Friday, February 6, 2009

magic durians continue delivering the most amazing flavors,

textures, aromas...they are peaking and at their bestest best, surely the king of fruit for me, durian is the special and beloved one. it takes me to special places in to my childhood and babyhood. and in presence. i always feel so blessed and special when i am enjoying yummy sweet durian. yum, yummy, yumm.

so lately me and mango we were eating a bit more durian than usual, but surely we love many other fruits, and so we also enjoyed with satisfaction lots of raw fresh orange juice, we drank a whole box of green grapes, mango munched on a few, pineapple orange is lately my favorite drinnk, mango and orange. and we ate pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes with some hot hot chili, mango has his with avo, i am still avo free, white peaches, white nectarines, and some other fruits i already forgot about, yeah, just remembered apricots. and for a while now, neither of us is keen on bananas. :)

lately i have noticed some big changes within my body. it is refusing avocado, the bananas i was bananas about for good 22 years of my fruitarian life, are less and less appealing to me. and my body is detoxing while eating and drinking raw fresh fruit, before it was only while fasting or raw fresh fruit juices (mono or stereo) feasting. and for the first time ever, since i jumped right in from one day to another in to vegetarianism, soon followed by veganism, (raw and cooked) diet, i craved meat. oh, at first i could not believe, i thought it must have been some kind of hallucination, but it proved to be real, as it was with me on and off, for a few weeks. well, it was a very interesting experience for me. i felt ashamed that i ever used to enjoy eating some meats, and happy that i have been for so long free from it. and i learned that no matter how big my cravings for meat can be, there is no way i would eat it. i do not perceive meat as food. so temptation just doesn't exist. this experience gave me a lot of joy. last night (being on raw fresh orange juice only for the second day) i had detox cleansing via my bowels, i had to go poo every 10 to 20 minutes and it was almost yellow water with tiny bits of fruit and it lasted from 5pm till 8:30pm. and toward the end it sickly stank like a boiled chicken, yuck. and the day before my emotions were very high. today i feel euphoric (slightly) and very peaceful.

after giving up avos now for about 2 - 3 months (except one throwing up avo drama) i lost some kg's. i have not weighed my self but i can see and feel it. i do not have a problem with it, i do not mind to be skinny as my body wants to be. in the last two weeks i also noticed that my skin has gotten somehow looser something that happens to people who loose a lot of weight, i should say also a lot of fat. so it looks like i lost a lot of that avo fat from my body. i do not panic i have faith in raw fresh fruit and fasting and i know it will get only better as time goes, i can see some improvement already.

at times we go for our morning beach fun. we swim in the ocean and relax in the sun, i get a lot of giggles and i feel just amazing. yesterday we swam 3 times, as usual. me and mango we always enjoy our fruitarian fun on the beach.

the markets are fun as well, and things to sell continue coming to us from all directions.

i've also been feeling for some time now, that i would prefer to go and find some land and start growing fruit trees, rather than travel around oz before doing so, i would long for that land and want to grow grow grow yummy fruits. i feel i am waiting for too long and want to fulfill this fruit paradise dream of mine asap. oz, can wait, it will be there whenever i am truly ready. i spoke to mango about it, and he is ok to skip the traveling around oz and seek some land to live on and from.

i got 2 surprising emails from 2 relatives/friends, my mum gave them my email. sweet surprise, especially from my niece romana, she just got on the net, and we are both happy we can keep in touch in a relatively easy way, because we miss each other a lot. we share a very special relationship. i think we are soul twins. i shared her place with her and her 2 year young boy david for about 10 beautiful days, next time we are planning to spend more time together. in her email she also told me that since i stayed with them, they are eating much more fruit! so that is my mum and romana from my family who i have infuenced to eat more fruit, and they are in touch by phone and occasional visits and i am sure they are having some fruit sweet talks as well. my mum love to share her positive changes and experience with others. she meets a lot of people thanks to her tarot card reading gift. she is very popular and very loved by many. some people take her out for meals, plays, concerts or movies, or invite her to visit their place. she is my amazing mum. and romana is my amazing romana i am blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. blessed sharing my life with sweet mango, the most sweet soul.

i am still reading a lot, i finished anna carenina and i enjoyed the story, now i am reading bits and pieces on lots of stuff on the internet. as far as food goes, it is rare to see honest or true information. but i do not interfere any more as i used to a few years ago, i only observe and learn from what i see. i like reading traveling blogs, and anything about nature. interesting true stories.

life is beautiful.


Anonymous said...

keep posting on the avocado issue. I have been experiencing the same it seems, so I just have done completely without. Experimented with some nuts and seeds and didn't experience the same negativity thinking it may be the extra fat in the avocado. Who knows??

kveta said...

i will. sorry i do not have experience with nuts i do not classify them as fruit.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same about nuts and seeds aren't fruit, but I experimented to see maybe if it shed some light on the avocado issue. I will attempt some little avocado at a future date to see now or maybe not. I do not miss them all this time though.

kveta said...

ok, let us know how it's going? have nice day and thankyou for your interesting comment.