Thursday, April 30, 2009

juicing away again

today is our third day, we are enjoying sweet and yummy raw fresh fruit juices made of green grapes, pineapple orange banana apple mix, pineapple apple banana orange kiwi blend, tomato, and watermelons.

i felt great yesterday, but today shortly after midday i began detoxing with a lot of bowel movement and strong emotions of all kinds. the day is fading away and my detox with it.

i organized and got confirmed two courses in the czech republic with the same company. one is drawing with the right brain hemisphere in the town decin and the second one is singing with the right brain hemisphere in the town telc, both places are embraced by rivers. i am looking forward to learning new skills and improving my drawing and singing i love so much.

and here is my new photoblog entry:


mango is having fun

mango in his element :)

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