Saturday, December 25, 2010

me and water

i was looking forward to seeing him, i was curious as to what positive changes his raw food diet was having on him, the first and last time i saw him, was in thailand, in 2006, while traveling along with mango, enjoying our fruitarian holiday in the tropics, with focus on the mighty durian.. yeah, i am talking about harley, the big 811 enthusiast.

it was at the end of the year 2009, or maybe the beginning of 2010, i am not sure, i was sitting under a huge mango tree next to the communal kitchen at fruitopia, along with, mango and our fruitarian documentary crew david and emile. we were all enjoying the beauty of a tropical summer day.. freelee, also joined us, and we were all chatting away, when her boyfriend harley, arrived.. full of energy as always, almost manic, he greeted us all with a smile and hug, and as soon as he sat down to join our small group his eyes landed on me and he said with full confidence to me: "you are dehydrated". oh, why me? why not others? i asked myself much later on.. but then i felt a bit annoyed, but i did my best not to let it get to me and i answered: "so, you really think i am dehydrated? after being, fruitarian for 24 years, eating raw fresh fruit full of water, not feeling any discomfort, including thirst?" i do not remember how our conversation exactly followed, but we ended up having a short debate about it and i stopped it after i realized that we were both too sure about correctness of our eating and drinking habits, as i am not keen on talking in circles, our ideas about drinking reached an end. i also noticed that during our conversation harley was eating at least a one kg bag full of dried bananas, followed shortly after by drinking a fair amount of water. i thought, no wonder he is thirsty, the dried fruit is deprived of it's best value, water. it is old and processed. i said so, but i am not sure any more of the answer, i am sure i would be able to remember it, had it made any sense.

in our short conversation about my dehydration, when i asked: "why should i drink water, if i am not thirsty? And why should i drink water even if i were thirsty? " then i added by way of clarification: "if i were ever thirsty i would drink or eat raw fresh fruit, i believe it would rehydrate me much better than water. harley said to me :"well, you have to drink even when you are not thirsty". "hmm, that does not make sense to me, i believe in my body's innate intelligence and were i to get thirsty i would drink just as when i am hungry i eat" said i. but harley told me: "you have to eat and drink way before you are hungry or thirsty". and i honestly forget his reasons for this belief, i admit i'm not very keen on memorizing things i can see no sense in.

honestly i didn't know what the symptoms of dehydration were, i'd not had any health problems to look into it. i am someone who enjoys eating and drinking raw fresh fruit and benefits great health from doing so, and i didn't feel i had need for such knowledge.

a little later, while talking with judith, who along with the rest of her family is a long term raw fooder, i mentioned my conversation about dehydration with harley, she looked amused and said: "if you had been dehydrated for twenty four years, you would surely be dead already." i fully agreed with her. what she said made sense to me.

well, i am truly happy with my raw fresh fruitarian diet, and am not looking for any changes in it, like starting drinking water just because someone says i should. i would do it only if i felt thirsty and only if I was unable to quench my thirst with raw fresh fruit.. So since i don't experience thirst, i can happily let go of such a notion.

Installed within my blog I have a little gadget called fedjet, a small program that shows me visitor statistics. I rarely look at the page, but a few months ago, when i was perusing it, i noticed there were a few visitors reaching my blog through 30 bananas a day, harley and freelee's forum. so i had a look to see what page of that forum the links came from and saw it was from a debate about drinking water while on a fruirarian diet.

here is the link:

here is some text written by harley i've cut and copied from the thread:

Maybe you gang will become the new wave of vital 'fruitarians that dont drink water' or maybe youll join the pile of bloated, isolated, fatigued, emaciated and binge prone 'fruitarians' that we have today?

My housemate died last year from renal failure. We take hydration real serious and she used to talk just like you peeps are talk'n now. Its spooky.

the conversation on the link i've pasted here is long and it took me time to read it all, there are more words from harley and freelee as well, and i disagree with both of them. but i agree with almost everything that others had to say, i could see a lot of sense in what others had to say in the debate, but to my amazement, harley and freelee ignored it all.

i think this article is getting way too long, and i hope i've made my point and i'd like to stop here. i am going to cover in detail this important topic in my fruitarian book. yes, i am still working on it.

and whoever is curious to heear about the symptoms of dehydration, here they are:

Symptoms of Dehydration: Introduction

Often the first symptom a person with dehydration experiences is thirst. By the time thirst is experienced, dehydration is already occurring. Not all people, especially the elderly, may experience or be aware of thirst in the early stages of dehydration. Other symptoms may include dry mouth, dry lips, sunken eyes, inability to make tears and little or no urine production

In infants symptoms of dehydration may include a sunken fontanel (soft spot) on the top of the head, no tears with crying, and fewer wet diapers.

