Wednesday, July 30, 2008

durians, pineaples, strawberries,

paw paws, oranges, pomellos, bananas, golden kiwis, rock melons, tomatoes, libanise cucumbers, chillies, all fully enjoyed by me and mango on our yummy fruity fruitful feasts.  yum, yum, yum...i am enjoying my fruitarian soul and path.

after nice sunny warm days some cold and not so sunny but showery days arrived. and temperatures only around 14+, that is freezing...that is going to dramatically change for  me  as  only  in  three days i should be landing in 30+hot prague, visiting my family (some) and some friends for 6 weeks. i am going miss sweet mango, australia (even the winter one), and  yummy  durians.

i am sleeping a lot lately, at times for 12 hours.

life is sweet

Picture153.jpg picture by Fruitarian

my sweet mum and sweet mango (czech summer 2006)
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Monday, July 21, 2008

fruity fruitful days

passing by one by one, everyone unique and special and full of very yummy raw fresh fruitful treats, since my last post me and mango we are enjoyed many and  very very tasty durians, avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers, chilies, paw paws, some mandarins, and drinking raw fresh crimson grapes, pineapple orange banana mix, pomelo orange mix, (new and i love it, oh there is always something new in fruit world) orange, orange grapefruit mix.

yeah, me and mango we got some grapefruits, only later on we discovered they are pomelos, so we decided to juice them, and they are so delicious in mix with oranges, it is now my citrus favorite drink, yum, after first sip i fell in love. durians, lately popular breakfast in bed,  are as usual very amazing with many magic and most yummy flavors, at times i get in every small bite a new flavor, and they all take me to my childhood or babyhood...sweet sweet durian.

me and sweet mango, we had sweet sunny busy days, and relaxing nights. i slept more than usual, as part of some healing in my legs, i could also feel some healing sensations, i think that winter time (cold) is slowing my healing progress.

life is beautiful

DSC05222.jpg DSC05222.JPG picture by Fruitarian
i have a new friend, said mango...
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Monday, July 14, 2008

fruitarian interview

with me is HERE only one click away. there are also interviews with some others, all organized by sweet fruitling mango :) i read them all, and it is very interesting to see how much we all have in common, but also there is obvious diversity in perception and understanding of fruit. i am happy to see there are at least few earthlings on fruit path with strong need to share their experiences with others.

today was warm sunny day so we settled for magic durian picnic on lawn next to our happy garden, but very soon we discovered that our durian is not as sweet and yummy as we wanted to be, so we decided to blend it with raw fresh crimson grapes juice and we end up with very sweet and yummy cream. yum.

durian crimson grapes cream
orange grapefruit tangerine juice 5dl
tomato libanise cucumber avocado chili

today we bought: durians 2, tomatoes 6kg, avocados try, cucumbers 2kg, apples 1kg, mandarins 2kg, bananas 2kg.

me and mango we had sweet fruitful and peaceful day...

life is beautiful

summerat454.jpg picture by Fruitarian
fruitarian bliss (me)
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

happy fruitarian

me, sharing yummy sweet fruit with yummy sweet mango:

crimson grapes juice in bed 5dl
pineapple banana juice 5dl
tomato cucumber avocado chili
tomato cucumber avocado chili

all delightful as always. all raw and fresh. love peace and happiness giving. my brain love the raw fresh fruit chemicals, and my skin, my hair, my heart, my bones....and all.

today was very much like yesterday (activities), still very different and unique. i love to be

life is precious

DSC00160.jpg tulip picture by Fruitarian

i love tulips, as child i use to stare in to them with fascination, my grandma did grow so many of them...
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

durian breakfast in bed

was very sweet and tasty, it was bit after 11am not long after i woke up. sun was shining, bit it was freezing, so i was happy i can enjoy peaceful and exciting  breakfast in warm bed, soon after i jumped in to relaxing hot bath followed by at the moment very cold shower and then i joined mango outside, caching some sun powers. not long after i went see friend and it was after 4:30 pm when i arrived  back to  shoebox i was hungry and me and mango shared tomato cucumber and chili yummy mix, and at 6:30 pm we shared 3 tangerines and hour later i had two

i am satisfied with my fruitarian path i have peaceful mind about what and when to eat/drink, free from question marks. i am daily counting my blessings, i love the way raw fresh fruit make me feel. sharing fruitful days with sweet fruitarian mango adding sweetness to my life, as soon as i discovered his website, i new he is the one for me....

