Sunday, October 26, 2008

community center garden for children

so they can learn about the life of plants from experience is a great idea of j who runs the center, and me and mango, we are a part of this project...

and it began like this: it is a while ago now, a month or two, i was visiting my mum overseas and mango told me on the phone that our spaceship crashed, so he visited our nearby community center to send me an email etc, and that is how he met j, and one thing lead to another, and i and mango joined as volunteer workers to create a little garden for little children. yes, very sweet...

and yes, today, me and mango, we planted a cute baby lemon tree, a cute baby mandarin tree and a cute baby passion fruit vine. the choice of fruit was made by j. i would have gotten persimmon, mandarin, orange, passion fruit, paw paw, blueberry... oh, yes, if i was the decision maker i would make a fruit and aloe vera garden... back to reality, me and mango, we are happy that fruit was included in the plan for the fruit, veg, and herb garden.

i so enjoyed planting the trees, and also visiting the nursery, admiring so many beautiful plants and i was in bliss when we were in the baby fruit tree section, oh, i am so looking forward to growing the trees i want to in some tropical haven... along with sweet mango for sure...

ready to eat durian, czech republic 2006

and we continue mixing mangoes and oranges in to delightful raw fresh fruit drinks daily, two or three times a day and we just cannot get sick of it. the same with durians. hass avo, tomato, cucumber - all very yummy.

mango also wrote an article on healthy eating that was published in the community center newsletter with a very cute picture of him, and there may be a few people interested in mango giving a speech and i am sure i would join him as from my own experience i noticed that people take my fruitarian lifestyle more seriously since there has been another fruitarian, mango, with me. two people who fully agree on the fruitarian lifestyle are naturally twice as convincing

me and mango we are not afraid or in any way uncomfortable to confess that we are fruitarians, we are not hiding it and it is interesting and at times amusing to see how others react. in most cases they just don't believe it. some like to debate it a bit and some some more...but it is so rare that i am sure they are wondering, it is so rare that i am sure they are pondering at times...and almost sure that the idea of letting go of all they are eating is almost beyond their imagination, a way too big sacrifice, or just impossible.

like with this man who held a market stall near us and he at times came over to our stall and chatted with us, and when he heard we are fruitarians, he said he knew about it but he could not do it, and he said that only very strong people can. i told him i believe that the strength comes with strong reason.

the spirit of love

was my reason for choosing a fruitarian lifestyle.
i am proud to be an ethical fruitarian.

exciting durian on the lake. kynzvart mansion. czech republic 2006

Thursday, October 23, 2008

days and nights (plus karel capek)

are passing by one by one, and me and mango are enjoying them, sharing our fruitful fruitarian life, each day unique, special, beautiful...

...enjoying daily our mangoes blended in orange juice two or three times a day, very yummy hass avocados, tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, and some not so hot chillies  and some a bit hot. we are also sharing almost daily one magic durian or two... they are very yummy and yum yum yum, yes. and today it was a very uplifting pineapple banana orange drink. all our drinks are a half litre or a little bit over.

yesterday i finished reading 2 books by karel capek, in the original czech language (also translated into english) the absolute at large (tovarna na absolutno) 1922 and war with the newts (valka s mloky) 1936 (the year my mum was born). i found them very inspiring. karel capek is my new discovery, i knew about him, but i never came across his books before. one book was given to us with some other books and the second one is here

the past few days were nice, warm and sunny and today the temperature dropped down to 15+ celsius and it was a real winter rainy day with some snow in the blue mountains located abut 80 km away, yes, it was freezing

but we had a lovely day anyway...

