Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've been getting healing sensations

within my legs on and off since turning fruitarian, and they feel amazing. This time, after many months of absence, they arrived stronger than ever, are covering a larger area, and lasting a lot longer.. This is always very special and exciting for me. I've always believed that i would be healed one day, and i am looking forward to the time when i am going to walk as i did before my severe spinal injury in a car accident. i love walking. and jumping and running...

i love fruit as well, and i am, almost daily sharing with sweet Mango very yummy sweet and creamy full of tasty surprises, mighty durians. yum, yum, yum. many times in bed. i enjoy eating in bed, especially durian, as the bedding pick up and hold for a day or two on the sweet durian aroma. yum.

the rockmelons are also very tasty and fully in the season, and me and Mango are drinking them away, and today we ate half of a huge one each. Mango was about 4 years young, and i felt similar, and we shared some rockmelon euphoric giggles.

pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers are very sweet and we chop them and mix them with very hot chilies. Mango has his with avocado.

white nectarines and bananas mashed

delicious white nectarine and banana mush

after some months with no interest in bananas, i got strong banana cravings,  so we got some on our last fruit shopping, and they were/are just heavenly. mango loves them with avocado mashed up by fork. and me, 2 bananas 2 white nectarines fork mashed, one of my banana favorite mixes. and at times we also eat a banana or two, as is. bananas were for many many years my number one fruit. now, i have so many favorites! i love durian, paw paw, grapes, mangoes, passion fruit, melons, figs, pineapples, mangosteen, longan, to name just few...

watermelons are waiting patiently in our shoebox to be juiced and drunk by me and mango. our regular monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast is near. we got them at a friendly price and they are fresh and very cute.

we are enjoying longans and lychees, sweet tamarind, we ate a box of sultana grapes and for last 4 days we have been drinking a second box of very sweet green grapes, yes, they are fully in season now, and very very sweet. yum.

yes, fruit is beautiful.

sunday markets were fun as usual.

sunshine is with us daily again and we regularly enjoy a lovely time at a beach just around the corner, sunbasking, relaxing, swimming, giggleling... as usual.

i've had a break from reading (too much)

i am writing a little bit more.

i love my fruitarian life.

i love sharing my fruitful fruitarian life with sweet, sweet, sweet, fruitarian Mango.

piglet looking at my yummy raw fresh fruit meal

piglet is looking hungry and excited, i think he is after my raw fresh banana white nectarine mush.

love is beautiful.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

czech fruitarian blog/ cesky fruktrarian (ovocny) blog

yesterday with help of sweet Mango i created a czech fruitarian blog.

here it is for those who are interested:

enjoy, peace,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

yes, euphoric giggles after swimming in the ocean

relaxing on the fine sand, catching the sun rays, after ten rainy gloomy days it was a true delight for me and mango. so was the durian afterwards... yum, yum, yum....

we are drinking sweet and very yummy rock melons, and eating sultana grapes, durians, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumber, hot chili, and mango also enjoys avocados. all fruit is very tasty, each meal is a true delicious delight. only sweet juicy fruit gives me true satisfaction in all directions, my taste buds, bloodstream, spirit... all my being is satisfied. i am thankful for all yummy fresh fruit in my life.

i am reading some interesting traveling blogs in the czech language. this is one way to satisfy my traveling bug, reading experiences of other travelers. so lately i was in new york, washington, western africa and on ship as well, in south korea, india, czech republic, siberia, machu pichu, rio de janeiro, costa rica, south caroline, and so on...

life is delicious

i am feeling great, yes, lots of giggles...

monkey in action thailand 06

curious monkey is staring at me and mango on thailand beach 2006

me and mango we shared many tasty fruity meals

and drinks from all the yummy fruit i mentioned in my previous post, and when there were only sweet and juicy oranges left, sweet mango went for fruit shopping and he arrived with a box of delicious sultana grapes, one of my favorite grapes, 4 big rock-melons, longans, yum, 2 mysterious durians, tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, and avocado. yes, i am still avocado free, and i am feeling much better for it. and amazing durians are still at their best, oh, it is even more delicious and enjoyable fruitarian fun sharing durian with mango. yes we share the durian passion. sweet, sweet, sweet.

we were less busy working, especially mango, thanks to fruitful rainy days, and we had a kind of sweet holidays, sharing more of our precious together time than usual. sweet, sweet, sweet.

life is sweet.

