Saturday, March 29, 2008

amazing grapes

amazing grapes
how sweet you are,
that saved a wretch like me-
i once was lost but now am found,
was blind, but now, I SEE

oh, yeah amazing grapes full of grace are taking me to higher places....we are getting very yummy ones this season

me and mango just started on fourth  box of grapes, /we usually have 2 drinks a day/5dl//they are totally packed with healing energy and euphoric powers  oh, i love fresh raw grape juice.

yesterday was mango's fasting friday, and i had orange grapefruit raw fresh juice just after midday and very soon after some super toxic poo. much later i had avo, tomatoe and cucumber, later one banana, later green grape juice, and pear & avocado before i jumped in bed for some sleep.

i woke up with giggles and mango was already after his first grape juice after a day of fast, dancing for me the sweet grape juice dance...

on thursday we got box of green grapes, 2rockmelons, 3honeydewmelons, 2durians, avos and tomatoes. we tend to drink only our grapes, citrus fruit and melons, only mango have at times very few grapes as is.

living  on  raw  fresh  fruit  only  for  long  time  now, i  found myself to be  truly  alienated from this coke, burger, pizza dead toxic world and i do not miss it at all. on the contrary raw fresh fruit give me freedom from the social seen  full of intoxicated people via alcohol, dead food, cosmetics....

i love my fruitarian lifestyle i love fruit. oh, durians are in their peak!!! so so so yummy!!!

life is magic

'flowering grapes 1' by kveta

grape vine in flower bliss


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Thursday, March 27, 2008

two satisfied fruitarians

the durians are heavenly, we are getting the best of the best. me and  mango we are almost daily in durian heaven.  drinking dark, almost black grapes, is also unforgettable experience full on sweet bliss. in last few days we also shared some orange juice, pears, delicious avocado banana pear mix /mushed by fork/one watermelon and two very very sweet and yummy rock melons from our garden. yum! few nectarines and peaches. figs. cucumbers and tomatoes.

me and mango we are two satisfied fruitarians we are enjoying sharing our love for fruit. we are eating with excitement, happiness, gratefulness and love.

in last two days i had avocado pear and banana mix and i discovered that my digestive system is happy with it and so am i.

me: reading, reading, reading...singing and lot of giggles...

life is

'fruit star' by kveta

star fruit

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Friday, March 21, 2008


one of the major causes of ill health is dehydration. water is not just a transport system in the human body it is a living activator of many of our regulatory processes. the human body has an intricately balanced feedback and moderating system to allow the best circumstances for survival. we have a priority water rationing system and the body has plenty of "warning lights" to alert us when something is going wrong or needs fixing.

pain is one of the body's warnings about dehydration. pain can be warnings of other detrimental situations too, not just dehydration.

thirst is another of the body's warnings about dehydration. thirst indicates ill health.

re hydration is a major step to good health and raw fresh fruit is the only suitable medium for the body's water needs.

'me as frog' by kveta

i love water to swim in....

yesterday me and mango shared very sweet yummy full of healing powers and hydrating grape juice few times (3?) and delicious durian,  juicy pears, cucumber and cherry tomatoes from our happy garden. avo only mango i had just tiny taste.

mango is fasting for a day as every friday. i had so far 5dl of raw fresh orange juice and later on 2 pealed sweet and juicy pears.

today is first day of autumn, it is cloudy after many sunny days.  our garden is happy getting some rain and there are many tiny cucumbers getting bit bigger every day.

fruitarian life is beautiful

'cute water lily' by kveta

i love water lilies
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

is your house killing you?

me and mango watched first part of documentary series is your house killing you? it was about family living in mold contaminated house. they all luck energy and they did look tired and lifeless. they all felt depressed and they all suffered some other health problems as well. so when there was found big moldy areas, family moved out and house was cleaned. once the family lived free from moldy house for few months, their health visibly improved, depression was gone.

yeah, i know for long time that mold is highly toxic. so i was glad there was so important info on tv. as most people tend to believe media.

and yes, not only mold but also cleaning products, cosmetics, "natural" cosmetics, fridge, insect sprays, cooking fumes, etc. are silent killers. yes, most of houses are killing us. i never visited house free from all above, excluding mold. only place i know of so far is our shoebox.


today we end up only grapes for few juices, so we left for more fruit and we got another box of almost black grapes, 2 durians, box of oranges, bananas, avos.

me and mango we are so enjoying drinking so so so sweet grape  juice.  /blended and poured trough sieve/ it is truly powerful stuff. almost box in 3 days. yum.  and durians are magic and today's one was super magic, with lot of unreal flavors and the most fine creamy texture. true delight. today juice from new black grapes box, even more powerful twice. mango had some avos.