P6120457.jpg opice th picture by Fruitarian

thailand holidays with mango 2006
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Friday, October 17, 2008

sunday continued...

sunday local markets, selling brick a' brack that got slowly but surely in to our shoebox from different directions: as gifts, or found by the rubbish bins, usually by mango as he is looking for recyclable metals to sell at a recycling plant, so he brings some other stuff, and because the saying one mans rubbish is another mans treasure is true, me and mango decided to hire a stall at our local sunday markets. i like recycling, especially when some pocket money comes out from it.

it was very interesting to see how much i was able to learn in one day from the experience. experience is the best way of learning. just like with the all raw fresh fruit lifestyle, anyone who has the same experience would agree with me, that it is the most beautiful and giving way of living for ones whole being.

we did not eat/drink at all, to avoid the need to visit public toilets, so we could fully attend to our stall.

it was a hot day and it was fun, and around 1pm mango went to buy a few oranges as we both longed for orange juice. i got some juice from one orange mango from two, they were not so juicy, but even a little bit of raw fresh orange juice rejuvenated us... at 4pm we were back in our shoe box, and we both truly enjoyed a 1/2 a litre glass full of clear raw fresh orange juice, then about an hour later the same again, and soon afterward a sweet durian... i am sure we enjoyed some other fruits that night too.

hot day 26+

watera191.jpg picture by Fruitarian

monday was a beautiful beach day, so me and mango went to visit one of our local beaches. yes, the sun was shining like there was no tomorrow, we could not have wished for a better day. we had a magic relaxing time sunbasking and an amazing swim twice. the ocean had warmed up since last time, so we could swim for much longer than previously, and that was a big joy for me, i had so much fun swimming in the tingling pacific ocean, giggling afterward... me and mango we shared one mango and a bit later another one...

we are drinking and eating raw fresh fruit only as usual, durian, and mango blended in orange juice, are my favorites right now, all the fruit we are eating is so yummy i also love sweet paw paws

yum yum yum...


sleeping in, visiting friend, sharing raw fresh sweet fruits with mango


reading, sleeping, reading (in bed) eating and drinking raw fresh fruit yum yum yum

water208.jpg picture by Fruitarian

 life is beautiful

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Monday, October 13, 2008

eating all raw fresh fruit again

after 8 days of raw fresh orange juice feast was very exciting. we got 3 boxes of mangoes, 5 paw paws, bananas 2kg, tomatoes 2kg, avos 2kg, strawberries 3/4kg, 2 big rock melons, 1 small watermelon.  mango found 2 big honey dew melons and there are still a lot of oranges left over, getting sweeter for sure.

well, we drank blended mangoes twice, 1/2 liter each time. and we ate a big and so yummy durian, avo and pealed tomato mix

i was feeling great all day and night, but when i woke up i felt a little bit sick, i was constipated and i went back to sleep for about an hour and then when i woke up i felt more sick like throwing up and my tummy was sore like bruised.oh, and i felt week, i sent mango for an aloe leaf, and i blended and drank the gel and about half an hour later i went back to sleep and i slept for another 4 hours and when i woke up i was feeling ok and the constipation was gone, but i had no appetite.

i think that for the first day after light orange juice days i ate too much (2) heavy oily avocado. i think i was not thinking. 

at 4pm when i came back from visiting a friend i was hungry so me and mango shared a very tasty durian yum yum yum. a few hours later we had strawberries blended with bananas. before that mango had blended mango and some avos later.

we enjoy all we do

sunny 21+

another day closer to our tropical fruit paradise...

well, late at night when i was already in bed ready to sleep,i began to feel a little bit sick again, so i had a small glass of raw fresh orange juice, and i felt better, but not for long, so i got up again and i blended the gell from an aloe vera leaf and drank it, and i felt back to normal and i slept in no time like a baby.

i woke up to cloudy sky,and i felt great and full of beans, later on sunshine arrived and me and mango had our mango drink out in the sun, relaxing afterwards just like yesterday, we had a lot of fruitarian fun under the yummy sun

me and mango shared busy fruitful and beautiful day

sweet sweet sweet

we drank rock melon, rock melon, mango, mango, and we ate tomatoes, avos, paw paw

yum yummy yummmy yummy yum :) and giggles :)

cloudy sunny 22+


i was waking up slowly, when mango whispered in to my ear: "it is time to wake up" oh, yes it is sunday, i thought and i got up to a sunny day, it was about 6am, yes, this is very


to wake up like this, as i almost always wake up naturally. i love the slow awakening and i never feel the same when i get disturbed from my sleep. i feel sick like throwing up, i do not have appetite and i may have mood swings (poor mango); feeling a bit down at times. oh, yes,


affects me deeply and negatively. i am lucky i can almost  always sleep as it suits me. i was lucky i was waking up slowly for some time when mango wispered in to my i could truly enjoy a very busy day.

