Saturday, January 26, 2008

summer fruits and sun burn

me and mango are enjoying yummy and sweet summer fruits. this year fruit is more sweet and less expensive.

there  are  plenty  of  summer  fruits  in  fruit  shops  and  in  our  shoebox.  last  few  days  we  let  in  our  bloodstream: durians, nectarines, lychees, longans, mangoes blended in grape juice, grape juice, blended rock melons, pealed and chopped tomatoes and cucumbers, and only mango is having some avos.

well, yesterday was friday, mango's fasting day and i was drinking all day mango and grapes or just grapes, and i ate some nectarines.

day before yesterday  me and mango visited one of our local beaches and we had lovely relaxing time and few swims. it was so awesome to be on the sun again after few cloudy rainy days.  i burned my face badly.  think was i could not feel it. only the next morning my face was burning and very swollen. yeah, it happened before. once or twice. in those times i am thankful for aloe vera in my life. i know aloe is not fruit, but i use only bottom leaves and plant is still i believe i  do not kill the plant. i use aloe vera for many years now and it save me few visits to dentist, and lot of pain from small injuires. well, i have to admit that i am in love with aloe vera.

well, another sunny day is ahead, me and mango started with blended rockmelon and now i am going to join mango in our garden...

life is beautiful,
DSC00266.jpg my habiscus picture by me

my beloved habiscus grown by me from tiny twig, it was stolen by neighbour whom do not like trees, just because birds go there and sing, and that iritates her.

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magic aloe vera and b12

aloe vera
aloe vera

i find aloe vera most amazing plant in the universe. well truly i do not know all plants, but i know heaps of them, because i always love to be curious about them.

aloe vera is one of few plants which contain so popular vitamin b 12. i find some people take vitamin b 12 "medication or suplements" . i personally believe in fresh real aloe vera gell. here is some info on b12 from sweet mango:

aloe vera was introduced me here in australia, i straight away fell in love with it. aloe vera and fruits are plants i love to have in my life. i used to read a lot about herbs from about the age of 25. i love their healing powers and the way they look.

once i began using aloe vera i was amazed by its strong healing powers. i find them to be universal.

from the books i read on just about aloe vera, and from my own experiences and experiences of the lucky ones whom used aloe vera thanks to my recomendation.

here is some info for ya...

aloe vera

history and folklore

the paintings of aloe vera plants fond on the temple and tomb walls of ancient egypt reflect that mans relationship with this plant dates back to around 4,000 b c

however, it was the greek an roman physicians, dioscorides and pliny around 60 a d, that have provided us with the most detailed documentation of aloe vera`s wide array of applications. these noted medics used the plant to heal wounds and skin abrasions, insect bites, boils, bruises, sore throats, bleeding gums, hemorrhoids, dysentery as well as a purgative.

not only that but legends have it that two of the most alluring egyptian queens, nefertiti and cleopatra, relied on aloe vera to maintain their unlined and youthful complexions.

nutritional profile

aloe vera is a veritable storehouse of nutritional compounds which work together to give its powerful healing properties. these are some of those identified:


b1b2 b3 b6 b12 ;D c e folic acid choline


calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium, manganese, copper, chromium, zinc,

mucopolysaccharides and polysacharides

cellulose, glucose, mannose, aldonentose, hamnose, acemannan

essential amino - acids

isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine

secondary amino - acids

aspartic acid, glutamic acid, alanine, arginine, cystine, glycine, histicline, hydroxyproline, proline serine, tyrosin


phosphatase, amylase, lipase, catalase, creatine phosphokinase, nucleotidase, cellulase, alkaline phosphatase, proteolytase

fatty acids

all unsaturated fatty acids, caprylic acid

other synergistic healing nutrients

lignin, saponins, anthraquinones

thousands of healing benefits from using aloe vera are now well documented. many doctors around the world are actively using aloe vera either alongside or as an alternative to conventional treatments where orthodox medicines have failed.

aloe vera has been described as a potent natural product which the body recognizes. with its synergistic enzymes it can be a very powerful force which help the body heal itself.

