Saturday, January 24, 2009

yeah, it is always the same, me and mango

we are enjoying very sweet australian summer fruits, it is always an exciting experience, either we drink or eat our raw fresh fruit meals. i always love sharing fruit with others, especially with my sweet mango, he is a true fruitarian like me, and we share the fruit spirit. it is a delight for me to look in to the eyes of another fruitarian. mango is my mirror. when i look at him i see myself. it is a pure delight to touch the skin of another fruitarian. surely it is not only fruit alone that twines us together. to speak for myself mango is perfect for me. as soon as i met him (on the internet first), i could see myself in him. i knew he is the ONE for me. till today his website remains to be my most favorite one.

...yeah, it is always the same, me and mango we are enjoying very sweet australian summer fruits, and since the last post we shared many many and many very sweet juicy and delicious mangoes, as is or blended, some very mysterious and satisfying durians, heaps of white nectarines full of living juice and yumminess, yeah, they just melted, it was like eating juice. white nectarines are one of my favorite fruits, and i could live solely on them for days/weeks... oh, with sweet raw fruit, eating is truly a heavenly experience for me... we were drinking very tasty oranges, and green grapes, eating pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers with some sweet or hot or hot hot hot chillies. avos, only mango. some juicy and almost black cherries, and another fruit i love so much red paw paw.

we were also swimming in the ocean, relaxing under the hot sun, and that is also much more fruitarian fun, when mango is around.

markets are more fun since we are in a better place.

i am still reading anna karenina

visiting friends, singing and some drawing, cleaning, washing, driving, walking, ringing my mum, reading on the net, etc... still, not much writing.

i just started tonight, to test drive a new (second hand) key board, which mango found, and i cannot stop, first i was writing some of my thoughts in czech, and then i jumped here...yeah, it is easy with my spaceship, but truly, i would be lost without sweet mango, at times, he navigates me, or even takes over, pushing the right buttons, taking me the places i want to be.

well, i had 2 avos, a few days ago, and voila, i was sick so i drank aloe, a few hours later i went to sleep and in the morning i was feeling even more sick, and i was constipated. i thought i was going to throw up, and i had to drink aloe twice and soon after the second time i fell asleep, and i slept in peace like a baby for 2 hours and shortly after i woke up the constipation left me and i was healed. oh, i thought i may try to have some avo, and see what happens, and i learned that my body is fully rejecting it. i feel like my fruitarian path has reached a new level. wow, to amazing raw fresh fruit. yum, yum, yum... so yummy and perfect. it takes me to magic places.

life is beautiful


Anonymous said...

2 words for you: Zen Meditation
1 word: Zazen.



tinah said...

A delight to read, Kveta! : )


kveta said...

thankyou anynomous fruitarian. i have one word for you: LOVE

fruitarian fairy kveta.

kveta said...


thankyou tihan, oh, that reminds me to check your fruity blog soon, enjoy all you do. kveta