Saturday, April 26, 2008

magic fruit

me and mango stop only fruit drinking and we are drinking and eating fruit for few days now: eating-logans, bananas, durians, avos, tomatos, cucumbers, custard apples, pears. drinking-oranges, grapes, pineapples, apples, pears, rock melons. all yummy...

i find our last raw fresh fruit drinking days very beneficial. it was a first time for me when i drank different variety of fruit not only one kind. i am looking forward to next such experience, because the last one was very special to me. very giving, very healing. oh, i love fruit.

mango is continuing making juices for our not so well neighbor, she is wanting more as she goes, and recently i had a good chat with her and she told me how much raw fresh juices from fruit and some veg are helping her, and that she is eating more fruit as well.  she is already sharing her first magic and positive power of fruit with her friend dying in the hospital. i gave her lot of fruity love and wisdom to hold on, and it was so awesome to see her interest and understanding. it is very amazing for me to see how much better she look in so short time (about 4  - 5 weeks). and she does eat cooked toxic stuff as well. she like to eat, and she is huge. if she continue and learn more about fruit as she goes, she may one day have huge healing story to tell.

life with fruit is full of sweetness.

pink flowers by kveta

i love take flowery pictures :)

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

raw fresh fruit drinking

i find raw fresh fruit drinks very very beneficial. i feel different and better when i drink most of my fruit. i can digest avocado so much better this way.

this morning i got in the singing mood and it was just endless singing energy i was singing my own stuff whatever just come out of me, yeah, because of raw fresh fruit in my bloodstream i get often different euphoric feelings.  oh, i love my fruitful existence with all yummy sweet and euphoric experiences.

winter is almost here and it is getting bit cold at times. i am looking forward to reading days in warm bed.

yesterday was friday mango was fasting and i enjoyed:

1:30pm  1avo sliced 3 tiny cucumbers sliced and pealed 2tiny  tomato  sliced  and  pealed 
5:00pm  3 small pears pealed as is
6:00pm  green red black grapes juice 5dl

i am feeling peaceful, content, highly relaxed, free of any fears or worries very far away from this world and it's materialism and confusion. surely i want to live for ever.

yesterday me and mango got some more fruit: apples, oranges, rock melons, avos, pears, durians, bananas, cucumbers, custard apples,  box of big red grapes box of black grapes, and today on his way from picking up some work mango got another box of grapes  this  time  green  ones.  so there are many very sweet grape juices ahead. yes, not only yummy and sweet but also very empowering euphoric and healing.

when i few years ago visited greek island santos satiros, i was adoring beautiful grape vines next to every house. unfortunately most of it was made in to alcohol.

i feel bit sorry for confused fruitarian guru ross horne; he was against fruit juices. he missed out a big time! yeah, brainwash can be dangerous. he was so close to true, but it was not good enough; he died due to prostate cancer. i truly enjoyed reading most of his "the fruit revolution" book last year.

mango is sweet, so is fruit, so is life..

lemon flower by kveta

lemon flowers in love... :)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

food combination

as 100%fruitarian i do not need worry about food combination.  at times i combine fruit with fruit, as i love some fruit mixes...yum. i also love mono fruit eating and drinking. with fruit mixes i get huge variety of amazing colors, flavors, textures, etc..

since i am fruitarian i am convinced that fruit is my natural food and i also knew that any other food is toxic. including water. 100% fruitarian is not thirsty that is the fact. fruit contain all and best water our body want and need.

if someone tell me they are fruitarian and they are eating nuts, seeds, greens or drink water i am sure they are not fruitarians. fruitarian is naturally  feeling  discomfort  after  eating  nuts,  seeds, greens or other vegetables, drinking water.

if someone say they are fruitarian and they are eating nuts, seeds, greens or drink water, or other stuff which is not fruit, it does not make sense to me. it is like if someone say they are vegetarian and they are  eating pig heads, or vegan and they are wearing animal skin shoes etc...

as i travel with my spaceship in cyber space i can see there is a lot of confused people saying they are fruitarians and they are not. most of them would not know what fruit is.

me and mango shared and enjoyed:

1 green and black grape drink
2 rock melon /mango/ rock melon banana /me/drink
3 orange pear banana avocado /one to remember/drink
4 green and black grape banana drink
5 cucumber tomato avocado chili drink
6 custard apple orange avocado drink

1 dark and green grape drink
2 rock melon /only mango/drink
3 avocado tomato /only mango/drink
4 orange mango banana drink
5 custard apple orange banana drink
6 avocado as is

1 dark grape drink
2 avocado as is
3  pineapple orange banana drink
4  durian as is
5  avocado as is
6  apple orange drink
7  avocado /mango only/as is

1 dark grape drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 dark grape drink
4 avocado as is
5 banana orange drink
7 dark grape apple drink
8 avocado /mango only/ as is
9 persimmon as is

1 honey dew banana drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 cucumber tomato avocado as is
4 orange pear banana drink

1 grapefruit apple drink
2 avocado /mango only/as is
3 durian dark grape drink
4 avocado as is
5 red black green grape drink

where you see /mango only/it means mango the man not mango the fruit.

life is sweet...

dragon fly 2 by kveta

our pet /one of/

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Friday, April 11, 2008

drinking raw fresh fruit

yeah, me and mango, we are truly  enjoying raw fresh fruit drinks:

1 sultana grape juice
2 tomato cucumber avocado
3 pear grapefruit orange
4 pear orange banana pineapple avocado
5 sultana grape juice

1 sultana grape juice
2 pear orange banana avocado
3 cucumber avocado chili
4 orange mango banana

1 sultana grape juice
2 cucumber avocado chili
3 apple sultana grape
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili
5 rock melon

1 sultana grape pineapple
2 cucumber tomato avocado chili
3 rock melon
5 sultana grape apple

1 apple grapefruit
2 magic durian yes, yes, yes,
3 green grapes pears pineapple
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili
5 rock melon

11/4   today /soon yesterday etc...only me, mango is fasting
1 green grape
2 green grape pear
3 green grape black grape pear
4 cucumber tomato avocado chili

yum! to all

life is sweetest as sweet as can be

sweet apples by kveta


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Monday, April 7, 2008

apple noodles and apple dumplings

well, i got a baby apple dumpling plant on friday, they were giving them away for free among other oz native edible berry plants, i got a lilly pilly and a flax lily as well.

yesterday our blender gave up on us and so we were off to our local sunday market to look for another working one. we could not get one, but we were promised that there will be one next sunday.... so as we wandered around the market stalls, we ran in to a guy selling stuff, and we got very cool slicer,  peeler and shredder in one, so easy to use so it is also great for people with weakness in their hands. this peeler also peels tomatoes. and we also got other slicer for making long noodles from apples, cucumbers i was very happy thinking wow now i can have apple noodles with apple dumplings, well, i have to wait a minute, as there are no berries on the apple dumpling plant yet.

mango is making raw fresh fruit and/or veg juices for our next door friendly, and not so well, neighbor. for free. she supply fruit and veg of her choice.

today is sunny and rainy day it is cooling down and i think beach season is over. it is time for walking...bit more

today me and mango were drinking 4 times raw fresh

1  sultana grape juice 5dl
2  pear orange banana avocado 5dl
3  cucumber avocado chili 4dl
4  orange mango banana 5dl

all very yummy and life giving raw fresh fruit drinks.  i love it!

this is mine first no mono fruit juice feast and i found it very cleansing; just before midday i had very toxic poo. same yesterday. i find it like eating and getting  benefits of fasting. i am amazed how much higher fruit get me if i only drink it.

today mango got some casual work and we also got 5kg of red delicious apples. on the way home from the job interview.

life is delicious

cute peaches by kveta

yeah, peach season is over, i am looking forward to next season...oh, sweet magic fruit, always exciting and satisfying. i love fruit beauty.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

5 raw fresh fruit juice day

1 sultana grapes
2 tomato cucumber avocado
3 pear sultana grapes orange
4 pear banana avocad orange pineapple
5 sultana grapes

5dl all

all 5 raw fresh fruit juices were delicious and me and mango were in yummy fruity heavens

walking air and sun, yeah lot of fruitarian fun. giggles. fruitphoria.

life is wonderful

white rose by kveta

just around the corner...
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Saturday, April 5, 2008

juicy news

yeah, today is first raw fresh juice day, and almost 100% mono, we so enjoyed 4 very sweet sultana grape juices and 1pineapple and 1banana juice, very yummy creamy and fluffy.  all juices 5dl as usual.

yesterday i had orange juice. avo tomato cucumber and bit of chili from our garden. 2big pears. 2bananas.  mango was fasting

yesterday i had nice day out, near by community center had some kind of community day for women. and yes, it was only women preset. i spend all day talking to people and i sold 2 copies  of  my  pictures  /not  many people were there to spend the money and there were mainly teenagers and elderly, sitting by stage with very entertaining program.  reconciliation, singing and dancing. there was very special and peaceful atmosphere. our art group had stall where few of us were selling some art. we were sitting on the grass chatting away. sun was shining. everyone was happy. i also run in to few women i know.

i was not eating all day i had my first meal at 3pm. i usually do not eat when i go out. if someone ask offer me food i say no thanks i am not hungry. well, i ate some sunshine and air ...

today nice sunny morning in the garden eating more of sun & air chatting with mango as he was planting some peas,  and then he joined me relaxing on the grass...chatting...

later on i went see a friend. we had good time as always.

with raw fresh fruit life is sweet with raw fresh fruit

pink life by kveta

pink life

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

great news

in last 4 days me and mango enjoyed delicious raw fresh juices from green grapes, rockmelon, oranges, pineapple, oranges & grapefruit, and grape juices are very popular, yesterday we got another 2 boxes of beautiful sultana grapes. yum! and 3magic durians, pears, /i was never mad about pears, this year i so want them/custard apples, avos, tomatoes and one field and one telegraph cucumber, pineapples. we were also munching on custard apples, sweet durians, little bit of sweet tamarind, avos, tomatoes and cucumber, few bananas.

today me and mango got a great news about his visa. he can stay with me here in sweet oz. in year and half he have to prove again that we are living together and if so, then he will get visa for ever. the good news arrived on our 2 durian day, how sweet.

i am so happy we are getting so amazing grapes this grape oz season. the longer i am drinking them the better i feel, so is mango. it is so blissful to share my life with sweet fruitarian.

i am blessed that i know what i want and would not settle for the second best.

fruitarian life is wonderful

baby cucumber  by kveta

baby cucumber from our garden
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