Other symptoms can include headache, rapid heartbeat, fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, dizziness, and dry skin.

Untreated severe dehydration can lead to serious, even life-threatening complications, including postural hypotension, lethargy, kidney failure, shock, coma and death....

i've copied these symptoms of dehydration from here:

dear readers of my blog, i swear that i never experience any symptoms of dehydration, and therefore i am sure harley is wrong.

with raw fresh fruit, life is clear of confusion

pineapple pawpaw and tomato in our kitchen

pineapple, pawpaw and tomatoes in our kitchen, the mighty fruit full of true water of life, hydrating successfully my body and soul.

me taking pictures of oz bush

me enjoying bush walking and taking pictures, usually i walk bare food, but when ground is way too rocky for me i wear socks, so my very sensitive feet don't get hurt

me in australian bush

yahoo, down the hill i go, still taking the pictures..

i am having good time

i am easily amused by insects, rocks etc.. this time on my way getting ready for serious sun exposure..

i am enjoying swimming

and when i had enough of relaxing in hot spring tropical sun, i jumped happily into the beautiful natural creek. i love to swim.

life is beautiful

Saturday, December 18, 2010

summer and me

the beautiful summer has arrived on time, here in hot tropical far north queensland. spring was hot, but summer didn't hesitate and showed me it's powers straight from the start. and yes, i love it. summertime is my beloved part of the year.

it is a year now since i moved up to mareeba, leaving the big city sydney behind me, and it was a great change, my life is more enjoyable. how? i don't feel comfortable when temperatures drop under 25 degrees celsius. and i love raw fresh fruit to eat and i get a bigger choice of variety and quality up here in the hot tropics.

talking about fruit, the mangoes have been in season since the beginning of december and i love to blend them and drink them. so far the mangoes on our table are free, they are lying everywhere under mighty mango trees. mango is harvesting them and i am preparing sweet yummy drinks for us.

on our weekly trip to our friend j and his family, to get fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, capsicums, and at time some other fruit as well, there are several jack fruit trees, and when we are passing them by i never forget to admire them. at times i have said: "mango, we should stop here one day and get some jack fruit, it looks like no one is harvesting them, they are always some composting away under the trees." two weeks ago, on our way from j, close to the jack fruit trees a man was on the front of his property, mango stopped our car and asked the man if we could harvest some jack fruit from his tree, the man replied: " go for it, take as many as you like". so while i was chatting with the friendly man, mango went to the huge jack fruit tree only a few meters away, i was surprised, because i never noticed it, it was a bit hidden behind other trees. the tree was blessed with abundance of huge jack fruit. mango harvested two of them, soft and ready to eat, and he joined our chat. we are welcome to harvest jack fruit at any time, so we got one yesterday. j also gave us yesterday one watermelon, eleven pineapples, some capsicum, tomatoes and lychee's for free.

i am having fruitarian fun under the hot tropical summer sun.

life is beautiful

summer fruit

nice bunch of mangoes on the tree in our garden, the beauty of summer fruit

mango in oz bush

mango is chatting with grass tree on our way to have a swim..


me after several swims in davis creek, enjoying last minutes before leaving back for home.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

spring and river

the second month of spring is almost over, and i am having a lot of fruity fun i am enjoying my life much more, since having become fruitarian. i am feeling blessed to be one, and during the last 5 years sharing my happy fruity days with another one, sweet fruitarian mango. together we love to share fruit, our garden, swimming and a lot of other fun.

the winter time was nice and hot throughout the days, and even nights and early mornings were warm enough, but the beauty of the spring is, that temperatures rise up and it is even warmer, and that, i love.

i also love to swim in our near by barron river, and with warmer days and nights of advanced spring the river is warmer as well, and i can stay in for much longer and swim much further up the river. i love swimming up stream, against the strong current, observing the banks of the river on my way. adoring the new luscious green colors the spring has painted on the brand new tree leaves, and all the plants are growing more vigorously showing off their new radiant green hues. and i enjoy floating down the river, and until i feel cold and swim again. and as i swim and float, observing the river banks, i see new birds nests. i've noticed that birds are more busy chirpy and more of them. such scenes give me euphoric giggles. the sky is always marvelous and full of beauty. yeah, water is a big passion in my life. i don't drink water, i never feel thirsty, i get all my pure water full of life from raw fresh fruit. yum. i don't drink water, but it is still an essential part of my life, i need water to swim in, and i have lived near water for over 20 years.

with warmer temperatures the mighty fruit is getting more sweet and that is another exciting part of spring.

