Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my full oz driving license

if i only knew, how long and complicated the process of obtaining my full oz driving license was going to be, i think i may have given up on it all together. so i am very glad that i began this adventure blind as a bat, and i persisted on keeping on going on, and not to give up when my driving license story began unfolding itself with the speed of a lazy snail with a lot of bridges to cross..

to obtain a full oz driving license is a long process as it is, one has to do a road rules test, and then with a recieved L driving licence, max speed 80km/h drive up to 150 hours accompanied with a fully licensed driver, after that it's time for the driving test, when passed, a P (provisional) driving licence is issued for a year and a half with a max speed of 90km/h, after which is another P..

to obtain a full oz driving license was an even longer and more complicated process, just because i am physicaly disabled, and i cannot use my feet i drive with hand controls. so i had to do my license only via some government company, helping disabled people. on my first interview i was told, that i could obtain my driving license only if i was willing to look for work and attend some course about how to get work. well, i did not have a choice, i wanted my driving licence so much, that i agreed to all i was asked to do. i also have to had a 10 to 15 hours of driving hours with special driving instructor, and and and... and it all took ages.. and therefore it is a very long story and i may write a little book about it, one day.. i would just like to add the ending of it: after almost 5 years i finally got my full driving licence. i would be only on my first P if mango had not persuaded me to get my good old czech licence renewed. i did not believed that they would give it to me, as it was not renewed for over twenty years. so i skipped all peees and i can drive 110km/h.

i passed my third driving test on mango's father's birthday day, 15th of may, with an excelent score, and i got a lot of good driving compliments by the instructor, and i could see he was realy impresed with my driving skills, and in the office in front of others he told me that i could be a driving instructor with a score like that. hmmm, i may think about it, i replied.

so, i was as happy as could be, and mango, who went with me and waited for me while i was on the test, was happy, and gave me a big hug, immediatly after i had finished the test. - i was told i had passed as soon as i had parked the car and stopped the engine. so i had a huge smile on my face, and that is how mango knew i had passed the test. so me and mango we celebrated with a mighty durian and so instead of the usual one a day we enjoyed two very tasty durians.

and me and mango we had another almost winter swim, yes it was a lovely sunny calm warm day, and this time the ocean was freezing cold. so mango had 3 mini swims and me one bit bigger mini swim. and surely, it was worth it. i got an amazing buzz and i felt so amazingly fresh and energized. we also took a fair few pictures, so i will post one day some in my new photoblog. where i posted my last pictures (date)

and yes, of course, me and mango are enjoying yummy sweet colourful beautifuly scented raw fresh fruit, full of life giving sweet beauties. oh, yum, yum, yum, we are sharing every day magic durian, and very sweet juices from grapes, black for about 2 weeks and then back to green ones, pineapple apple orange banana kiwi juices, pineapple apple kiwi juices, and almost daily pealed tomato, pealed lebanese cucumbers, and red or green hot chili mix. today mango brought a box of red grapefruits and we had after a long break a very sweet and yummy grapefruit orange juice. before that we had at 13:00 a green grape juice, (my breakfast) and an hour later we munched on a creamy and liquery durian. and three hours later we had our popular tomato cucumber chili mix, mango always with avo, plus he enjoys a few avos just as is and sometimes he mashes them with banana or grated apple and that is seriously yummy, mango at times gives me a tiny spoonful taste of it, but i am remaining avocado free. i am happy with my improved digestion, and that is very important to me. i am glad that i am not really tempted by avo even though i love its taste.. i can easily overcome the rare slight cravings, and even though i live surounded by it, i am not tempted. i am trully enjoying every tiny spoonfull of yummy avo mango gives me at times, and it is enough to satisfy me.

tomorrow night i am off to prague

life is beautiful

green grapes

sweet green oz grapes and even more sweet thai durian

Friday, May 15, 2009

yes, i am still here alive,

enjoying raw fresh fruit, warm and sunny autumn, sharing my fruity life with sweet fruitling mango, and all i do.. and time flies..