extensive scientific research in the united states and the former soviet union has been conducted to determine the pharmacological basis of aloe vera. hundreds of these scientific studies and journals were reviewed by dr bill coats f. ph . who then reported in his book the silent healer - a modern study of aloe vera that aloe vera has the following proprieties:

anti-inflammatory - counteracts or suppresses the inflammatory process

analgesic - relieves pain deep beneath the surface.

anti-pruitic - relieves itching

humectant - moisturizes, promoting retention of water in skin tissue.

proteolytic - enzymatically dissolves and digests damaged or dead tissue cells enhancing the process of healing.

regenerative - stimulates the growth of skin cells

antipyretic - relieves the heat of burns, inflammation and fever

absorbefacient - promotes absorption through tissues

fungistatic - inhibits replication of viruses

detoxifying - helps cleanse and purify the body

bacteriostatic - inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria

more recently, in 1992, j c pittman wrote a short review and summary of the stimulatory nature of aloe vera on the immune system whereby he concluded - "acemannan, /a polysaccharide fraction found in aloe/ has direct effects on the immune system. activating and stimulating macrophages, monocytes, antibodies and t- cells"

the immune system of the stomach is one of the body`s first lines of defense against sickness, so a healthy immune system leads to a better state of health

for over 6 000 years dramatic improvements in many health problems have been ascribed to she daily use of aloe vera juice. the natural nutrients and other ingredient contained in the juice, supplement those of our bodies. these work synergistically to stimulate the natural healing mechanism of the body, improving tissue function at a cellular level. when the cells function more effectively it isn`t long before the whole body starts to respond.

aloe vera can be used internally for assisting the detoxification process, and as part of a recuperation programme for:

joint discomfort and associated conditions

heart burn and associated conditions

constipation and diarrhea

digestive disorders e. g. indigestion

stomach upsets


bowel disorders


scaly skin conditions e.g. eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis

deeply nourishing and revitalizing the skin

aloe vera gel can be used externally to assist in the healing of many conditions uncurling:

burns, scalds and sunburn

insect bites, plant and insect stings

scratches, scrapes and minor abrasions

skin care, softening and moisturizing

itchy rashes and scaly skin conditions eg. psoriasis, eczema and other kin irritation

also very effective in dentistry and injury healing

to nourish and beautify

upon application, aloe vera deeply penetrates the many layers of the skin. it delivers nutrients and moisture to the newly formed skin cells, which helps prevent the loss of collagen and elastin fibers that age the skin

aloe vera is universally acclaimed to be one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin

it also help rebalance skin pH, acts as a gentle astringent, firming and toning, as well as protecting the skin against blemishes. it does this by dissolving away dry, dead surface skin cells that clog and dull your complexion and interfere with normal oxygen exchange

as a moisturiser, aloe vera works in two ways. firstly, through is polyaccharides, it creates a barrier that prevents moisture loss, so the kin remains moist for a longer period of time.

secondly, it can carry nutrients and moisture through the many layers of the skin down to the dermis, which is the heart of nourishment for the skin. in the dermis, fibroblasts are then stimulated to produce collagen. it is the breakdown, or loss, of collagen that contributes to the visible signs of aging. fibroblast cells are responsible for the manufacture of collage, the protein that supports the skin, keeping it firm and supple.

to assist in skin healing

research conducted at the university of chicago hospital and wayne state university in detriot, by john p heggers, ph. d., martin c robson, m.d, and other researchers, has shown that using aloe vera to treat thermal injuries can retard the effects of the burn and revitalize damaged skin cells.

a research study at the shriner`s burn institute, showed 82% tissue survival when aloe vera was applied to the injured area. the simultaneous use of aloe vera juice taken internally and applied topically to a burn of the skin may result in more rapid healing than external application alone.

the survivors of nagasaki and hiroshima were helped by the regular use of aloe vera, which soothed and healed their radiation burns.

aloe vera heals x - ray radiation as well.