me and mango we both love often pineapple and orange, also often pineapple orange grapefruit, at times pineapple orange grapefruit mandarin, at times pineapple orange grapefruit mandarin tangerine, juice and it is almost always our first meal of the day we share. very rarely it is watermelon. mango usually wakes up earlier than me, and he eats an avocado or two. if i ate an avocado as my first meal of the day, i would feel sick for the rest of that day. i can handle to eat avocado only during the late afternoon. watermelon is coming into season, and we recently got our first ones, from the first harvest of our friend farmer j, we visit him once a week, for a chat and to buy some fruit, mainly tomatoes and cucumbers. we eat and drink a box of each weekly. well, lately it is only me who is drinking tomato juice, mango prefers to eat them. so when i make for us cucumber juice i also make 1/2 a litre of tomato juice for myself. i drink almost 1 liter of cucumber juice and soon after tomato. mango has at times only 1/2 liter of cucumber juice, at times he has almost one liter like me. and it is very rare for us to skip our another favorite meal of the day, blended paw paw, usually we share almost 1 litre each. often we share tomato cucumber red and green pepper avocado salad, at times with red hot chili pepper. me and mango we share most of our meals. he may have some avocado alone, and me rarely one or two bananas. i used to be a big banana muncher in my first fruitarian days, more than 23 year ago, i could easily eat twenty bananas a meal a few times a day, plus some other fruit, mainly sweet watermelons, and mangoes when in season. back to the present, me and mango at times love to share whole frozen durian from thailand, because the local durian is not in season yet, and we enjoy sharing grama chamas, tree grapes, white sapote (another fruit on top of our favorite fruit list), ice cream beans, grapes, rock melon, water melon. ready to eat tamarind from the tree in our garden is falling down, but it's first fruit is still a bit sour for me, so i leave it for others. mango is having a little bit of it, most of them are given away.

the mangoes on local mango trees are getting bigger and some of them are even beginning to show their lovely orange colours.

life is beautiful

ready to peal and cut into salad

colorful fruit ready to peal and cut into yummy salad

me at fruitopia

me at fruitopia

i am selecting fresh organic fruit

i am in my element while choosing freshly picked fruit for us

i am swimming

i am swimming smiling

me and water

me and river

i love swimming

i love swimming

mango and his rocks

mango is having river rock fun

mango and his water rocks

mango and his water rocks art

beauty of the river bank

natural beauty of the river bank

mighty barron river

mighty barron river

Thursday, October 7, 2010

spring and mango

beautiful, glorious spring has been with us over one month now. oh, yeah, i love spring time with its bounty of cascades of flowers, full of life, showing off their lovely scent exquisite colors and various shapes. the truth is there are plenty of delicate flowers to admire all year round, but the spring is the most generous flower season of the year.

the most exciting for me are the flowering fruit trees and later on when tiny fruits are developing into fully grown sweet and juicy yummies. that's the beauty of living in hot tropics of far north queensland, there are always fruit trees flowering and fruiting.

mango trees already celebrated early spring with bunches of tiny flowers which within a few weeks had transformed into cute baby mango fruits. well, it's exciting watching them growing bigger over time until finally they reach their full size and color. some yellow, some deep orange, some light orange, and some with grassy green skins but once the skin is pealed and the fruit is ready to eat, bursting with sweet mango nectar, a bright orange color shines through like the summer sun. i love to watch my food developing on mighty fruit trees. it is so much more fun, than going and buying them in shops not even knowing how the plant they came from looks like. the best way for me to obtain my food, raw fresh fruit, is to grow my own fruit trees and harvest fruit from them, or second best, to eat fruit i've harvested from trees of my friends who love nature and don't use any harmful chemicals on their land.

or support other local fruit growers, producing their fruit with love and care, and buy yummy fruit from them. me and mango we do it all, we are growing some fruit in our garden, we get some from our friends, and we buy some at the local fruit markets. the fruit is of great quality and not expensive. at times we get free fruit presents as well.

there are a lot of beautiful events arriving with spring time and i may write more about them in my next post. now it's time to go out and enjoy it.

flowering mango tree
cute mango flowers

mango fruit and pumpkins
baby mangoes and ready to eat pumpkins

mango fruit
sweet baby mangoes and bright blue skies

healthy mango
healthy trees produce healthy fruit

new shiny life
new shiny life on old mango tree

supermarket oranges on special
me and bunch of oranges. at times we get our fruit from supermarket, this time yummy oranges on good special. yeah, loads of fresh raw orange juice ahead :)))