life is full of surprises

me picture by Fruitarian

first me and mango ate yummy watermelon while sun basking (naked) by  lovely  lake  on our holiday in  czech  republic summer 2006, then we massaged watermelon juice in to our skin,  and mango helped me apply my watermelon mask. yes, it was hot, almost 40 plus daily...lots and lots of swims, oh, sweet past, oh, sweet present....
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Friday, July 11, 2008

last night

sweet mango said that he is hungry so today we stock up with mountains of raw fresh fruit: 2 durians, box of crimson grapes, grapefruit 3kg, tangerines 2kg, tomatoes 4kg, try of avocados, libanise cucumbers 1kg, bananas 2kg, and only few days ago oranges 30kg. so mango skipped his dry fast friday and so we shared very yummy durian,  soon after my crimson grape juice. oh, durian made me giggle soon after it's magic powers entered my blood say thank you and send me the sweet euphoria. later: yummy strawberries, much much later we shared tomato, avocado, cucumber and chili. later half avo and one banana each. later one tangerine each.

yum, yum, yum....

life is yummy

DSC01408.jpg picture by Fruitarian
baby avocado tree i our garden
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Thursday, July 10, 2008

the true energy drink

is fresh raw fruit drink made from raw fresh and healthy fruit.  mono, or mixed.  today me and mango enjoyed some very yummy


07:10 orange 3dl(mango only)
09:10 orange 5dl
14:10 orange avocado 5dl
18:00 orange 5dl

all delicious, original and very giving. oranges are now in full season very yummy juicy and cheap:15kg box 10 oz $. oh, i observed that many  people would say yes to raw fresh orange juice, i love to see when someone is having raw fresh juice the first time and they say: "oh, this is so much nicer than the bottled one!" with written amazement all over his/hers face and i happily reply: "yeah, nothing can beat raw & fresh, fresh is the best". at almost always interesting  conversation related to food continue...raw fresh orange juice is super boost for all especially  in


when there is less of warmth and sunlight, oranges come to us like yummy tiny suns giving us light, and joy, the evidence of wellness. sydney in oz cooled down a lot; yesterday only freezing 13+ and today 14, i could see it in the sky before it arrived, yeah, snowy mountains got 70 cm of snow and tiny bit landed at blue mountains. i am happy i am far away from the snow zone, with glass of life and sun energy; raw fresh orange juice in my hand. it is worthwhile and all i can think of is how


citrus bliss

citrus bliss (oranges, mandarines, grapefruits and me, waiting in my shoebox for mango to join my life, few winters ago, oh, sweet memories...oh, sweet presence...

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i wish it were fruitarian, but

vegetarian lifestyle is now promoted in oz tv comedy. last sunday in rove live, and tonight in the hollow man, it is great and positive change to see, but i wish it was fruitarian lifestyle and not vegetarian. also late news informed us that


is addictive and that is why it is for people so difficult to quit. they made some research on small animals and they discovered that animals are getting more sick, fat and lazy and they are eating more often, and very restless without food, and after some time on human junk food refusing they natural food, fasting loosing weight very fast. i agree and i like to add that almost whole world population is addicted to what they eat and not only junk food, but every cooked or preserved "food" is addictive and toxic. only


is the one for me/us to enjoy, there is not better food on planet earth, and it is only natural and peaceful food for humans. that is why me and mango fully enjoyed our yummy and sweet drinks, yes, yes, yes,



05:30 orange (mango only) 3dl
09:00 orange grapefruit 4dl
11:00 orange avocado 5dl
16:00 orange apple banana 5dl
18:00 orange avocado


