Thursday, February 26, 2009

czech fruitarian blog/ cesky fruktrarian (ovocny) blog

yesterday with help of sweet Mango i created a czech fruitarian blog.

here it is for those who are interested:

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Sheryl said...

Good Day Precious One: This is an email I sent to a Raw/Vegan group and thought I would share it with you. Love Spring
The Email:
I just see so many beautiful Raw/Vegans that don't know yet about colors, music, etc. and they keep connecting themselves to things thru destructive colors, destructive music that create their struggles and problems. Colors speak for themselves - try wearing those beautiful colors for a month and see how much better you feel. Just like eating raw/vegan foods after you have eaten them for some time and you eat something cooked almost immediately you feel the negativity. Same thing with colors - after you have not worn them for a while - if you put a negative color on the body you will feel it immediately. Also make sure that the tags on the clothes do not have these negative colors - I cut mine out or have the cleaners remove them. It's not being a fanatic it's just Truth. God will give you the Truth that will set you free. You just have to listen and obey. I have not taken any kind of medication for 20 years or seen a dentist. I have not carried medical insurance for 20 years. People I have been employed with ask me how come I don't carry insurance and I tell them when you know more than the doctors know then it's time to stop going to them. Plus once the body is purified you can't handle medications - especially x-rays and what ever they use to put people under. When you stop the cause you no longer have the effects. Detox depending on the individuals past experiences can take a week or years - and some a life time. Being Raw is not only a journey to better health and feeling good but a wonderful Spiritual Journey that opens the doors to many wonderful things. God Bless You - and yes you may share with others.

I'm back I started & then got into doing something else. A few things I would like to share that the knowledge got me to where I am today & without struggle. At the present my diet consists of Fruits and Nuts juiced. I have been a Raw/Vegan for 4 years and a Fruitatarian 99.9% for over a Year now. I eat mostly just one time a day. I have had during this time a few times juiced greens & a few salads with my son. Everything on this planet has a vibratory action. Food, Music, Color, Plants, Sound, Words, Etc. Our Bodies are vibratory beings. As a person releases eating low vibratory foods like flesh foods the first thing is the body vibratory action begins to raise. And even more faster on a Raw/Vegan Diet. Most Raw/Vegans do not realize the effect color & music has on the body. That is one of the first things I notice after becoming a vegan 20 years ago. You become more sensitive to colors & music. High vibratory colors Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Violet, Gold, Pink - these colors bring about great healing and peace and harmony to the body. Example: you are like a Light Bulb what ever color of cloth you put over a light bulb that is what color will radiate out. Put a black cloth over a light bulb and no light comes thru. Like if you put a cloth of Blue and any of the positive colors over a plant it would still thrive and grow but put a black cloth over it and it would die. Even plants are sensitive to color and so are animals. Black, Red, Brown and dull impure colors all have a negative effect on the body & its health and a Raw/Vegan foodist will have struggles if they insist on wearing these colors. Wear Beautiful colors and let your Light shine thru. The Power of Radiation: Negative - Radiation is an energy it comes thru Negative TV, Music. Impure foods, Liquor, etc. Example: a friend of mine a Raw/Vegan Foodist for 15 plus years had not watch TV during that Time (doesn't own one - Me neither) She visited a friend for a few days and she had a TV - they decided to watch a very positive documentary but a commercial kept coming on every fifteen minutes or so about a cooked food. After watching the commercial a few times she began craving that food. That is how radiation works. If a person (even a child) goes into a condition where people are drinking liquor and are not of great enough Light to protect themselves - they will find that thru the radiation of the intoxicated people they will start to feel drunk & acting silly - even thou they did not drink. I felt it important to stay away from places that served flesh foods, Liquor and destructive loud music. Realize when a person goes Raw they are changing their Lives. A Raw/Vegan Lifestyle is just not food - its all things - Becoming Eco-Friendly especially to your body - it become sensitive to chemicals. I found that their are many Raw/Vegan Vacation Rentals and Spas & Eco-Friendly Vacation Rentals everywhere. Austin - for those who like to go there is opening a fantastic new Raw/Vegan Restaurant on 5th Street called the Beets Cafe in May 2009 - They have their website already out there check out the menu. Realize that we have been called to make a path so others may follow. Those who have this knowledge should not be struggling - but should see themselves as leaders and draw more unto this path. The ones having struggles are trying to live in two different worlds and you can't do it. There is a lot of giving up the old and bringing to you the new that God wants. Sometimes that includes relationships, places, activities etc. You just have to go with your inner guidance. Well I have some Light work to do - Have a Blessed Day!! -

kveta said...

hi sheryl, thankyou for sharing your interesting thoughts. i like them.

have a sweet day,