Friday, August 28, 2009

we landed in turkey on time,

it was a lovely sunny morning with the celsius hovering around thirty plus, we were looking so much forward to the hot weather, because the weather in the czech republic was more on the cold side. well, we walked out from the airport hall with a big smile, and in no time we were seeking information about what bus, from a long line of buses near by, was ours, from a tourist guide girl.. yeah, we were smiling, but she did not, and she seem to be annoyed and not very helpful, so i told her, that she may consider not working with people if she found them annoying. i do not remember how she reacted, i think she did not.

after a while we found our bus and we were looking forward to the about two hour long journey, through the, to us unknown, turkey, that is why we made that particular holiday destination choice, we like to discover new places on earth. the whole, maybe even three hour long way, we watched from the window, and chatted mainly about what we could see.. we traveled trough luscious countryside, where i could joyfully adore big fruit orchards, and many big glass houses (mainly made of plastic), and i also liked the abundance of fruit trees in parks and on streets of towns we traveled through. it was truly delightful walking around orange trees, pomegranate trees, carob trees, fig trees, etc. but it was not very delightful to see all the fruit i love so much, still green, not yet ready to eat.. except oranges, but the fully ripe and ready orange oranges were way too high to reach, the reachable branches were all harvested and showing just green oranges of all sizes. oh, no.. but,

the beauty was, that on our way to the beach was an excellent little corner shop with plenty of cheap, fresh and tasty fruit for sale, yes, they had fresh strawberries first and second grade, i got always the first, same with the cherries, apricots were not the best, but the oranges, grapefruits and watermelons were heavenly.

usually we get our own meal option, but this time, it was so cheap and breakfast and dinner in the form of self service buffet were already included, so we had those meals in a big eating area, we ate always in an outdoor area with a pool, in the sun. and i was more lucky than smart, because there were always freshly cut, fresh and tasty oranges, grapefruits and watermelons for breakfast. we always ate from nine to eleven, so i had plenty of time to enjoy slowly eating just juice from orange and grapefruit quarters, and munch on juicy sweet watermelon triangles after. i am sure i had at least one half of a watermelon every breakfast. mum, she had coffee and bread, cheese, boiled egg and some raw fresh fruit as well.. they were daily increasing a bit and bread etc. were decreasing

and for dinner (from six to eight) there was watermelon always very sweet and yummy, like all fruit i had the honour to eat. and whole uncut oranges, we were permitted to take with us to our rooms, so me and mum brought every night enough oranges for freshly squeezed orange juice we made some time after dinner on our hand orange juicer we always take with us on holiday. and those juices were always so yummy, we drank it heartily, giving thanks to the sun, which we truly both could feel in the fresh juices and the whole fruit.

one night, at dinner time, mum brought some part of some dead rotting animal, seasoned and cooked in the kitchen, and i could immediately smell the stench of rotten old meat, so i said to her that the corpse is stinky, but she, as a meat muncher, could not smell it, did not believe me, and she ate that mad stuff.

she woke up in the early morning hours, very sick, i slept through it and when i woke up, around eight, she, the poor thing was crying out, telling me she was going to die. i knew, that she got poisoned by that rotting corpse, but i kept it to myself, as there was no time for education, but for compassion, so i told her that i am sorry she had to suffer so much, but i was sure she would survive it and live, especially if she gave food a rest, she said that only the thought of food was making her sick. she spent all day without energy in bed and she got severe diarrhea. the next day she felt much better and straight away got in to a breakfast, having coffee and bread, boiled egg and cheese, but after she had eaten just a little bit, then she went for the orange grapefruit watermelon plate and she almost ate it all.

soon after breakfast we went for sun and water bliss in our hotel yard, and in about one hour mum was rushing in to our room and when she returned, she told me that she threw up about 4 liters of stuff, in to a big bathroom marble sink. so i asked her to spare me any details, i do not enjoy listening to such stuff, so she stopped, and i noticed she finally looked much better, so i told her and she said that she is feeling well again, and since then she had more of the fresh fruit and veg than usual, and she cut down on meat a lot. but still way too much of bread, cheese and eggs. i forbid her to eat any butter or margarine, luckily she obeyed me, i told her that she had plenty of fat in eggs and cheese. even her doctor told her that she must cut the fat, so that is why she took me also more seriously on the fat issue, and truly reduced her fat intake.