Sunday, September 12, 2010

our fruitfull life

is yummy and sweet just like most of our fruit is. sweet as the best quality of the mighty durian. mango says i am a good girl :))) that is also sweet. well, life is guaranteed to be sweet when two sweet soul twins, are sharing the fruitarian lifestyle, eating fruit and only fruit day after day after day, and not getting sick of it, on the contrary, we as time goes by are falling in love with it, and not only with sweet tasty fruit, but also with each other.

sweet mango has finally, after a long break, gotten into writing his raw vegan fruitarian book, he is writing almost every early morning, and at times on and off throughout the day, at least for a month now. he is very pleased about it. so am i.

mango is also very pleased with me, and i am very pleased with myself, because i have also gotten into writing my own raw vegan fruitarian book, which i began writing a few years ago already, but then i lost all texts due to a big bang on my laptop, where the old one died and new one was born in some computer factory and we bought it on ebay, well, to be precise, mango did because i am not very computer savvy. loosing my texts was not easy for me, and it took me a while before i got into writing again. i believe that mango's great example inspired me. i am writing now mostly during the mornings and at times a bit throughout the day and also occasionally at night. i am enjoying it more than ever, and always when i finish my writing session my spirit rejoices in euphoric glory. i am writing in english, and i am going to translate the whole book into my mother tongue, czech language.

what else is new? well, our old car, a toyota camry made in the year 1990, is having some technical difficulties, we were told at a garage that fixing it would cost a lot of money and therefore we were lately looking for a better second hand car. it was not as simple as it may seem, i am very fussy and i would not have a sedan, i like only station wagons, on top of it, i need an automatic and power steering, not out of fuss, but it is required by law, because of my disability, i drive with the help of hand controls. we are lucky we have an expert for such modifications right here in mareeba. well, we have been looking for a car for a while and there was always something missing on the ones advertised in our local paper, or as is popular here on the side of the road. and one night, just as i was loosing patience, being no longer able to drive the old toyota, due to the power steering being a bit stiff, and i love driving, and the break from it was is getting a bit long, i thought to myself, i hope that our new car arrives soon, i am sick of looking for it, i want if off my mind. and guess what, the next day, after me and mango returned from our joyful swim in the near by river, mango was looking in the local paper he had collected from our mailbox, and soon after he said to me: "look there are two cars for sale" i looked at the adverts and my intuition made a choice for me, i could feel that one of those cars is ours. i said to mango: "please ring about this one" while pointing out on ad for a daewoo nubira station wagon, and he did, and after a short chat, i was not happy with all the info he gained, so i rang as well, got the info i needed and off we drove to a garage in atherton, about 30km away, where our new car was having a windscreen changed, it had had a rock flying in accident. as soon we arrived and i saw the car i said ok, we are bying it, i fully believed my strong intuition plus the car was exactly what was on my mind, lol. the owner was a typical aussie friendly easy going guy, and the whole transaction was easy and without fuss. because the car was not registered, but had road worthy papers, registering would be easy, but until it was, the car could not legally drive on the road. as luck had it, the car owner had his towing trailer with him as he had towed his car from ravenshoe in order to have his windscreen replaced, about 30km distanced from atherton. well, i asked him if he could tow the car to the mareeba car registry office, and he said yes, he had brought with him all the necessary papers as well. so we gave him our mobile number, then we drove to the bank and got the cash out, went back to see the guy, gave him some deposit and off we were on the way back to our home, picked up the forms at mareeba car registry, and at home, having fruit juice, waiting for his call, drinking juice filling up the forms and it didn't take long, he said he is almost there, so we jumped in the car, went into the office continued filling out the required forms, and when we finished, mango went and began processing them with the clerk, and very soon the car owner arrived, he gave us the papers needed to finish it all, mango gave him the money and taking the car from the trailer said his goodbyes and left. after a few minutes all the paper work was done, and mango was driving our new car and i followed him in our old one. mango said the car is very smooth powerful and easy to drive.

this story reminds me of my strong intuition, and how important it is for me to follow it, to enjoy smooth path of my existence. i don't need to worry about anything, just be, live in the moment, with faith, that all i need is going to be surely provided.

me and mango are often swimming in the river, not far from our house, and it is always a great adventure. i love to swim on my back, looking at the skies and trees, butterflies, dragonflies etc. the river current has lost some of it's strength so i can swim much further, exploring new natural beauties along the way. and it was mango who noticed first a big wild fig tree very close to the river, loaded with still green fruit.

sun is shinning and love is growing, so are fruit trees in our garden.

