Monday, March 9, 2009

still really enjoying our yummy durians

me and mango we are still really enjoying our yummy durians, and lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes are also very sweet and tasty, on top of it, we bought a box of amazingly yummy nectarines. so we are postponing our monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast. we are having grape juice daily two or three times a day. we are eating sweet nectarines and bananas as is separately and mono, or mushed up by fork. mango likes to add usually 1/2 avo as well.

yesterday was a market day and even though i had to wake up early (ten minutes to five) and i slept only for 3 hours, as is the case on most of our market sundays, and the day was busy, but we made only a little bit of money, i felt at peace, happy and i had great day anyway.

at the markets we had 2dl of raw fresh orange juice (9am) and around 11am a few nectarines and a bit later we shared one banana, around 2pm we had more nectarines and shared one banana a bit later after that. on our arrival back in the shoebox, we shared a very sweet green grape juice and about 40 minutes later we opened and indulged in a very unique durian with many new flavours. oh, the segments of fruit were huge, and i felt very blessed... two hours later we pealed and chopped lebanese cucumber and tomatoes, with red hot chili peppers. yum! and mango was already sleeping when i had about 3-4 nectarines.

it was a nice warm cloudy day with hot sunny patches, and toward the end of packing up, gentle rain began dropping and dripping down on us and all, and as soon as we finished and drove of, the rain became much more intense. it felt good to be safe under the car roof. and it was raining the whole night and early morning, then was only cloudy and now it is 14:00 and the yummy sunny sun came out to greet us all. i washed a few things by hand and decided to hang it out on the washing line a few hours ago, but it looked more like rain than sun, which my friendly neighbour, who i run in to, agreed with, and i told him, that i will just see what happens. and as we chatted away, it come to it that he offered me a clothes hanger that i could use for drying my washing indoors or on the balcony. i said, let me see it... and yes, it was just what me and mango had been looking for, for some time already, because we need one for the markets. mango is going to be pleased.

he is away working (gardening) for a few hours, and i've had a very nice and long hot bath followed by a refreshing cold shower and giggly euphoria. and i did some writing. i am organising meeting up some family and friends. also writing for my czech fruity blog, and at forum.

i love my peaceful and happy life

life is sweet

ja a jack fruit

me with one of my favorite jack fruit at bangalow market at far north nsw the rainbow reagon. holidays with mango 2007

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