Wednesday, January 14, 2009

enjoying delicious raw fresh fruit as always

each meal is yummy and exciting, oh, i am so lucky that i was/am always in love with raw fresh fruit, and that this fruit love of mine revealed a new world for me. i love the love simplicity and truth i am receiving from the raw fresh fruit spirit. every fruit meal since i can remember was always very special and nothing else could give me such satisfaction as tasty sweet and magic raw fresh fruit.

yeah, me and mango we are sharing our love for fruit. and as always when mango season is on, it becomes our staple food. some days we have just mangoes, as is or blended, and there are only a few mango free days. since my last blog post, we've enjoyed heaps of mangoes, and a lot of pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes, avos, (by mango only i am still avo free and enjoying the lightness and super digestion) heavenly white nectarines and peaches, amazing durians (for the first time ever for me and mango: one durian had some segments where each mouthful had a different citrus flavour, it was the best citrus i have ever tasted. oh, yum, yum, yum, i love durian. yum. no other fruit gives me such exciting flavours and aromas.

tonight we broke our mono fruit drinking feast, after 10 days of raw fresh fruit drinking we both felt it was time to chew on something and so we had some pealed and grated lebanese cucumbers and soon after some sweet tamarind. yeah, that was a true delight for me, as i was craving a sweet fruit after the whole day on watermelon skin /only me/ or cucumber juices. yesterday was a watermelon juice day, i was drinking the skin as well, and maybe lib cucumber juice once. we were drinking mainly watermelons throughout most of our fruit drinking feast, the first few days were mango drinks only, and just when we finished all of our mangoes, on the return from somewhere we found a sweet surprise gift (a box of mangoes) from one of our friendly neighbours behind our shoebox door. and they were so delicious we drank them for 2 whole days.

on the sunday while selling brick a brack at our local markets we drank raw fresh orange juice, each time from one or two oranges, about 3 - 4 times, but around 2pm we run out of oranges and i was on and off hungry till we returned back to our shoebox, and shared a very tasty durian, oh, heavens, thankyou for such delight. later on we had lib cucumber juice.

markets were great, we are in a new and more busy location. this sunday we also ended up talking to two of our customers about our fruitarian lifestyle and they were amazed and they knew it was the best thing to eat raw fresh fruit only, and they never asked as usually people do about protein etc. it was awesome to see their understanding and excitement about it. we had a very fruitful fruity conversation and then i told them my age(52) and both ladies were truly surprised and both told me that they thought that i was in my early 30's, and they were staring at me with amazement. in times like this i feel very happy, because i am sure that the seed landed in good soil. oh, yeah, they also adored our lean bodies, and yet, for some we may be way too skinny. the truth is my skinniness is getting mainly compliments.

surely, life with raw fresh fruit is sweet.

i have been reading a bit, currently anna karenina from leo tolstoy. and i am impressed. also tonight i opened the bible and the first words my eyes glanced on were clearly talking to me.

oh, i love my fruitful life. even more so since i am sharing it with my sweet fruitarian friend mango. yes, we are living under one roof for a while now (3 years in may) and loving it.

love is

me on crazy picnic at minamara falls


Anonymous said...

You don't look really healthy.


Fruitarian Mango said...

Hi Jose,
Your comment is odd.. Odd because it appears that you are not in Mexico, odd because you're name is surely not Jose.. Anonymity is compromised when IP addresses are logged.. I think I know who you are, and I believe you may be still a tad jealous that you're health is possibly not yet glowing as it should be..

Why is it that Kveta frightens you (ref your previous, deleted, comment)? For the record, Kveta is in excellent health, and manages well, despite having had her spine crushed in a near fatal accident, and being told that she had zero chance of ever walking again, she is doing so, and glowing. and all on a purely fruit diet.

peace and hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Wow great site! But why Daria's question was not answered?

kveta said...

oh, anymous one, that is your opinion, not mine, and what others think of me is not what makes me. and in real life i get mainly compliments, the truth is some may try to stir me up, just out of their jelousy.

healing begins in the mind.

have a lovely day,

kveta said...

sweet mango,

thankyou for testifying for me. that i do enjoy healthy fruity fruitful life.

always yours,

kveta said...

thankyou. enjoy. oh, i am just very slow at times, with my answers that is all... :)


Anonymous said...

If I had to pass a judgment on the pic "Jose" commented on, then i'd agree, the pretty lady in the pic doesn't look healthy. i guess one could ask "what should a healthy person look like?"

Well, given that the fruitarian diet is being marketed as a type of paradisical diet, i guess i would at the very least expect a fuller, youthful, radiant face and pearly white teeth.

physically, the fruitarians are not looking better than a health conscious animal eater.

Perhaps the experience of being fruitarian outweighs how the body reflects it externally?

Perhaps I may have it wrong that fruitarians are, in part, trying to delay or defeat old age, because if so then they are terribly missing the mark.