me and mango, we are enjoying raw fresh fruit and we are drinking most of it, red or yellow papaya is on our menu almost daily since we moved up to tropical north, we also have daily orange juice, at times it is citrus fruit, made of mandarine, grapefruit and orange mix, at times only orange grapefruit, or orange mandarin. we also drink often orange pineapple juice, at times we mix banana in it as well. sometimes we have tomatoe or tomatoe cucumber juice. i am sure we are drinking other fruits but i can't think of any at the moment. we are eating avocados mixed with tomatoe and cucumber all pealed. at times we add red hot chilli as well. occasionally we enjoy jackfruit, black sapote, yellow sapote, and mighty durian. yum, yum, yum.

all is good in our fruitfull fruity life,

life is beautiful

sweet coffee berries

i am harvesting sweet coffee berries

coffee berries are ready

me and coffee berries at mareeba

fruitopia in red

fruitopia in red

me and my bed

i am reading from my laptop in our living room big bed

Monday, August 16, 2010

polar bear in love

wow, i love these pictures, i love to see love

when the owner of the dogs spotted a cute but big polar bear, he thought that would be the end for his dogs.. but as the pictures show, he was gladly wrong

i must say he is also a very good photographer :) and it is great we can share pictures with such a important love message.

mango posted the pictures on his blog already, but i would like to have them on my cyber space as well, besides, they are people who visit only me and visa versa.. :)

me and mango, we believe that one day, when everyone is healed the popular words from the bible about lamb lying in peace next to lion will became a reality.

till then, love all...

love is in the air

love is in the air

great friends

great friends

sweet friendship

straight from the heart

love is in the air

polar bear in love

love rules

love rules

all you need is love

all you need is love

life is beautiful :))))

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fruit glorious fruit

is mine and mango's daily yummy food.

since the end of last year when we moved from the east coast of sydney to the inland of tropical far north queensland and settled in mareeba, we have been leading a more joyful existence. the weather is warm all year round so we can swim whenever we like to and the fruit is more sweet and tasty and also we get much more variety.

yummy oranges

our stock of oranges... we love
raw fresh orange juice for breakfast.

we live in a fruit growing area where fruit is plentiful, there are not only big fruit farms, but also small growers, selling fruit at local markets, but also almost every garden has at least one or several fruit trees growing. i love the sight of fruit trees at any time of year but when they're flowering and fruiting, that is truly a special treat for me.

the early varieties of mango trees are now fully in the bloom and that scene never ceases to excite me. the mango tree in our garden has begun showing it's first flowers and i am observing it daily, awaiting for more mango flowers to show of their delicate beauty.. and looking forward to the mango season, so i can again and again eat their juicy sweet deliciousnesses.

and before the fresh raw mangoes arrive on our table and into our blood streams, we're enjoying almost daily blended yellow and red paw paw, pumpkin and tomato juice, orange juice, black sapote (chocolate pudding fruit) as is, or mushed with banana kiwi and avocado sometimes, and sometimes cherries, akee, durian, sweet lemons, mandarins, cherimoyas (custard apples), juiced tomato and cucumber and i almost forgot our almost daily cucumber tomato avocado mix with or without chili. and very often we munch on passion fruit as well.

today we finally made it and visited the farm of a sweet couple j and r, they have the most yummy tomatoes in the area we know of, they sell their fruit and veg at the local markets, but not every weekend, so me and mango asked them if we can get fruit straight from their farm and we were very pleased when they said yes. so i was in fruity awe, when we arrived at their fruit and veg farm and only a few seconds after mango parked our car next to a big shed, j and r, came out and we greeted each other with smiles.. and they said we came at the right time, as tomatoes and some other goodies had just been picked. you see, we had been trying to arrange a time by phone, both land-line and mobiles, but it didn't really work for us because none of us are thinking much about phones.. so today on monday we got a mobile message: come any time during the weekend, I had been feeling all weekend that we should just go there, so we decided to just go, there and then, and see what happens... yeah, we got two boxes of mainly tomatoes and a few cucumbers, zucchini and one red capsicum. we also discussed what me and mango love to eat, and we were promised some paw paw and passion-fruit next time as well. we also know now when the best time is, to come for our fresh raw fruit shopping so we don't need to worry about the phones :) and there is another bonus the fruit is also at a very good price and organic.. :)

tomato zucchini and cucumber box

freshly picked tomato zucchini and cucumber from the organic farm

tomato capsicum cucumber box

another box of yummy fruit: tomato capsicum cucumber

we are also getting some very tasty fruit form our lovely next door neighbours ch and g, they often come to our door with passion-fruit, pumpkins, very sweet paw paws, and lately australian native bush cucumbers. sometimes we get freshly cut flowers as well.. we don't pick flowers, but if someone give us some we take them and i take the best care of them i can. today when we arrived from our fruit and veg organic farm adventure, we were nicely surprised by paw paws and orchid flowers sitting in wheelbarrow next to our house, the freshly cut flowers were in a bucket of water.. mango said i can grow them from the cuttings once they stop flowering, and i was not sure about it, so he asked ch, when he went to return the wheelbarrow, and she said yes, it is possible, so i was happy that 'll be able to grow lovely flowers from the beautiful bunch we got..