monkeys on the beach in  thailand

banana lady feeding monkeys on thailand beach 06

Friday, February 13, 2009

after 4 days sharing our mono raw fresh orange juices

me and mango included a creamy durian and raw fresh orange and pineapple juice for another 3 days. the next day we were off on our exciting fruitshopping and we bought 2 trays of mangoes, a box of oranges, a box of figs, a rock melon,lebanese cucumbers 2kg, tomatoes 3kg, and avocados for mango. i am still avo free, free from craving it.

so in the last two days we drank orange and mango juices, and ate durian, figs, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers with green hot chili, and for mango only, avo. all raw fresh and yummy.

today is the fifth day of gloomy and showery weather, i am enjoying it, it is not too cold, and i love showers, and yes, i miss the beach and sun a bit.

our days are busy and nights relaxing... time flies and we are again much closer to our tropical fruit paradise. it is a big count down for us since beginning of 2009. only 7 - 8 months to go!

life is,

me in thailand fruitful holiday with mango 2006

me in thailand with mobile kitchen i never needed

me in thailand at the markets 2006

me at a fruit market in thailand 2006 enjoying fruitful holiday with Mango.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bushfires in Victoria


sad,but true. my heart goes to all who have to experience such horror...

for more information/pictures just click on the picture below

bushfires in victoria 2009

"you always have that radiant glow"

said the lady from the market stall opposite to us, while we were chatting after me and mango arrived... i giggled, glowing radiantly back at her, being pleased with a compliment related to my fruitarian lifestyle. yes, raw sweet fruit is visibly speaking for it self.

i never have and i do not count calories, wondering about vitamins, sugars, fats, minerals, etc. i just love and enjoy eating and drinking raw fresh fruit of my choice because that is my nature. and raw fresh fruit makes me feel great, and that is what i want. so far i've found only 2 kinds of fruit, i can't tolerate, except in very small amounts (avocado, mandarin). i can tolerate mandarins in freshly squeezed juice, mixed with orange and/or grapefruit juice. surely all raw and fresh. the problem is that when i am eating mandarins or avocados i find it difficult eating only small amount, i always want more...

i had breakfast at 12:00 on our fourth day of the raw fresh mono orange juice feast, and just a few minutes after, sweet mango arrived and i made one for him as well. he had had self made orange juice while being out for the morning. we shared another 3 yummy and sweet raw fresh orange juices (3dl each) that day.

and we broke our mono raw fresh fruit orange juice feast with mono durian meal on the day five. at the markets we were all day sharing very yummy and sweet raw fresh orange juices made by sweet mango. 4 times 1dl each. it was a hot hot day so i was happy. after 3pm, already back in our shoebox, i made for us fresh orange juice 3dl each, and soon after we shared the durian's sweetness and magic... i am enjoying so much the effect of the durian on me while i am raw fresh orange juice feasting, it gives me wings, as i pick up a lot of long lasting and steady energy...

and we shared also a yummy durian on the sixth day of our orange juice feast, we had raw fresh orange juice 4 times 3dl (each)

on the seventh day me and mango shared raw fresh pineapple orange juice, 3dl each (at 11:00) and the next one at 17:00. soon after we enjoyed a delicious sweet and creamy durian.

so it just happened that our raw fresh juice feast got enhanced and enriched by magic and still at its best, peaking with amazing flavours and textures, yummy durian. and such is my fruitarian existence also : enhanced, enriched and magic... full of amazing flavors and textures... sweet aromas... sweet sweet sweet...

life is sweet

at art group with a friend

last year at art group with friend A. my father likes my pictures and  he said i should make more of them. it is rare that he gives me, or art, any compliment. so it meant a lot to me.  i am planning to get in to it once we find our new home.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

i had my breakfast after 16:00

on our 3rd day of our raw fresh orange juice feast. oh, how i enjoyed a sweet orange drink that was more like nectar than juice. detox is only mild and gentle, and i am feeling very peaceful and content.

mango was out all day, and made himself raw fresh orange juices. then we shared the same at 16:00, 18:00 and at 7:30. all 3 dl.

i am happy that me and mango are sharing our fruitarian path, this was my dream for a long long time, to meet some sweet fruitarians in person and be with a fruitarian partner, i wanted to share the fruitarian spirit. now i have it and it is even better than i had imagined it.

the celsius has been hovering around 30+ degrees for about 2 weeks now, and i am in my element, i feel the best on hot summer days. i am so looking forward to move on and live in a tropical climate, the climate that suits me most. thankfully mango is also a tropical fruitarian. me and mango we are not keen on apples and pears, we prefer tropical durians, paw paw, cherimoya, mangosteen, black sapote (chocolate fruit), pineapple and so on, tropical fruit is rich in variety and sweetness it absorbs the most of the suns energy.