yeah, i ate avo on monday afternoon and i woke up at 3 am feeling very sick so i got bucket close to me in the case...and i was relaxing + breathing exercises in bed and in few hours i felt bit better and i slept for some  hours and i woke up sick again and i was constipated, so i made aloe vera drink and bit later mango made for us grape juice and i felt much better right away, but low on energy. around 1pm i had big poo and i was back to myself. feeling good again. yesterday and today no avo for me. :

i love to be fruitarian, i love fruit and fruit love me back!

life is sweet

'white fruit' by kveta

white currants  /cr 2006/

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Monday, March 17, 2008

is your fruit killing you?

yes, even fruit can be deadly and killing you slowly. please understand first that grains, legumes greens and water are no fruit.

so what fruit is toxic? it is cooked fruit, frozen fruit, dry fruit and moldy fruit.

all those are highly underestimated, and i observed from others that eating such fruit is considered healthy.

dry fruit: dry fruit is cooked processed and far far far from fresh. the best part; living fruit juice /same call it fruit water/is absent.

frozen fruit: fruit should be frozen only in it's skin /after skin is even little bit open, the fruit is slowly but surely getting of/and for few days. me and mango have exception and we are enjoying frozen durians from thailand. my sensitive fruitarian senses  let  me  know  if  frozen  durian  is  fresh  or  not.  one  year  ago  i  ate few months frozen  black sapote /chocolate  pudding  fruit/and  i  felt  sick  for  rest  of  the  day. 

cooked fruit: cooked fruit is very highly toxic

moldy fruit: i observed throughout  many  years  that  most  of  people  are  eating  moldy  food.  whatever  is  mold  on  they  just  cat  it  of,  or take it of and eat the rest. when i make comment that mold is highly toxic i get almost always the same answer: i cannot throw this in rubbish it is wasting it. the true is moldy fruit is waste. once part of the fruit is moldy all fruit is toxic with mold gas

'red wild strawberries' by kveta
wild strawberries /czech republic 2006/

me and mango truly enjoyed our 9days watermelon feast. mango was fasting on friday and i drank one watermelon. yesterday we planned to have another and last watermelon but it turned up of therefore toxic for us so we left it for garden's breakfast and decided to go and get some yummy fruit to munch on.

yeah, we were excited like kids, our eyes were shining. it is always awesome new fruity experience: getting and eating other fruits after mono fruit juice  feasting.

we got box of very sweet and yummy dark grapes, 2 magic durians, longans, white nectarines, rock melon, few bananas, tomatoes and avos. we also have some cherry tomatoes from our garden.

we break watermelon juice feast by tasting grapes /i had only one grape/later on one big fig each and bit later we shared 1/2of very tasty durian. soon after i left to see friend with shopping for her. few hours later me and mango finished rest of the yummy durian and later we enjoyed some longans and we end up our eating all fruit again day with totally unreal grape juice. twice. mango had one avo while i was visiting friend. i wanted one as well, but later on i forgot all about it.

the sun is shining so are we

life is beautiful

'flowery' by kveta
lilies  /cr 2006/

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


yes, me and mango we are drinking one big watermelon a day. usually 2.5 liter each, throughout  day  and  night. we are enjoying our fruitarian pink drinks and there is no desire for other fruit.

i am feeling everyday bit higher bit lighter and every sense is more powerful. drinking mono fruit juices for some days is very sweet experience for me and i am always looking forward to it.

after dry fasting and mono raw fresh fruit juice set in monthly pattern/beginning of every month for 10days or so/for about 7 moths now i become aware that i am like a robot. yeah, i can by doing something at same time train myself to do it automatically, just like robot. it is my nature. this is great tool for overcoming addictions.

summer weather is still with us and me and mango are enjoying ocean and sun. yesterday i decided to walk on one of our favorite local beaches, thankfully it is the most close one. i walk slowly for 25 minutes one way. from now on this is my beach again. my back was constantly in pain over a year and it is much better now, i even have painfree, wow, wow..../my spine was smashed in to peaces in a car accident 1970/most of time i am back pain free, so this persistent long term pain was all new experience for me.

yeah, i enjoyed my wander walk all the way...and ocean was so so clear and bright blue, mango had swim before i arrived so he went with me when i was ready for swim, we had 3 swims together. sun was hot and there was no cloud in smashing blue sky.

before yesterday i met friend is city and there was so much traffic noise and pollution that i was thankful i can live in less noisy and polluted part of sydney. next time i will decline such invitation.

and yes, i am dreaming sweet fruitarian dream about tropical paradise, eating fruit from fruit trees....

in last few days i am reading a lot about traveling  people, traveling virtually with them looking forward to my next travels.  my  favorite  country  so  far  is australia.