gift from neighbours

sweet surprise gift from our next door neighbours: paw paw and orchid flowers

we are also getting some free fruit from fruitopia mostly passion-fruit and akee and rarely avocados and jackfruit.. and we are always welcomed to eat any fruit from their communal kitchen table..

and at times we get some free fruit from our local markets from our regular fruit and veg stall holders, at times it can be a full box of ready to eat paw paws yum!

and last but not least we get the most yummy fruit from our garden, so far we only have cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers, but pumpkins and pawpaws are on their way, most of the other fruit are just baby tree seedlings..

and yes, well, the almost forgotten supermarkets: we get occasional/rare specials, like lately very tasty and cheep oranges, not so cheep but yummy cherries, kiwi, avocado or grapes..

oh, i love talking and thinking about fruit and yes, i love to drink and eat it too, and the best is sharing it with mango and at times with others..

fruit glorious fruit, so beautiful and yummy, so easy to love love love...

orchid flowers oranges bush cucumbers chili

a tiny corner in our kitchen full of natural beauty: orchid flowers and bush cucumbers a gift from our neighbours, chili from fruitopia and oranges from the supermarket

life is beautiful

Monday, July 26, 2010


what is an enema? enema is known as one of the most easiest and natural ways of getting ones colon cleaned. it is a form of laxative, a popular remedy for constipation.

this is what i read on some webpage, yes, there is a lot of information about enemas in the cyber world, and so whoever is interested can google and read on..

are enemas truly one of the easiest and most natural ways of getting our colon cleaned?

i don't think so. this is just one of many misleading pieces of information. i myself, on the contrary, perceive enemas as unnatural ways of getting ones bowel movements in order. enemas are a quick fix solution, and that is why it is so popular, especially among natural health seekers.

yes, it is true, that it's not through clogging our colon for years that our bodily systems function correctly, but rather through having clean and correctly functioning intestines.

only thanks to inappropriate unnatural diet does the intestine become a fertile environment for creation of harmful toxins. therefore the intestines do not function properly and the result is constipation. i've observed that in most cases, constipated people use some form of laxative, but that is not a healthy solution, because regular using of laxatives is drastic, addictive/habit-forming and worsens the intestinal activity/function, this is also called a lazy intestine.

in most cases of constipation or body cleansing-detox enemas or some other kinds of laxative are recommended, but that is not the right way, it is an unnatural way, drastic and forceful.

the natural way of cleaning, and keeping clean, ones intestines, is with a right natural diet.

it has been for many years a proven fact, that laxatives, including enemas, are not natural ways to clean the intestines, as is often recommended in expert literature, but rather the solution is through a natural diet. only through a natural diet of raw fresh fruit can we correctly and naturaly wash out all deposits/sediments from our intestines, and our body can work freely on boosting the immune system, improve function of all bodily systems, abolish/eliminate constipation and hemeroids, improve skin condition, and diminish the pressure on blood vessels and the kidneys.

A healthy large intestine delivers nutrition and energy, and that is very difficult when the intestines are clogged for years on end, full of partially petrified excrement. therefore our bloodstream becomes invaded with a great many toxins, which is very taxing on our bodily systems and general health, as the body has to constantly work very hard with toxin elimination.

if one wishes to eliminate the course of illness, it is wise to start with clean intestines and keep them clean via a natural diet. so our body is not a dump of toxic rubbish, but on the contrary a clean environment which supplies our body with nutrition and provides strong immunity against illness.

people who don't take good care of their health via eating unnatural unhealthy food, and hardly moving around, suffer constipation and ill health. After adopting the right diet, they may eliminate up to several kilograms of, many years old, fecal matter.

coffee enema causes coffee addiction.