key references

aloe vera; nature`s soothing healer - dianne gage

aloe vera; the natural healer - paul hernsey-pennell

aloe vera; nature`s legendary healer - alasdair barcroft

the health and medical use of aloe vera - lawrence g. plaskett

effect of orally consumed aloe vera juice on gastrointestinal function in normal human - jeffrey bland, ph. d.

miscellaneous scientific papers from fujita health univestity, japan and the university of texas medical school.
aloe vera

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


yeah, i am still avo free and i am still free from avo cravings. yesterday mango ate avo on front of me and i was not even slightly tempted. this is proving my theory that if i want to say no to anything i have to set my mind to it. i changed my mind about the value of avocado in my life.

without avocado for about week i feel incredibly much better and i am sure i will feel even better as time goes by.

yesterday me and mango enjoyed rock melon /blended/twice, mango blended in grape juice twice, tomatoes, cucumbers, white nectarines, some delicious tiny green grapes we got earlier in the day. some avos only mango. few cherry tomatoes from our garden.

it was another rainy day so we send most of it in our shoebox. we only left to pay for a car insurance and we got some watermelons, white nectarines and very yummy green tiny grapes. last year we had no grapes at all, it was bad season, they look very sick. this year they are back to healthy yummy juicy existence.

me and mango had sweet, peaceful, giggly and relaxing day...

life is sweet
jpg13014.jpg art group, after dry fast and orange juice days picture by Fruitarian
launch at art group about year ago, enjoying watermelon after dry fast and orange juice days...on this picture it is obvious that we are what we eat.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

rainy day

yesterday was lovely rainy day. the land is pleased. garden is always so beautiful after the rain stop and the sun returns. mango is harvesting a small handful of sweet cherry tomatoes daily, and melon vines are abundant with beautiful yellow flowers.

me and mango jumped in a car and we drove to our local fruit shops and we returned with box of green grapes, 2 durians, lychees, rock melons, casava melons, apricots, white nectarines, cherries, aw paw, peas, cucumbers, tomatoes, avos,

before we left we drank blended rock melon, and after fruit shopping we so enjoyed very very tasty durian....ooooh, and aaaah, experience. soon after i was reading for very short time and then i dozed of in to peaceful sleep, i felt great after and soon i was drinking blended rockmelon, and rest of the day and night me and mango enjoyed yummy sweet peas, cherries, apricots, lychees, oh, yes, in last few days i forgot mention that we are enjoying daily sweet and tasty lychhees. and mango had some avos, he is now eating them out of my sight and i kind of forgot about them.

in one of the fruit shops the lady by counter said: you were lucky with that box of grapes /we got them very cheap $4/they are yummy, i said yeah, we love to drink them,  she said: that is why you look so healthy. we said yes, that is why.

me and mango we had nice relaxing and peaceful day.

life is delicious
DSC00573.jpg mango & jackfruit picture by Fruitarian
happy sweet mango with yummy jack fruit, one of many exciting moments on our last year north coast travels...

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Friday, January 18, 2008

fruity days

this week me and mango visited beach twice and as always we had great time. we enjoyed lots of long swims and relaxing time while sun busking. the second time we left bit earlier as lady next to us brought from new beach junk "food" kiosk on the back of sailing club, stinky poison for possibly her's grandchildren; two sweet girls about 4 and 7. yes both girls attacked toxic fish and chips and was for me bit painful to see, and the dead stuff stank so bad me and mango said let's go.  we both agree to visit different shops free beach.

we are having fun sharing yummy fruits: durians, white nectarines, mangos and oranges /usually blended together/, few bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, and only mango had avos.  oh, and very very yummy cherry tomatoes from our garden. and i had 3 early delicious apples, i am mad about them. today is friday and sweet mango is fasting. i had one almost one liter big orange mango blended drink. one banana one early delicious.

yes, i am still avo free and i am feeling much better for it. there is no effort for me to stay away from yummy avos and i am happy for it. my digestive system is back to normal.

yesterday i went with friend to get pink slip for car registration. mechanic found that lot of stuff need to be fixed, so me and mango went early to put car in the garage for repairs. after we had nice longer walk to bus stop. it is really different to travel by a car or by the bus. when car was ready to be picked up it was heavily raining and so mango decided to go alone.

