Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been getting healing sensations

within my legs on and off since turning fruitarian, and they feel amazing. This time, after many months of absence, they arrived stronger than ever, are covering a larger area, and lasting a lot longer.. This is always very special and exciting for me. I've always believed that i would be healed one day, and i am looking forward to the time when i am going to walk as i did before my severe spinal injury in a car accident. i love walking. and jumping and running...

i love fruit as well, and i am, almost daily sharing with sweet Mango very yummy sweet and creamy full of tasty surprises, mighty durians. yum, yum, yum. many times in bed. i enjoy eating in bed, especially durian, as the bedding pick up and hold for a day or two on the sweet durian aroma. yum.

the rockmelons are also very tasty and fully in the season, and me and Mango are drinking them away, and today we ate half of a huge one each. Mango was about 4 years young, and i felt similar, and we shared some rockmelon euphoric giggles.

pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers are very sweet and we chop them and mix them with very hot chilies. Mango has his with avocado.

white nectarines and bananas mashed

delicious white nectarine and banana mush

after some months with no interest in bananas, i got strong banana cravings,  so we got some on our last fruit shopping, and they were/are just heavenly. mango loves them with avocado mashed up by fork. and me, 2 bananas 2 white nectarines fork mashed, one of my banana favorite mixes. and at times we also eat a banana or two, as is. bananas were for many many years my number one fruit. now, i have so many favorites! i love durian, paw paw, grapes, mangoes, passion fruit, melons, figs, pineapples, mangosteen, longan, to name just few...

watermelons are waiting patiently in our shoebox to be juiced and drunk by me and mango. our regular monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast is near. we got them at a friendly price and they are fresh and very cute.

we are enjoying longans and lychees, sweet tamarind, we ate a box of sultana grapes and for last 4 days we have been drinking a second box of very sweet green grapes, yes, they are fully in season now, and very very sweet. yum.

yes, fruit is beautiful.

sunday markets were fun as usual.

sunshine is with us daily again and we regularly enjoy a lovely time at a beach just around the corner, sunbasking, relaxing, swimming, giggleling... as usual.

i've had a break from reading (too much)

i am writing a little bit more.

i love my fruitarian life.

i love sharing my fruitful fruitarian life with sweet, sweet, sweet, fruitarian Mango.

piglet looking at my yummy raw fresh fruit meal

piglet is looking hungry and excited, i think he is after my raw fresh banana white nectarine mush.

love is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,

i love reading your story. i believe, like you do, that you will be completely healed. The journey you are taking toward that healing is sweet in more ways than one. i pray that sweetness continues to grow.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . . .

Just popping in to say hello, fruity peep! Still love to read your inspiring blog and still love you!

I am with you in cantaloupe spirit. . . been eating some super sweet ones. . . like mother's milk and such a feeling they give!

I am also sure you will be healed. You have come so far. .

: )


kveta said...

hi todd,

thankyou for posting, and sharing my belief that i will be healed. enjoy your fruity existence.

hello jules,

thankyou my fruity friend. yes, rockmelons rock! enjoy! we are getting really good ones this season.

much love,