An enema is an enemy of a healthy lifestyle.

raw fresh fruit are friends of a healthy lifestyle.

proper fasting or juice feasting is also very beneficial for achieving clean intestines.

my mum has been suffering from chronic constipation for at least 40 years. she is skinny, but her stomach is big as if she was 7 months pregnant. a few years ago her doctor sent her for hydro colon therapy, where they by unnatural force cleaned up some of her intestine, and she was raving on about how much better she felt and she was clearly on top of the world, i told her no wonder you feel so much better they got a lot of rubbish out from you, but you may have the same or even bigger problems with constipation after such drastic treatment. and it didn't take long, until she was telling me that i was right. yeah, she took a long and difficult path to understand that only raw fresh fruit gives her the best results. she is far from being fruitarian, but she has increased her daily fruit intake, including her favorite; freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. i was so happy for her when i finally heard her say: "yeah raw fresh fruit works for me the best".

the definition of constipation

Incomplete, infrequent or difficult passage of stools, commonly caused by lack of fiber in the diet. Other causes include disruption of routine diet and overuse of laxatives.

dyschezia - difficulty in defecating (usually as a consequence of long continued voluntary suppression of the urge to defecate)

paw paw fruit is getting ready :)

rambutans dragonfruit and yellow sapote full of color of life and yummy sweetness made by mother earth sunshine rain stars and moon g'day my sweet magic fruit i wish you lovely afternoon :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


hello, my blog readers :)

i am sending your way yummy sunny greetings, enjoy the beauty of summer activities, which accompanied with refreshing and cooling melon watermelon, will intensify the beauty of your summer existence, and as a bonus will help you melt down your worries, and fill up your bones with health and your soul with joy.

your fruity bloger

life is beautiful

my mum is enjoying watermelon (turkey 2009). the oranges are my breakfast and i had already eaten a big plate of watermelon triangles

melon watermelon art in my kitchen :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my oprah interview

Towards the end of last year, mango received an email from oprah magazine asking him for a fruitarian interview. he happily agreed, because me and mango like fruit publicity. i told him to say that he has a fruity partner and if they are also interested to interview me. they said yes, and so did i. shortly after we were interviewed and we were waiting for notification that it was published. a few days ago, a member of, stephanie, told us that she had read some article about the fruit diet in an oprah magazine, we were surprised that we had not been notified about it, so mango wrote an email to the mag and they sent us a few e pages of the issue in question, and we could see that they printed only a very small segment of my interview. we were disappointed at first but then we were glad that even a little bit about raw fresh fruit diet was published.

Here is my interview in full.. (Mangos interview is available here.)

mango and me

mango and me, last winter in sydney 2009

1. Why did you decide to eat only fruit? Health? Ethical? Political?

i decided to eat only fruit purely for ethical reasons. love was always most valued by me, and it was directing my life. i'd been a passionate reader since early childhood, and when i was about 26, debating with some of my friends, someone said: " we are reading all kind of books, but we never look at the bible" those words inspired me to get one, and the first words i read in it were about love, so it grew on me straight away, and i was randomly reading on and off for a few years, when i came across the sentence: "do not kill" and i began contemplating those words. at that time, i was already vegan, also for ethical reasons, i just had a revelation one day, watching my father butchering a rooster, - one which he had been keeping in the garden along with chickens. that was unusual, normally i would run away from such a scene. so as i was watching, i thought to myself: "oh, how unfair this is, only a short time ago this rooster was happily living in our garden, enjoying the sunshine, our garden, chickens.. his life, and suddenly one man without thinking took his life at once, to bring food home for himself and his family." and that touched me deeply, and from then on i lost my appetite for meat. i was never tempted to eat, or have craved meat since.  i gained an awareness of the life of animals, i learned, that the rooster had not been as happy as i'd thought, living behind a fence, denied freedom to go where he desired, and i very soon became vegan.

so as i was preoccupied with the "do not kill" commandment, contemplating its meaning, i began questioning food too, and i come to the conclusion at first, that any form of cooking was also killing, so i decided to eat all my food raw. then i thought that even eating raw food i was killing, i was taking life of the plant. i always intuitively believed, that plants have an awareness, they feel and enjoy their existence. i did not want to prematurely put an end to their existence, i wanted the plant to live a full life circle, allowing it to produce seeds for another generation. i was vegan and all my food was from the plant kingdom. so i asked myself the question: 'what plant can i eat, without killing it?" and i came up with RAW FRESH FRUIT. eating fruit was a perfect solution, - the plant continues it's life unharmed, even after the fruit with it's seeds has been harvested. most plants will wither after they have seeded. oh, how i was excited it! i was so happy to find the solution, i was so glad that i could eat in peace without killing. i was on top of the world. more so, because after all, raw fresh fruit had always been my favorite food. so, just like with the rooster, i experienced the same with plants, after this revelation, i lost my appetite and desire for foods other than fruit.  that is how i became fruitarian over night.

today i am eating fruit for all reasons: ethical, health and political

sweet durian

yummy fruit in our kitchen with durian at center stage

2. What does your daily diet look like? What do you eat lots of? How much of certain fruits? Do you ever juice the fruits?

