to adorable baby watermelons, it is always exciting for me and mango to find another one...yeah, there are lot of them and rich foliage is hiding and protecting them

since my last entry me and mango shared plenty of yummy sweet fruit: durians, nectarines, white nectarines, mangos, mangos blended in grape juice, grape juice,  mangos blended in orange juice,orange juice, lychees, apricots, red paw paws, tomato juice, rock melons, cucumbers, tomatoes pealed chopped, lots of cherry tomatoes from the garden, the yummiest cherry tomatoes ever.

after my sunburned face i kept out of the sun in the comfy bed with a book alice to nowhere by evan green. it is a story from the australian outback. i finished reading it after midnight last night so i have now time for writing again. i find difficult to leave a book and do something else while i am reading.

the day before yesterday i joined mango and we had fruitarian fun on the sun on our local beach, swimming, sunbasking, relaxing, and sharing durian. and mango said it's all good. at times he goes for swim alone, he walks to my favorite little bay. i feel there like i am in the country.

we had a very quiet week, relaxing and peaceful.  i was supposed to visit a dentist again she was ready to pull out one of my teeth, but i am not. i am just slowly healing my gums with fresh aloe vera gel. i am glad that i do not listen to the dentist but instead to myself. that's thanks to magic raw fresh fruit and being liberally minded. i was never afraid to go against the grain.

hallelujah, life is beautiful
watermelon from our garden
very tiny and cute baby watermelon from our garden

watermelon from our garden
and another one!!!

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