...oh, yeah, i was excited, as soon as i got out of the bed, i was looking forward to go on our first...

to be continued...

harvesting aloe vera gel

harvesting aloe vera gel
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

sixth seventh and eighth day on RAW FRESH ORANGE JUICE

were magic and each different.

on the sixth day mango drank 5 times and me 4 times yummy orange super power

on the seventh day we both drank 4 raw fresh orange juices sweet and full of sunshine

on the eighth day the same as on the seventh day

we drank all the raw fresh orange juices straight away after we hand squeeze them, and then pour the juice trough the sieve because we both love only clear orange juice, free from tiny orange bits. we usually take our juice out in the sunshine, relaxing afterward on blanket on the lawn next to our happy garden.

last night i rang my mum, she was happy to hear from me and even though she was busy, we ended up talking for 20 minutes.

last night i was craving strawberries

life is sweet

love and  strawberries and oranges

love, love, love...
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Monday, October 6, 2008

fifth day on RAW fresh orange juice

was awesome, giggly and peaceful. me and mango we both had 5 RAW fresh orange juices. sweet and yummy.

i love my fear illness and medication free existence.

i love my partner mango who is sharing the same fruitarian lifestyle with me. in the way it is a miracle, as i find most of fruitarians are confused about it.

i love myself.

me and fruit

me and fruit
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Sunday, October 5, 2008

fourth raw fresh fruit juice day

was very peaceful and relaxing, mango had 2 orange juices and 1/2 a banana blended in orange juice, i had 1orange juice and 1/2 a banana blended in orange juice

the last two boxes of oranges were a bit sour, they will need about a week or so to sweeten up, so today we got some sweeter ones, ready to be squeezed in to sweet raw fresh orange juice, the true life giving orange liquid entering our digestive system and bloodstream, to give us the best drink under the sun. there is no better drink than raw fresh fruit juice made of any juicy raw fresh fruit.

i love the unfortunately rare moments when i squeeze for some one fresh fruit juice, and they have never had one, only the old rotten ones everyone can find not only on thesupermarket shelves, and as soon they have their first sip they  tell me with a big surprise: "this is very different to any bottled juice i get in the shops, hmm this is so much nicer...hmmm..." i usually say something like: "fresh is the best". or "fresh is alive the old is dead"... the bottom line is, that most of them say something like this: "yes, but it is too much work to make it", well i think, people like that have to work first on their mind and then on their diet.

rain 20+, garden is happy, so are we

kveta is climbing rocks

"rock climbing" by me while getting to the lookout (czech republic 2006)
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Saturday, October 4, 2008

benefits of the fruitarian diet

i find this article interesting and i thought it would be nice to share it with you

benefits of the fruitarian diet

Fruitarians are one step up from a Raw Food diet. They focus on eating only raw fruits and seeds. [i focus on raw fresh fruit only] Fruitarians, along with Raw Foodists believe that eating cooked food is harmful and that cooked food actually causes disease to develop due to toxic build up in our bodies.

For Fruitarians, cooked food is an addiction that needs to be broken in order to truly experience the euphoria of perfect health and freedom. There is a lot of weight in their addiction argument, looking at how many people have issues with overeating and emotional eating. It is evident that people do have emotional ties with food that go beyond eating for survival. Eating a fruitarian diet is meant to allow one to face life's events and issues without turning to comfort foods to fill the emotional void.

Although the road to becoming a Fruitarian can be difficult, there are some serious benefits in following the path. Benefits you can expect to receive among others:

- A perfectly calm and clear mind that will allow ideas and creativity to abound. The detoxification process allows for perfect harmony between all of your bodily systems allowing for the highest degree of cooperation and balance within yourself.

- Healing from all wounds and diseases that may be in your body. You will even experience healing of developing problems that you had not even discovered yet.

- Freedom from constipation, insomnia, depression, stress, and fatigue.