life is sweet

Friday, February 6, 2009

magic durians continue delivering the most amazing flavors,

textures, aromas...they are peaking and at their bestest best, surely the king of fruit for me, durian is the special and beloved one. it takes me to special places in to my childhood and babyhood. and in presence. i always feel so blessed and special when i am enjoying yummy sweet durian. yum, yummy, yumm.

so lately me and mango we were eating a bit more durian than usual, but surely we love many other fruits, and so we also enjoyed with satisfaction lots of raw fresh orange juice, we drank a whole box of green grapes, mango munched on a few, pineapple orange is lately my favorite drinnk, mango and orange. and we ate pealed lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes with some hot hot chili, mango has his with avo, i am still avo free, white peaches, white nectarines, and some other fruits i already forgot about, yeah, just remembered apricots. and for a while now, neither of us is keen on bananas. :)

lately i have noticed some big changes within my body. it is refusing avocado, the bananas i was bananas about for good 22 years of my fruitarian life, are less and less appealing to me. and my body is detoxing while eating and drinking raw fresh fruit, before it was only while fasting or raw fresh fruit juices (mono or stereo) feasting. and for the first time ever, since i jumped right in from one day to another in to vegetarianism, soon followed by veganism, (raw and cooked) diet, i craved meat. oh, at first i could not believe, i thought it must have been some kind of hallucination, but it proved to be real, as it was with me on and off, for a few weeks. well, it was a very interesting experience for me. i felt ashamed that i ever used to enjoy eating some meats, and happy that i have been for so long free from it. and i learned that no matter how big my cravings for meat can be, there is no way i would eat it. i do not perceive meat as food. so temptation just doesn't exist. this experience gave me a lot of joy. last night (being on raw fresh orange juice only for the second day) i had detox cleansing via my bowels, i had to go poo every 10 to 20 minutes and it was almost yellow water with tiny bits of fruit and it lasted from 5pm till 8:30pm. and toward the end it sickly stank like a boiled chicken, yuck. and the day before my emotions were very high. today i feel euphoric (slightly) and very peaceful.

after giving up avos now for about 2 - 3 months (except one throwing up avo drama) i lost some kg's. i have not weighed my self but i can see and feel it. i do not have a problem with it, i do not mind to be skinny as my body wants to be. in the last two weeks i also noticed that my skin has gotten somehow looser something that happens to people who loose a lot of weight, i should say also a lot of fat. so it looks like i lost a lot of that avo fat from my body. i do not panic i have faith in raw fresh fruit and fasting and i know it will get only better as time goes, i can see some improvement already.

at times we go for our morning beach fun. we swim in the ocean and relax in the sun, i get a lot of giggles and i feel just amazing. yesterday we swam 3 times, as usual. me and mango we always enjoy our fruitarian fun on the beach.

the markets are fun as well, and things to sell continue coming to us from all directions.

i've also been feeling for some time now, that i would prefer to go and find some land and start growing fruit trees, rather than travel around oz before doing so, i would long for that land and want to grow grow grow yummy fruits. i feel i am waiting for too long and want to fulfill this fruit paradise dream of mine asap. oz, can wait, it will be there whenever i am truly ready. i spoke to mango about it, and he is ok to skip the traveling around oz and seek some land to live on and from.

i got 2 surprising emails from 2 relatives/friends, my mum gave them my email. sweet surprise, especially from my niece romana, she just got on the net, and we are both happy we can keep in touch in a relatively easy way, because we miss each other a lot. we share a very special relationship. i think we are soul twins. i shared her place with her and her 2 year young boy david for about 10 beautiful days, next time we are planning to spend more time together. in her email she also told me that since i stayed with them, they are eating much more fruit! so that is my mum and romana from my family who i have infuenced to eat more fruit, and they are in touch by phone and occasional visits and i am sure they are having some fruit sweet talks as well. my mum love to share her positive changes and experience with others. she meets a lot of people thanks to her tarot card reading gift. she is very popular and very loved by many. some people take her out for meals, plays, concerts or movies, or invite her to visit their place. she is my amazing mum. and romana is my amazing romana i am blessed to have such beautiful souls in my life. blessed sharing my life with sweet mango, the most sweet soul.

i am still reading a lot, i finished anna carenina and i enjoyed the story, now i am reading bits and pieces on lots of stuff on the internet. as far as food goes, it is rare to see honest or true information. but i do not interfere any more as i used to a few years ago, i only observe and learn from what i see. i like reading traveling blogs, and anything about nature. interesting true stories.

life is beautiful.