and we again enjoyed only raw fresh fruit juices, this time for seven days only, after skipping two months before that, and it was a great and positive experience as always. on the third day i had strong detox via bowels, i was on the wc at least five times that afternoon, i had also strong mood swings, it stopped early at night. i was feeling like i could fly, so peaceful and happy, beautiful and satisfied, lively and fresh, as almost always just a bit magnified. i love the way raw fresh fruit makes me feel.

this time we drank lot of grapes, watermelons, a few times i had the juice from the watermelon skin, always a lot of it, yes, the whole liter and half and i was drinking it slowly for about one hour. oh, those juices truly cleaned my bowels well, not long after i finished drinking them. i also experienced a lot of amazing sensations, especially in my brain, this one i get only after drinking watermelon rind. this very special drink to me is oblivious to mango, he finds just the thought of drinking it repulsive. yeah, a lot of people would turn it down, but me and my mum, we just love it, so when i am with her, i drink it more often.

we also drank a lot of pineapple apple orange, or pineapple apple orange banana, or pineapple apple orange kiwi, or pineapple apple orange banana kiwi, or orange banana kiwi juices and a few tomato juices. they were all very very yummy and life giving.

this is all in the past, so is almost the last two weeks where we were eating lots of fruit again as well as drinking. grapes are still the juices we are drink the most, since the beginning of grape season, (2months ago), and they were almost always the green ones and last week we began with black ones. they are so sweet and syrupy and i can surely feel their strong life power. we had some apple orange banana kiwi drinks, and we shared a durian a day, and on two of the days two. they are not any more peaking at their best, but they are still very edible and magic, and some extra special. i love sharing the durian enthusiasm with mango.

eating very sweet and juicy pealed pears. a few bananas. tomato lebanese cucumber and red hot chili salad. we had only black grape juices and durians during the first two days after only juicing.

me and mango enjoyed a few nice walks, and swims, the ocean is warmer than the air, and swims are very pleasant, but once i get out from the water i am freezing, and i have to get dry and dress up quickly to get warm, and walk up stairs and up the hill back to the car park to get hot. i sunbask fully clothed before i go for a swim, mango almost naked. :)

i usually do not go for a swim this time of year, but mango is a big inspiration for me, he went for a swim about 3 weeks ago, when i only had a look and adorably admired him for it, as i could not go, yes, the fear got me, i was so afraid to get cold, so i skipped the joy of swimming. and yes, i did regret it shortly afterward, already on the way away from the lovely beach, i was thinking to myself, how i missed out on such great fun, and i felt even envious that mango could to it, and i could not. oh, and i learned from this dreadful experience and the next time me and mango visited the beach i jumped in the mighty ocean as well, and i give myself an awesome time swimming in the pleasantly warm water. and i got a nice buzz afterwards. today we also had a very refreshing swim. without mango, in the last few years i would not even consider to swim at this time of year, where mister celsius does not climb much above twenty. thankyou sweet mango for taking me back where i use to be once..

the healing in my legs returned after some time of almost rest, a few days into our recent fruit juice feast and it was at times very strong and pleasant, and it is still on and off with me. today when i was swimming under water with my eyes closed in the ocean i got a feeling like something was grabbing my leg around the ankle, i did not panic, i turned on my back and looked around at my leg and around me and could see only water, and the feeling of grabbing around my ankle was still there, so i knew it was the healing sensation and i kept on swimming in peace, enjoying every bit of it. then when i walked up stairs, admiring the flowering in progress on banksia trees, skies and so on, the healing went on strong and my left leg felt almost healed for a short but very exciting and amazing period of time. the longer i live on fruit the more strong and more often i enjoy amazing healing sensations in both my legs. it is going to be almost three years ago, since i met mango for the first time in person, in fruity tropical thailand. after about two weeks of our time together i started getting very weak but constant ability to move my left foot backward (during this time mango was frequently practicing reiki on me). yesterday the strength improved a lot. i have been able to do so with my right leg for many years, it came back strong at once two years after the spine and spinal cord injury.

life is beautiful

fruit and me