- A huge increase in the strength of your immune system allowing your body to be much more resistant to allergies, bacteria and viruses.

- A return of your libido and a boost to your fertility.

- In appearance you will notice clear skin, bright eyes, strong nails and soft shiny hair. You will also notice a huge decrease or even elimination in body odor. Your self-esteem will dramatically improve as you feel a love for yourself and your body that is very difficult to describe.

- Your body will be rid of all excess weight and your cellulite will disappear. Your body will take the form that it was meant to be, which may be considerably different than how it is now.

The empowering feeling you develop in choosing to eat a fruitarian diet will help you to make better choices for yourself in all of your decisions. You will develop a much greater sense of self-control.

- You will see a dramatic improvement in your ability to work long hours without feeling run down.

- The ability of your body to recover from injury will be rapidly increased compared to someone who eats a cooked food diet.

Imagine walking into your home and you seeing it full of garbage. Imagine trying to be healthy and efficient in such a mess. That is how our bodies feel when overloaded with toxins from the processed foods we have been consuming. How much better would you feel to be in a home that is spotless, organized and bright with no clutter at all. That is how you can feel about the inside of your body. Eating a fruitarian diet will make you feel like a kid again and you will find yourself being able to keep up with little kids when playing. What is also pretty amazing is that you also start to get that child-like imagination and wonder back into your thoughts which makes life a lot more exciting to live each day.

Transitioning to a Fruitarian diet from a Standard American Diet (SAD) can be difficult. Detoxifying physically is hard enough in itself, but you have to realize that you will also need to detoxify emotionally. When you are forced to leave your comfort foods behind you may find yourself scared and almost "naked" because you have nothing left to hide behind. Take all this into consideration when deciding to take the plunge, research and fully understand what is going to happen to your mind and body during the transition.

P5240145.jpg thailand 06 fruiity picture by Fruitarian

sweet fruit me and mango shared in thailand (may2006)
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third day on raw fresh fruit juices

was a very good one, me and mango shared raw fresh orange juice five times. i am feeling every day better, i enjoy the physical and mental lightness; the constant natural high, with euphoric outbursts, oh, how i love fruit euphoria, i am so in love with my fruitarian lifestyle, the mighty fruit gives me satisfaction.

yesterday was also a very hot day 35+, and me and mango visited the beach, the water was so freezing, so mango had 3 very short swims and i had one short swim and twice i just jumped in for a dip to cool down. it was like a real natural sauna. yeah, the beach is always good, i felt so renewed afterwards as usual.

we also got 2 boxes or life giving raw fresh oranges

we shared a lovely and peaceful day

citrus060.jpg picture by Fruitarian

in a orange bliss
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Thursday, October 2, 2008

second raw fresh fruit juice day

today was the same as yesterday, mango had orange juice 3 times, me 2 times and we also had an apple orange drink.

as always i am truly enjoying raw fresh fruit juice days.

i had a great day, i had a nice very early morning wonder walk with a friend and her dog, we visited a nearby beach and we had a good time.  afterwards she took me with her to her place for some time, then she took me back home again, and i arrived at the same time as mango, he had been swimming in the ocean.  the rest of the day and night we spend together in love and peace. today was 30+ hot and sunny

life is yummy... :)

beach horizon by kveta

beach horizon
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

first day on raw fresh fruit juices only

for me and mango. this time it worked out on the first day of the new month. i think mango had 3 orange juices, me 2, and we both had orange apple juice. i had my first drink after 2pm, shortly after arriving back from the beach. it was a nice hot day, the ocean was very calm and freezing, so i had only one short swim, mango had 3. i was too cold to go in again, but i truly enjoyed the buzz after my first swim in our swimming season. mango had his first swim a few days ago...

i have been going to sleep early these past 3 days,  yesterday already at 7pm. that is why i haven't been posting...

i spoke with my mum on the phone, she had an amazing holiday in spain with her special friend, i am happy for her.

me and mango we are having lovely busy sunny and fruity days.

love, love, love,
and fruit

DSC00235.jpg mango sydney summer picture by Fruitarian
mango and beach

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