my daily diet consists of my favorite raw fresh fruits in season available from the local market. mind you, I love almost all types of fruit. so i choose fruit by its quality.

mostly me and mango feel to eat at the same time and the same fruit. we usually start with raw fresh fruit juice, mainly oranges, cucumbers or any melon. later in the day we may have another fruit juice or two.  we are eating fruit as is, mainly mono (one fruit at time) and 4 - 6 meals a day including juices. the amount of fruit each time varies, sometimes we eat more, at times less. but usually we share 1/2 kg of grapes, 1 -2 big durian or 3-4 small ones, 1/2kg of rambutan, 5 akee each, one and half of red pawpaw each, seven passion fruit each, 2- 3 grated apples each, 2 mangoes each, sharing one pineapple. longans 1/4kg each, lychees 1/4 kg each. yes, we juice fruit, only at home, and we drink it fresh straight after it is made, they are usually 1/2 litre each. our favorites are orange juice, pineapple juice, honey dew melon juice, rock melon juice, water melon juice (only me - mango usually shares one liter of juice with me, and i drink the rest throughout the day). i also drink watermelon rind, which mango is not keen on.  we are eating lots of mangoes, oranges (mainly juicing) grapes (juicing, eating), red paw paw, durians, akee, melons, mostly honey dew or rockmelon, (mainly drinking).  we also love blended fruit, like one of our favorites is mango blended in orange juice, red or yellow paw paw blended in orange juice, or just blended mango, or pawpaw. we blend melons to drink, we never juice them. we also regularly eat a mixed salad made of 250g cucumber, one or one and half tomatoes and 1/2 or 1 or maximum 1 and 1/2 avocados each. at times with red hot chili, mostly mango, i've been off the chili for a few months now.

sweet fruit of tropics

i love arranging fruit we get from local marktets

3. Some people ask about things like protein—how do you get adequate amounts?

i never questioned things like protein, i had no need, and i was not interested in it either, i've been living on raw fresh fruit for almost 24 years,  i haven't noticed any deficiencies and i am enjoying good health.

colorful beauty of fruit

colorful and magic beauty of fruit in detail

4. What do you feel like, after making the switch?

very soon after i made the switch i felt much healthier, even though i had not had any serious health problems, and thanks to my light diet, i was feeling ok the most of the time. i noticed that i gained more energy, i felt more light, my digestive system was working noticeably better, my mind was more clear and i was feeling generally more happy.

grapes mango rambutan

mango grapes and rambutan on our kitchen table

5. Do you know/live with other fruitarians? Do you socialize with others? Has it ever been an issue in social situations?

my ex husband joined me on a fruitarian diet straight away, and he also soon changed his lifestyle after we got divorced.  i've been living the last four years with my sweet fruitarian partner mango.

mango is the only frutarian i know who eats raw fresh fruit only. but i met some "fruitarians" who are eating nuts, seeds, greens, vegetables, dry fruit, B12 supplements, and all of them are drinking water. i do not perceive them as fruitarians, but raw foodists. my definition of fruitarian is a person who eats raw fresh fruit only. i was surprised when i found in wikipedia and on other websites this false definition of a fruitarian: "a fruitarian eats fruit, nuts, seeds and greens."

i socialize with others. i'm comfortable with being who i am and i have no issues being different and accepting the choices of others. despite that, there are some issues i have: i find the smell of cooked, and some raw foods, offensive it makes me at times nauseous. i feel uncomfortable around drunk people. in almost all cases, when i attend some social scene where food is present, i am accepted and served fruit with love. if i  attend a new social scene, with food, i take my own fruit with me, or i simply don't eat, 'even if i have some fruit with me, at times i just don't feel like eating. i also learned that most people don't notice whether or not i'm eating. if someone offers me food, and for some reason i want to avoid discussing the fact that i am fruitarian, i might say: oh, thank you, i'm not hungry right now, i just ate." if i still get pressured i would add: i'll have some later. but most of the time i would say: " thank you, i wont have any, i eat only fruit."

just arrived from markets

fresh from local markets: pineapple, durian, passion-fruit,
avocado, paw paw, grapes, rambutan, tomato, courgette :)

6. How has being a fruitarian impacted your identity, and how you think of yourself? How has it changed “Who you are?”

thanks to my fruitarian lifestyle i feel great, awesome, clear minded, light, more healthy than ever, more relaxed, more aware, more loving, more worthwhile, more beautiful, more positive, more playful, more creative, more grateful, more thankful, more spiritual, more intuitive, euphoric and satisfied. i  became a better person. i contribute much more toward a healthy environment. inspiring some people on my fruity fruitful path.

i think of myself as a very blessed child.

fruit and me

me and fruit