04:30 orange (mango only) 3dl
09:00 orange 5dl
13:30 rock melon 5dl
14:15 orange apple avocado 5dl
17:10 orange avocado 5dl


life is sweet

pink dream 2 by kveta

pink magic...
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Monday, July 7, 2008

the best natural skin care is

raw fresh fruit lifestyle far away from the  least toxic water and air and soil... toxins are everywhere, somewhere more, somewhere less. i love eating fruit and i also love fruit on my skin, one of my many favorites is


oh, i love lemon trees, their flowers and fruit and all. i do not eat/drink lemons as they are not sweet enough for me, but i love lemon bath. . . lemon fragrance. me and mango we are getting fresh lemons from two near by lemon trees. and as always: no lemons in our



07:30 orange 5ld
11:00 orange grapefruit 4dl
13:00 orange banana avocado 5dl
14:45 orange avocado 5dl
17:30 orange avocado 5dl

all very tasty and avocado ones so creamy kind of duriany, yum, yum, yummy, yum! fruitarian bliss with fruitarian friend in sunny morning garden...i am feeling better and better and better bit by bit, constant, mild natural high, from raw fresh fruit drinks.

DSC03158.jpg DSC03158.JPG picture by Fruitarian

me and last summer...

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

life is sweet

with yummy raw fresh fruit drinks i shared with sweet mango:

07:30 orange  3dl
08:30 orange avocado banana 5dl
11:30 tomato avocado chili     2.5dl
15:10 orange avocado  banana 5dl
17:30 orange avocado cherimoya

we both enjoyed them all. yum. yum. yummy, yummy yum. yum. yum. :)

day was warm sunny and very calm so truly lovely winter day, so we spend few morning hours under the sun, gardening and then relaxing after delicious tomato, avocado, chili drink, on lawn next to our garden,  while  sun  was  pouring  on to us  it's  magic  powers.  pure fruitful bliss.

we had busy day and relaxing night.

lately, at times, mango did plant some cute baby avocado trees from our garden in near by public green areas.  garden is always full of surprises and beautiful, just like the sky, children...etc.

i love the special places where raw fresh fruit drinks take me...

P5210071.jpg fruit th picture by Fruitarian

... sweet memories: some delicious fruit me and mango shared few years ago in thailand.

P6070337.jpg lucky me picture by Fruitarian
mango, rambutan, mangosteen, lychees, and me. (thailand)

love is beautiful

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

drinking raw fresh fruit,

yes, the first day of our special drinking raw fresh fruit monthly feast arrived; sunny and yummy...

04:30 orange juice (mango only) 5dl
11:00 pineapple orange banana  7dl
12:15 avocado tomato cucumber 6dl
17:00 orange avocado banana

we also shared lovely sunny late morning in the garden

i was reading almost all day on the internet, oh, reading is for me big passion or addiction? i love to read all my life and lately i am reading a lot on internet as well, and i am missing on time for writing.

i said today to mango some thinks i wanted to say for some time, and i felt great and next time i may speak up sooner. we are growing together and closer. with sweet mango and sweet fruit

life is sweet
blue petunias by kveta

blue petunia 1 by kveta
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Friday, July 4, 2008

fruitful fruity days

are full of yummy winter australian fruit, full of sun water of life light and love. me and mango we were as usual enjoying daily lot's of raw fresh fruits; we were eating amazing and very tasty durians, avocados tomatoes and chili, at times cucumber, bananas, custard apples, mandarins, few grapes (mango only), and i had tonight 3 pealed grated apples. and we were drinking oranges, oranges and grapefruits, and some smoothies from different combinations of apples, oranges, bananas, pineapple banana orange is one of my favorites.

tomorrow is our first raw fresh fruit juice feast day. i am so looking forward to it.

me and mango we are enjoying warm winter sun, yesterday we had very pleasant durian picnic on front lawn with long relaxing resting time catching delicious sun ryes.  yum! (2hours). and yeah, today was raining...with some sunny brakes.

yes, and lots of giggles in our blessed fruitarian life.

and lots of very juicy lemons for us from near by lemon tree, for almost daily lemon baths. thank you lemon tree.

me and mango we are enjoying our fruitful fruity days...thank you mango, thank you me.

life is sweet.

sweetdurian071.jpg ym, durian picture by Fruitarian

magic durian

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