Monday, March 23, 2009

i got carried away

with the czech language, and i had a break from writing in english. yes, i find some of the english grammar a bit difficult, but i still like to write in english, and the best for me would be to write in english and czech together. just use the words that suit the best for what i would like to say. this is the way that i at times hand write my personal notes.

me and mango we are continuing having one beautiful and fruitful day after another. even when things don't always not come out as we wish, we don't let it get to us and we smile it off... :) it is easy as we believe that everything happens for a reason.

last sunday, we missed out on our market day, it was raining at 5 in the morning, so mango came back to bed for more sweet sleep. and i slept as long as i needed, and when i woke up to a beautiful sunny day, mango was busy for a few hours, making some money, and we spent together the rest of the day.

this sunday we did the markets and it was fun, even though i was a bit sleepy around midday, and we did not make much money. the sun was shining and sky was blue, we relaxed, and we drank a fresh orange juice made by mango on the spot three times, and i ate 2 big bananas, mango had a little bit from me, and he also had two avocados. back in our shoebox, we enjoyed a raw fresh rockmelon drink, later on another one, and then as the last meal of the day, king of the fruit, the mighty and the most sweet durian. yum, yum, yum... this time creamy and juicy, with a lot of amazing flavours.

yes, the durians are still very tasty and we just can't get enough of them. so we are having one almost daily and just a few days ago we had two; we had one small but very creamy and delicious durian and i was craving another one so badly, that a few hours later mango left to get an another one, and we enjoyed the second very yummy durian of the day. and i was satisfied. i still enjoy bananas when they are available, and i sometimes eat just one or two, and at times four, five or six yummy bananas. today a girl from the next market stall gave us 2 huge lady finger bananas, i ate one soon after, yum. mango told her and her friend that we live on just fruit.

lately we are drinking lots of green fresh grapes, sweet rockmelons, watermelons, oranges, oranges pineapples and bananas mix, and we are eating, grapes, a little bit of watermelon, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers, hot, or less hot chillies. sweet tamarind. and mango only, avocado.

it is hot and sunny and me and mango are on the beach about twice a week, swimming and relaxing in the sun.

ripening on the porch

home grown bananas are getting ready :)


tinah said...

hi kveta!

glad you are writing in English, I enjoy reading! I could visualize everything you were saying in paragraph 4, and it was lovely : )

Cheers to fruit!


Anonymous said...

hi beautiful kveta!

i always wondered.. how do you peel raw tomatoes without boiling them for a minute first? i can't manage to peel mine.. maybe they are not ripe enough?

how do you do it?



Anonymous said...

Wants to back to her country. She is tired of English, tired of her diet, tired of the beach and tired of her routine and maybe tired of Mango.I give her another year before she packs her shit and go back to Mama.

Sonia.(Reiki Healer)

DvdMchl said...

Sonia, heal yourself. :)

kveta said...

thankyou tinah, i will continue writing my english blog. nice avatar, you look fruity there, have a lovely day

hi isabel. i peel tomatoes with a special peeler the same kind one might use for pealing potatoes and other veg. and when they are soft i peel them with a knife. i have been doing it that way since i was little.

sonia, you sound a little confused,it must be all the different persona you have, hope life is treating you ok in texas.

sonia, i agree with dvdmchl, heal yourself :)

tinah said...

thx kveta, i will look more fruity with more fruit. : ) Tinah

tinah said...

oh, that was when I was on fruit after fasting. better pic than I have now, but this one is more current.


kveta said...

wow,tinah, you look so much more beautiful after your fruity days after fasting. excelent, well done. thanx for sharing.

cheers to fruit!