we both always had raw fresh fruit for lunch, i had mostly strawberries and cherries or both, and mum all sorts, bananas, apples, apricots, grapes, and i had sometimes a small taste from her fruit

my mum always loses some kg's while we are holidaying together. she naturally eats more fruit and veg when she is with me, and she also loves fruit on the hot days which she tolerates very well. this time she lost 4kg, but when we have our own meals she looses 5 to 6kg. in such times she eats mainly fruit, much less of veg and very small amount of bread, and almost no meat at all, she usually has a tiny bit of some stinky salami and one tiny tin of poor dead fish. we also drink raw fresh juices daily. i drink and eat raw fresh fruit only.

and we had a great time, we relaxed a lot by the water and in the sun, we went for nice walks around flowery and fruity parks, and we even managed to buy some decent stuff, despite all of the touristy kitschy stuff everywhere. mum bought a summer cotton dress for me, coffee, spices and some turkish sweets for herself and family. i didn't buy a thing.

the first day i had a nice swim in the sea. - even though it was visible to my eyes, that the water was not very clean at all. well, i was already in and could not resist to swim which i love so much. so i swam mostly under water as usual, and already in the early night i got the corners of my eyes full of puss, which built up fast again after i cleaned it. well, i was not very surprised, this is how my eyes react when i swim or bathe in polluted water, and because that happens rarely i tend to forget about it. truly it was my first and last swim on the famous kleopatra beach on the turkish riviera and i had swims in the pool in our hotel yard, which to my delight was chlorine free and never very busy, so most of the time i had the pool just for myself, because i always wait until the others leave the water, so i did not have to watch out for others while swimming and i could swim with closed eyes, freely where ever my moves took me, all i had to look out for were the pool walls, so i had to pay some attention to the space i was in.

luckily i took with me a bit of aloe vera leaf, and it helped me to heal my infected eyes fast, on the third day they were clean again, it was a very strong and unpleasant infection.

so even though they have so much yummy fruit, - turkey by sea no more!

even so, I was reluctant to return to the cold czech summer.

the two weeks holiday was over in no time

on our way back to prague, still in turkey in the airport hall, me and mum arrived to a very long queue, we were last because i walk as fast as a snail, so i made myself comfy and sat down on the clean floor, waiting for the queue to move forward. shortly after the tourist guide girl, who was not very pleasant that i commented on earlier, appeared.. and she was smiling and reminded me that she was the one that i had told her what i thought about her annoying service, and she apologised and said that my comment helped her to look at herself more closely, she had not been aware how she treated her customers, and she took me and mum to the front of the queue and organized for me a wheel chair, so i did not need to walk the long airport hallways. usually i organise this service by myself. so i was truly happy, not because we didn't have to wait in the long queue, but mainly for the lovely tourist guide girl. we even had time for a very nice chat.

life is beautiful

mum in turkey

my mum at breakfast time on the turkey holiday, the fruit is all mine, i had always 3 fully loaded big plates of oranges, grapefruits and watermelon. always fresh and very yummy. mum had some fresh fruit as well, usually after her toxic "food". i borrowed and read the ozzy and sharon osbourne book.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

untraditionally prague

welcomed me with rain, in the past it was always sunny and heat waves as well, but this time i had plenty of tropical rain, even the temperatures were wrong. yes, it was mostly cold.

when i happily left the gates of prague ruzyne airport, as always on the end of a long long flight over half of the earth

i could not see my mum and friend in any direction i was looking, so i rang them with a borrowed mobile, and mum said that they are coming to meet me, they just arrived... my flight was on time, but they were late, thanks to some roadwork. so in a moment we were happily greeting each other and then we began our happy and chatty journey to the little village without shops, where my mum, dad etc. live. yes, more family members are living there and two big dogs.

we stopped over in kaufland/shopping center in marjanske lazne not far from our destinations. i bought a few 3kg nets of oranges and a water melon. they had only two and it was also a bit expensive, the next day i went there with my parents and there was no sight of watermelons, so i was pleased with myself that i got one the day before, even when mum was pressuring me that i do not need any fruit, because she got for me what i ordered - strawberries, peaches, apples and bananas were waiting for me at their place, and that we would go shopping the next day anyway. no, she did not change my mind, because when i feel something i must follow it, i have known this for a long time now, otherwise i have regrets, which i've been avoiding for ages.

