Wednesday, May 28, 2008

raw fresh fruit make me feel

raw fresh fruit make me feel amazing. i love the lightness, giggles, peacefulness, euphoria, energy, joy, etc. i never felt so good before i become fruitarian. that is why i feel so blessed for getting so much for making raw fresh fruit only my food. i was not expecting reward and to my surprise, it arrived in abundance.  how i know the raw fresh fruit is the best? I CAN FEEL IT.

fruit, fruit, fruit, yum, yum, and mango are enjoying yummy fruits, we are getting green grapes by boxes and we are drinking them away almost daily, yeah, the real wine. i love grape juice. also very popular pineapple orange banana smoothie. eating delicious very original durians, yeah, every bit is unique, sweet persimmons, custard apples, tomatoes, avocados, chillies.

and we are having fruitarian fun in the sun, gardening (mainly mango), relaxing and eating durians, etc. every day is a sunny day.

DSC04762.jpg DSC04762.JPG picture by Fruitarian

self portrait (the morning before i turned 51)
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the sun power

yes, me and mango we love the sun power. after gloomy cold and rainy april, sunny and warm may days arrived and we are making the most of it, spending as much time on the sun as we can. so while enjoying mighty sun after some sun deprivation i noticed the positive powers of sun, just like so many times before. i never paid attention to media brainwash about sun danger! no, i do not listen to them i do not wear a hut, sunscreen and long sleeves...and i spend hours of sun busking on oz summer beaches for last 23 years and i do not have skin cancer as i was promised....hmm...

this time our juice feast was a bit different as we ate at times durian or avocado. so not really big difference from our usual fruit munching as we drink most of our fruit anyway.

here is what we truly enjoyed in last few days:

3x green grape juice
1x pineapple orange banana smoothie

green grape juice
smashing durian on the sun yum, yum, yum...
green grape juice
tomato avo chili smoothie
green grape juice

10:30 am green grape juice (mango only)
03:00 pm green grape juice
06:00 pm tomato avo chili smoothie
later 1/2 avo as is

green grape juice
green grape juice
tomato avocado chili smoothie
orange grapefruit mandarin
avo as is me 1/2 mango 1and 1/2

green grape juice
magic durian
green grape juice
pineapple orange banana smoothie
orange juice

only me, sweet mango was fasting
10:00 am green grape juice
04:00 pm pear orange banana smoothie
05:30 pm one small avo

green grape juice
orange banana avo smoothie
green grape apple juice
tomato avocado chili amoothie

green grape juice
green grape apple juice
ornage juice
tomato chili juice

avo me 1/2 mango 1and 1/2
yummy durian on the sun
grape juice
orange tangerine juice
cucumber tomato avo chili mix (salad)
few small avos and some tangerines as is

every juice and smoothie is made from raw fresh fruit and we drink it straight away, they are usually 5dl at times 4 or 6dl.

yesterday i run in too good old friendly neighbor and friend. well, she run in to me, i got hers ph number and i hope to see her soon.

few days ago i got a ticket and i will spend august and 1/2 of september in europe

i am learning and growing a bit daily

i love fruit and fruit love me back. i love and i am loved.

life is beautiful

pink life 1 by kveta

pink greetings from our happy garden

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

nuts! nuts are not nuts

"nuts are not nuts, nuts are seeds", said one character from friends (tv show), and i was glad to hear it, wondering how many people noticed. if someone has a problem to see that nuts are not nuts, but seeds, the best way to learn is to sprout them. the truth is that most seeds are heat treated and they may be dead, therefore not able to sprout.

when i came across first "fruitarians" via books or in person, i was surprised that they were so confused about nuts; they were saying that nuts are fruit! and when i told them that nuts are not fruit they would get upset with me...ha! if some people cannot get such a simple and obvious truth, how are they going to clear their confusion?

all seeds are saturated with fat,  the older the seeds are the older the fat is, the older the fat is the more toxic it becomes.

some people are trying to live fruitarian lifestyles being brainwashed that seeds (nuts) are fruit and they are trapped in (not only) a fat trap. seeds are not natural to the human body and  they are toxic and difficult to digest.  such "fruitarian" will never experience the true fruit bliss! i believe that seeds are one of the few reasons why some did not find their "fruitarian" lifestyle to be the best and they become confused even more than ever, looking for the truth.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( big hug )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

this morning i woke up with more joy and energy than usual, no wonder, yesterday  was the first only raw fresh fruit juice feast day for me and mango. we were drinking with joy sweet sweet sweet and so yummy grape (green) juice (3 or 4 5dl glasses each) and one very delicious new creation by mango; orange pineapple banana drink. and one spicy hot and tasty avo tomato chili drink.

during the last few days before our fruit drinking feast me and mango shared very magic durians, one or two daily. also drinking daily fresh raw grape (green) juices, eating custard apples, few mandarins, pears, bananas, avos, tomatoes, cucumbers and chili.

last week was sunny and warm, so me and mango were spending a lot of time relaxing on the hot sun. i love the sun energy, it is such treat after cold gloomy rainy april.

life is beautiful...

orange paw paw by kveta

we also had some paw paw last week.