and i fully enjoy all i do.

life is sweet.

rocksb.jpg picture by Fruitarian

beach sand stones just around the corner...
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Sunday, March 9, 2008

shining like stars

yesterday me and mango drank one watermelon mango five times 5dl and i had six times 5dl of very sweet watermelon juice.

i am already in fasting mode, it happened very quickly this time. it mean to me that my body did  gain great benefit from last regular monthly dry fasting followed  by orange or watermelon feasting i always enjoy even more sharing it all with sweet mango.

my detox is very mild and am feeling already high and euphoric in last two days. last night mango's eyes were shining like  stars. he is now only on raw fresh fruit almost 2 years and i did  enjoy see his progress as his self was transferring in to pure fruitarian one. it took over a year. before i met mango in person,  he was eating some other raw stuff here is what he say about it:

i am looking forward to living in country again, where is much much less of pollution in air so i can have more natural high euphoric existence.

it is always special time for me while i am dry fasting and/or mono  juice feasting. it is always special time for me to eat only raw fresh fruit. the last 22 years i live sweet fruitarian lifestyle are very special and best and i love to look back! as memories are sweet. and forward as to dream is sweet. and i love and enjoy present time as well. yes, i have it all. i new it very soon after only raw fresh fruit entered my life.

true love is growing. my love for fruit is true and it is constantly growing. love is the best feeling ever.

life is love
always satisfying
sweet fruit....always satisfying, power of satisfaction

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

euphoric watermelon

thursday: me and mango drank watermelon and we also shared second cucumber from our garden. yummiest cucumber ever. it was very tender, juicy, sweet and creamy. and yummiest cherry is harvesting daily for while now.

friday: mango was fasting and i was drinking  one small watermelon first watermelon feast /yeah, i feel very festive/drink at 2pm and last one 10pm. 5 watermelon drinks 5dl each. magic watermelon delivers lot of euphoric moments for me and i just LOVE IT!!! it is amazing how much better i can feel in so short time. i love to observe how i react to different fruit.

eating and drinking raw fresh fruit only brought very satisfying eating experience to me. i am highly excited about every meal once i feel hungry. i am aware that my food is the most true, clean, alive, tasty, beautiful...

i give true thankyou for every meal

for me the fruit path was always easy as i was always in love with raw fresh fruit.

yesterday was glorious day, me and mango had sweet and relaxing time sun busking and lots of swimming...the ocean was very blue clean and calm.

life is sweet sweet sweet. wow to natural high!!!

mek426.jpg picture by Fruitarian

blue whale visit 2years ago...

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

amazing watermelon

yeah, last night, me and mango got disturbed by mighty noise, we both thought that some one try to break in trough kitchen window, but very fast we could see what truly happened; one about 10kg watermelon decided to jump from the shelf on to the table and from table on to ground tumbeling down like a thunder and landed not far from me and mango. i was amazed that watermelon did not crack open. i dropped  watermelon  at  times  even from only few cm from the ground and they all broke open...

tonight i made watermelon juice form me and mango and i carried jug from blender full of juice and i was rushing and i fall over something and i had full on fall on my right knee and as i landed jug followed it hit the ground and half of juice splashed up /there is bit on the sealing/ and most of it land in my hair /my hair love it/ bit on my shoulders and heaps on front of me and bits all over everything as far as 2 meters, something like this happened to me only once about 11 years ago with rock melon.

me and mango are getting ready for watermelon juice feast. there are only some mangoes left for tomorrow and maybe one cucumber and some cherry tomatoes from our garden, and after we are ready to drink watermelons for as long as we want to. we both looking forward to it.

today we were drinking watermelons /almost 2/ and we drank 5dl of mango each. yum! yum! yum! we also enjoyed tiny bit of sweet tamarin.

yesterday we had very tender sweet and creamy first cucumber from our garden along with very delicious cherry tomatoes from garden as well. and we drank one watermelon /bit by bit/and we had one or 2 mango drinks yum! most of our fruit drinks are 5dl each. or bit over. and few very yummy nectarines.

from the time of my last post we are sharing lot of yummy durians, nectarines, red paw paw, lychees, longans, grapes, mangos, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes from garden and avos.

we run out from avos 2 days ago and i feel already so much better it only arrived tonight, before that i was bit toxic/mood swings/. it amazes me how much better i feel mentally and physically without avocado in such short time. my plan is not give in after watermelon feast. last time once i gave in i find very difficult to give up so i made decision to go with it and stop on our watermelon drinking days. fast or mono juicing is very helpful in giving up toxic substances. trick is not give in after.

we also visited beach few times in last few days. swimming relaxing sun busking as usual...fruitarian lifestyle is the most sweet one

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