oh, how happy i was, that i had a beautiful and big water melon, because i really craved one so much, no wonder, i was dehydrated a lot, after a long flight in artificial air. but i did not open my watermelon, it was late afternoon, and i open my watermelons only in the mornings, i do not use the fridge, i like to eat fruit at room temperature. so i have to finish the whole melon in one day or i can have the rest next day for my first meal of the day. so i had sweet and juicy strawberries and they even tasted like strawberries, i was glad they were grown in the czech republic, not that i have problems eating fruit from different regions, but i like to support local business (czech). and i had yummy peaches before i went to sleep. i opened the watermelon the next day, after we returned from shopping, because i do not have breakfast soon after waking, sometimes after long time (4pm), and it was very yummy watermelon full of sun, sweet with strong watermelon aroma and very juicy.

the first night i went to sleep as usual around midnight and in the morning around 8 i was on my way with my parents for fruit shopping. i got a lot of czech strawberries, and i do not know from where lychee, louquats, bananas and a few pears. yeah, i was never very keen on pears, but lately i want them and i love them. they burst with sweetness and juice. i always peal them, the skin never tastes good enough.

i was relaxing and also there was a lot of chatting, and i even managed to visit a friend only a few houses away..

and the next day the same friend who came to pick me up at the airport, took me and my mum in to skalna, the village where i grew up, for her birthday lunch at an old castle. i took with me sweet strawberries, they all knew me, so they did not react. i also got lost, and i took some photos, but mostly i was daydreaming.

the day after, my bother arrived, the next day he left. he returned with his daughter and grandchild on the third day. they left on the fifth day. also, on the fifth day, me and mum paid for a holiday in turkey. we flew to enjoy the sun, sea, fruit and full on relax on the seventh day.

life is beautiful.

view from the castle yard in skalna

view from the castle yard in skalna, one of the many places i used to play a lot.

Friday, August 7, 2009

i love flying,

and that is why i fly often in my dreams and in my fantasies. i do not dream often, but when i do, my dreams are almost always very vivid, magic, impressive and positive, and when negative elements enter the scene, it turns in to a happy end... well, i'll leave my dreams for later and get back to the flying..

i think that if i was born on a fruitarian planet, i would be able to levitate and high as low as fast as slow as i want to.

In my fantasy, a fruitarian planet is the planet earth after the fruit revolution takes place, and all living creatures will live on raw fresh fruit alone, healthy creatures on a healthy planet, living in love and harmony...

right now the earth and everything on it is poisoned, and there is not enough pure energy to fly. i would like to say more about this in my future fruitarian book. yes, i think every fruitarian should write one, the world is not hearing enough about RAW FRESH FRUIT.

flying in an airplane is something i like, but it is not as satisfying as flying freely without any gadgets, even wings..

flying in an airplane is something that pollutes the air and my body as well, with air-conditioning (artificial air), oh no..

well, lately i was airplane flying way too much

sydney - prague, prague - zakyntos, zakyntos - prague, prague - sydney, and eight months later: sydney - prague, prague - alanya, [turkey] alnya - prague, prague - sydney

i knew i would have to pay for it, but i can take it, i can heal and recover from it. and i hope the air can too.. i wish they would hurry up with the environmentally friendly engines..

so only the second day after my arrival back in sydney, my body began to detox, with cough, runny nose, lot of sweat and heaps of sleep.

i had only raw fresh orange juice to drink in the last week since i got back, and on the first day me and mango celebrated my return to sunny oz with a sweet durian, and so on, and on the second day i turn down a yummy durian, all my body wanted
was orange juice.

my appetite began to pick up yesterday afternoon, and mango was eating his avo tomato mix, and he gave me a little spoonful to taste his yummy meal, and i found there something new and yummy and with a big surprise i said oh, there is a banana in it.

i liked it so much, i made tomato banana chili mix, i cut tomatoes in small peaces and squashed bananas with my fingers, and chillies in tiny peaces. it was so yummy, oh, i had it twice. so there it is a new and delicious mix in to my eating part of fruitarian exciting life. i love sweeeeet tomatoes. yes, yes, yes.

i still have mild detox, but i do not need extra sleep, and my appetite is back to normal. yes, sweet magic durian is on today's menu, sweet mango just brought one, now it's almost midday and i am having a big raw fresh orange juice. half liter. sweet and so life giving. full of the water of life, sweet yummy oranges i love.

life is beautiful,

and so are you.