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

is your tv killing you?

i wonder at times how much i am influenced by tv. is my tv killing me? should i kill my tv? i am using tv on and of. when i have tv i watch some comedy, nature related documentaries including travels. oz big brother. true stories and non violent movies (rare). i am aware that all i see influence my emotions, mind...

me and mango agree to use some tv while we are living in the shoebox, with tiny happy garden. the end of tv for us should began the day we move in to far north tropical Queensland away from civilization, living on land surrounded by miles of life giving magnificent and magic fruit trees including sweet and creamy the yummiest of all; the king of fruit MAGIC DURIAN, yum, yum, yum.

yeah, durians me and mango are sharing are so delicious. day before yesterday 3 small ones, today one big one.

yesterday i had my fist fruit at 2pm. avocado cucumber tomato chili,  that is only time i remember. much later i enjoyed fork mushed 2bananas, 2 pears, 1small avo.  later some guavas, mango get them for me from the tree he run in to while working/walking...he is not keen on guava, so they are all for me:) later on i had few mandarins.

today breakfast in bed at 8am. soon after mango surprised me with big and so yummy durian. we shared it's magic few hours after the creamy green grape juice. so sweet.

i went visit friend, no body home. i spend almost 3 hours in backyard, enjoying warm sun, gentle breeze, listening the birds singing and that was all i wanted i was deeply relaxed and peaceful. yeah, my eyes were mostly shut, at times i looked at flowers and trees around, painting pictures in my mind.

3pm me & mango munched on cucumber tomato avo chili mix, few hours later banana pear avo mix. later on we shared 3 mandarins. i had 2 guavas. i should take picture as i do not know the kind.

i had my first guava in byron bay (north coast australia) about 15years ago and i fell in love straight away. it is not very popular fruit in fruit shops, so i am looking forward to grow some one day. it is one of my beloved fruits.

life is

ps:no picture today spaceship is crashing.... :) just imagine

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Friday, May 2, 2008

what is new? sleeping, water...

i had some nice break from writing and i am reading bit less. yeah, lot of spaceship travels landing at many places and i learned so much again about big confused world. i feel like i need a break now to digest it all and learn from it as much as i can.

we survived the coldest april in 57 years we had 14 or 15 days of showers and that was so appreciated by land. and sun breaks  were  always  magic.  i  love  the  change  in colors. and amazing skies.

friday was special day for me, it was the day i first time arrived in australia (sydney). i was amazed by everything, everything was so much better than what i knew. oh, there is so much to say about this day, and i clearly remember most of it. i felt like alice in wonderland.

i sped my special friday mainly with my friend, she was in sydney for week only and she gave me/us one day. after four years of only few mobile messages, we surely had a lot to talk about. we have another great day to remember. we also shared 2 beautiful rainbows.

i am sleeping bit  more since it cooled down earlier than usual. my sleeping is very sensitive to environment and climate..i sleep always well, but hours when and how long i am sleeping are changing.

our raw fresh fruit and some veg drinking neighbor is getting  more in to fruit juices. yeah, she is still drinking about 2 liters a day. last time when i spoke to her she said in worries all over her, "i think i can have problem i am not so thirsty any more and i am suppose to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day". i said to her: "please do not worry this is time to rejoice, it is natural that you do not thirst so much as you getting true living water from fresh raw juices, so much better than any other water." she understood and she was happy. i also told her that less thirsty more healthy.

i love working with people, i am so looking forward the time when me and mango are going to open our fruity/airy healing haven in tropical queensland.

so far it look like we are going to leave sydney in august or september 2009. just before that i am planing visit my family and friends in czech republic.

last night i spoke with my sweet mum on the phone and she was telling me with excitement how great holiday she had in very civilization free and truly natural sardinia. she won this holiday for 2 and she took my father along. i was surprised he went as he finished with holidays about 8 years ago. my mum, because i told her, is always visiting late spring and early autumn sweet juicy fruits, sun and seas of south europe. at times when i am visiting her in czech republic, we always share early autumn holiday. we have sweet memories to share. me and my mum are happy we have each other. and yes, slowly but surely she is loosing weight, having fruit meals twice a day plus raw fresh orange juice almost daily and less of everything (cooked, processed) more veg. and she also always update me on what's new  with family and friends.

i may have work for 3 days as extra in some movie. the same one mango is in. when i went see costume people, i asked mango to join me, he did and they said hey mango you may get some work on those days as well, and then they wanted picture of us together...

yes, me and mango we are having fruitarian fun, enjoying eating custard apples, paw paw, tomatoes, avos, cucumbers, chilies, longans, mandarins, pineapple,very creamy and yummy durians, few bananas apples and pears. and drinking grapes we just finished one crimson  box  and  now  we  are  getting  in  to  green  grapes  box.  yum.  such  sweetness.  yum.  yum.  yum.  we  are  having  1  2  or  3  daily.  and sometimes orange juice. or orange juice banana drink.
today i enjoyed sunny morning garden. mango was there and then one of our neighbors joined us for some time.

mango is fasting as every friday and i am looking forward to my breakfast.

life is beautiful,

in pink by kveta

life in pink..

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