Saturday, March 14, 2009

i have a ticket

and i am going to fly away from sydney via abu dhabi and brussels to prague. then i will somehow travel in to a tiny town in the western part of czech republic, very near the german border, visiting my sweet mum, dad, sister and her 2 grown up kids and husband, they all share a house with a garden, only 2 minutes walking distance from the black forest. and i will be visiting some relatives and friends as well, and some will visit me at my mum's place.

i rang my mum last night, and i told her that i will arrive on 29th of may, and she was very pleased to hear that we are going to spend some time together soon, and we've already planned a holiday somewhere in southern europe by the sea, with her grandchild romana and romana's son david (3y), romana is the daughter of my brother dusan and she is like a daughter to me. and great friend, and twin. we share a very special relationship. i am so looking forward to spending some time with her, mum, and david together on our early summer holidays. i am also going to stay with romana and david at their place in as/ash, during my stay in the czech republic.

i also found a very good 3day art course for drawing and singing. i came across it on someone's czech traveling blog. and i would like to attend it.

i will return back in to mango's arms on 29th of july... and i am looking forward to it so much...

me and mango are having a good time as usual, yesterday we drank watermelon and we also shared 2 small very tasty durians, oh, heavens...

today we shared blended bananas in orange juice twice, pealed and chopped tomatoes, lebanese cucumber and chili, and orange juice.

we are postponing our juice feast, just because we feel like we want to eat some fruit as well. especially durians.

and 2 days ago we had a lovely time on the beach, swimming, relaxing while sunbasking and some walking. there were only a very few people around, for most of them the beach season is over. and i always feel energized and very good, after the euphoric nature's beauty treatment.

with raw fresh fruit and sweet Mango, life is beautiful

rainbow lorakeets

rainbow lorakeets on friend's balcony (oz)

life is sweet


Anonymous said...

what pretty birds

kveta said...

yeah, tornerose, there are a lot of pretty birds in oz. your new avatar (you)is also very pretty. are you getting more fruity?