Friday, August 7, 2009

i love flying,

and that is why i fly often in my dreams and in my fantasies. i do not dream often, but when i do, my dreams are almost always very vivid, magic, impressive and positive, and when negative elements enter the scene, it turns in to a happy end... well, i'll leave my dreams for later and get back to the flying..

i think that if i was born on a fruitarian planet, i would be able to levitate and high as low as fast as slow as i want to.

In my fantasy, a fruitarian planet is the planet earth after the fruit revolution takes place, and all living creatures will live on raw fresh fruit alone, healthy creatures on a healthy planet, living in love and harmony...

right now the earth and everything on it is poisoned, and there is not enough pure energy to fly. i would like to say more about this in my future fruitarian book. yes, i think every fruitarian should write one, the world is not hearing enough about RAW FRESH FRUIT.

flying in an airplane is something i like, but it is not as satisfying as flying freely without any gadgets, even wings..

flying in an airplane is something that pollutes the air and my body as well, with air-conditioning (artificial air), oh no..

well, lately i was airplane flying way too much

sydney - prague, prague - zakyntos, zakyntos - prague, prague - sydney, and eight months later: sydney - prague, prague - alanya, [turkey] alnya - prague, prague - sydney

i knew i would have to pay for it, but i can take it, i can heal and recover from it. and i hope the air can too.. i wish they would hurry up with the environmentally friendly engines..

so only the second day after my arrival back in sydney, my body began to detox, with cough, runny nose, lot of sweat and heaps of sleep.

i had only raw fresh orange juice to drink in the last week since i got back, and on the first day me and mango celebrated my return to sunny oz with a sweet durian, and so on, and on the second day i turn down a yummy durian, all my body wanted
was orange juice.

my appetite began to pick up yesterday afternoon, and mango was eating his avo tomato mix, and he gave me a little spoonful to taste his yummy meal, and i found there something new and yummy and with a big surprise i said oh, there is a banana in it.

i liked it so much, i made tomato banana chili mix, i cut tomatoes in small peaces and squashed bananas with my fingers, and chillies in tiny peaces. it was so yummy, oh, i had it twice. so there it is a new and delicious mix in to my eating part of fruitarian exciting life. i love sweeeeet tomatoes. yes, yes, yes.

i still have mild detox, but i do not need extra sleep, and my appetite is back to normal. yes, sweet magic durian is on today's menu, sweet mango just brought one, now it's almost midday and i am having a big raw fresh orange juice. half liter. sweet and so life giving. full of the water of life, sweet yummy oranges i love.

life is beautiful,

and so are you.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Kveta. . .

I love to read your beautiful words.

And am so glad to know you are home safely!

I feel the same way about airplanes. It seems they are an artificial and rudimentary way for us to do what we COULD be doing naturally, moving easily wherever we want to go with our minds. Fruitarians can learn how to do this, I think!

And most special was to read your vision for a healthy planet. Yes, all beings living on fruit! I am holding that vision, too!

Your book will be the most magical one of all.

Welcome back!!!

: )


Unknown said...

Hi Kveta,

Did you have many fruity adventures in Prague? For some reason I imagine Prague a very cold place where everyone only eats potatoes and sometimes beets.
I am glad you are back. I think Mango's blog is clever and interesting, but yours is wise and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

DeVere&Ira said...

Kveta, so glad you're posting again. You have been missed. Tell us about all your adventures! ...Kay

kveta said...

dear julie,

it is nice to read you as well. i am glad that you hold the same fruit vision

i am very happy to be back in oz even though i had a marvelous time.

love and fruit for ever

kveta said...

dear lindsay,

welcome to my blog, i am so peased that you like it.

i had no leasure time in prague, i only traveled trough a few times. yeah, there are a lot potato and dampling eaters and beer drinkers not only in prague but all over the czech republic. and yeah, cold as weel, most of the time even in the summer season.

thankyou for showing interest in a fruity lifestyle


kveta said...

dear kay,

i should do my best and post more offten, about my fruitful adventures including the ones from czech republic. so you dont miss my posts so much.

sunshine and love,