i am still in reading mode and i hardly write i even forgot for some time that i am creating my website.

life is beautifully sweet...
DSC00716.jpg banany picture by Fruitarian
bananas in nimbin at mango's friend's place

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Monday, January 14, 2008

true story and fruitarian alien

i like the stories based on real events. that is why i decided to watch movie - open water - certified scuba divers board local dive boat for an under water tour of the reef. after 40 minutes under water the couple find themselves accidentally left behind in shark infested waters. two people in love on holidays, spend the whole day and night in the accompanied by sharks. it was too late when next morning search for them began..later their camera was find in shark killed by fisherman.

this story made me think how that could happened that no one from scuba diving group did not noticed that two people are missing...? i also got in to the story and i felt fear and night i was waking up with the story in my head, feeling fear and sadness, and when i woke up it was first thing on my mind. i just could not shake it of me.

to take my mind of it i was reading all day and night/almost finished/another true story by barbara robinette moss:change me into zeus's daughter. barbara's story is about her life in big poor family with abusive alcoholic father. unfortunately most true stories are not over happy. why? some believe that those people got what they wish for, or some it is a karma, i believe it is all about chemicals in our bloodstream. on that depend how we are feeling and how we are acting.

today is my second avocado free day. so far i do not even want it...hmmm interesting i was expecting cravings, well they may still arrive. i feel like i am detoxing some avocado fat from my brain. i feel very peaceful i am in my own world content with myself, at times bit sad. i am getting some childhood flashbacks.

i was also reading 30 days diary from czech couple traveling to siberia few nights ago. that was interesting and very positive story, mixed with some negative history.

yesterday me and mango got some melons, grapes, lychees, box of white nectarines, tomatoes, cucumbers and 2 durians.

yesterday  we enjoyed very yummy and sweet blended rockmelon, very delicious durian, very tasty white nektarines, sweet cherries, very yummy red paw paws, tomatoes and libanise cucumbers. the most tasty tomatoes were 2 cherry tomatoes from our garden. we had first one about 3 days ago.

today: magic durian, white nectarines, cherries, lychees, and only mango some avos. i ate much less than usual.

last night arrived along with gentle rain. today was cloudy and little bit showery, yesterday hot and sunny. mango went for swim. for me was too early.

surely i am fruitarian alien.

life is delicious
rambutan man from fruit festival in tailand. i got him from some durian website while ago

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

a forbidden fruit

thank to my fruity experiences, i discovered for a second time that avocado is the forbidden fruit for me. i find that the more avocado i am eating, more avocado i want.  i am not feeling with avocado in my body/mind/spirit as high, light and energized as when i am avocado free. avocado upset my digestion/partial or full constipation. something i do not like at all, for many reasons. it brings too much negativity from toxins. and yes it is all getting worse with the time. i am now back on avos for about year and half.

i like taste of avocado, so i find it bit difficult to refuse it, when it is here almost every day in abundance. today i spoke with mango about it and i asked him  not to offer me one. he said ok.

this morning  i made decision to concentrate on giving up. today was successful i ate only 1/2 of avocado, yeah, i wanted more, but i said to myself, i prefer to feel better and poo better, than enjoy few minutes of avocado taste while eating.  1/2 was for me more than plenty. and reward come in big poo 3 times within one hour. oh, i felt so much better after it. tomorrow i do my best to go avocado free.

today i also fully enjoyed: orange juice, blended mango in orange juice twice/all 5dl, white nectarines, lychees, tomato and cucumber, mango the same only he had more avos and no cucumber. oh, yummy summer fruit, this year so sweet and yum. me and mango are having fruitarian fun sharing our love for fruit.

