Friday, October 9, 2009

yes, i admit it,

i had occasional negative thoughts, that that roof was not going to be fixed, and that the wind screen was not going to fit . i have had this car for five years now, and i am very comfy with it, it suits me and i would not like to say goodbye to it...but i shooed away those negative thoughts like annoying flies, with all my might, with success, saying to my self: "why should i worry about something that hasn't even happened". and it worked, my worries left me in no time, as i focused my mind on having a good time..

it happened about a year ago, that someone took our car for a joyride, and damaged it a fair bit as well, besides other things needed to be fixed, the windscreen was broken and they told us only after the windscreen had been changed, that there was a big hole in the roof and it was urgent to fix it asap. and for that reason, the windscreen had to be taken out once more, which meant it could easily be broken in process.. well, that was not the best news.. later on we got several torrential rainy days and we discovered that the roof was leaking a bit, and friend of friend cleverly used some miracle paste and fixed the leaking trouble. afterwards, the car stayed dry during rainy days, but the unattended hole in roof was getting very rusty and bigger, so we decided to get it fixed, we hired another friend and he fixed it with the windscreen on, but it cracked through the fixing process anyway, but only a tiny bit, so it was still road worth

the crack on the windscreen slowly but shortly expanded, now when mango got his oz residency, it was clear to us, that time for a long journey into the tropical far north was near, and therefore it was a time to fix the roof properly at, after some debating, we decided that a friend and mango would take the windscreen off and fix the roof, while i visited my friend just around the corner, where mango would pick me up on the way to garage where we had organized a new windscreen, and it all happened as planned.

in the garage, they told us, that the windscreen would arrive two hours later and then a bit of work needed to be done, and then two hours free from any disturbance like driving or shutting and opening doors.. so me and mango very quickly decided to get a taxi back to our shoebox and there we shared one sweet and creamy durian and about two hours later a half liter of raw fresh orange juice each, and soon after we drove back to the garage with a car that mango's friend had left for us to keep an eye on and drive as we please, - he had left on a far north queensland holiday..

and when we arrived in the garage our car was waiting for us nicely fixed, we were very glad that it all worked out well and that it is all over and done with.

so after we returned back to our shoebox, we celebrated with another durian, yum.

about an hour later a half liter of fresh orange juice each

ja a toyota

me and toyota camry waiting while mango is organizing delivery of and changing windscreen

life is beautiful

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