sweet day to all,
beautiful fruit
beautiful and yummy fruit

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

forest and dentist

yesterday night when i finished my post here @my fruity blog, i had fun painting my first ever forest picture. i drew and painted many of single trees, as they are one of my favorite things to make pictures of. paining forest is a very new experience for me i am learning as i go. from what i see. i feel strongly connected to it from the beginning, even my trees resemble more of computer bare code, as mango put it...i could see it too but i also knew there is still lot of brush strokes ahead and for many days i look for while at forest picture at times before i am sure of my next one. and for the first time i am using watercolor pencils, plus already familiar and for me very exciting watercolors, and it is also first big/size picture for me,  witch already seem bit small, ha, ha,ha..

yesterday morning i was working on getting my mind of dentist thoughts. one very old filing come out and i decided to see dentist about it. she told me that it need to come out the next time i come see her, and she find another one.  then she said i do not have problems with teeth but with gums, from not cleaning my teeth the right way or not enough. i decided to heal my gums with fresh aloe vera.

soon after i woke up i shared with mango delicious blended mango in grape juice for the first time. twice.

around 6pm when i returned from dentist and visiting friend whom also had appointment, i and mango enjoyed avo, libanise cucumber and tomato, cut up and mixed.  much later i had one orange juiced in mouth and one big banana as is.

yesterday i got lot of big compliments from friend, and her teenage daughter and her friends about my skin, look, and personality. it made me feel awesome.

life is sweet,
last winter fruit
some fruit me and mango shared on the end of last winter, we are drinking rock melons blended. yum.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

eating again

eating again after dry fasting and mono raw fresh juice feasting is always exciting for me. there are so many yummy fruits with their amazing aroma, taste, colors...i am more thankful for all yummy fruits in my life.  after first fruit meal i always feel how i left skies and landed on the earth. i found my sky/earth  existence interesting and enjoyable. i prefer the sky one.

this time something very strange happened: on the second day of my back to all fruit eating, i got sick/7pm, i felt like i am going throw up. after half hour i decided to have fresh aloe vera gel, and it helped a bit so soon after i had some more and in few minutes i throw up and i was fine. i am afraid i did over eat. especially on avocados. i felt sorry for all sick people. i forgot how bad it is to feel this way as i was never sick like this since i live on raw fresh fruit.

well, next morning i was happily swimming in the ocean. enjoying sunshine and mango's presence. we had fun. as almost every day. last two days are too cloudy, there was some yummy rain for our garden and all thirsty land.

before yesterday, in the morning when i started our spaceship i could see just black screen. at first i thought negative thoughts, but not for long, i said to myself i have power to change my mind and think only positive thoughts, so i did and it was so easy....yeah, view was gone, so me and mango decided and next day got a new flat bigger screen, and when we start spaceship again it was back to normal. we are still glad for having the bigger view option...

me and mango are enjoying and sharing many yummy fruits: durians, cherries, mangoes, lychees, watermelon, rock melon, nectarines, grapes, avos, cucumbers, tomatoes.

garden is turning into jungle. today mango found first slightly red tomato. 

life is amazing,
fruit flower
fruit flower

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

55 tonnes

yes, 55 tonnes of rubbish was collected in sydney alone after new year eve "celebrations". a can/tin of alcohol diluted by cola soft drink/soda selling for $10 each. not, very friendly to environment/us. me and mango have only one small bag of rubbish, consisting of plastic, once in 2-3 months. all fruit compost is buried by mango in our little garden. she loves it, as fruit turns very quickly in to sweet top soil.

yeah, garden is very happy, melons are growing like there is no tomorrow, tomatoes are having lovely baby green tomatoes, working on red color production... cucumbers are showing first cucumber leaves, and tiny healthy paw paws are adorable.

me and mango we are happy too. we just returned from fruit shopping and we are looking forward to eat all the yummy fruit, they all smell amazing. we got 3 durians, 2 watermelons, 2 rock melons, box of green  seedless grapes,  tray of  nectarines,  tray  of  mangoes.  lychees,  roma  tomatoes,  1 big  fig,  avos,  1 deep red long capsicum.

yesterday we had another beach & watermelon juice day. late afternoon we got one more watermelon, we opened this morning for sweet breakfast drink and after we relaxed on the sun and after we jumped in to blue calm ocean. twice.

life is sweet.

me on the early morning beach
me on the early morning beach

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