Saturday, November 29, 2008

my mum made me happy

i rang her last night and she told me she was busy and she had only 20 minutes for me, i said i am glad she had some time for me and as it happened we ended up talking for 80 minutes. she spoke to me about her secrets, our family, friends, and she also gave me a report on what she is eating and how she feels. years back, when she was telling me how sick she was i used to tell her how only changing her eating habits could save her. oh, she would get at times angry at me, and told me one day to stop nagging her. so i thought well, the truth is that she has heard it all, so i thought i will just stop telling her, which i did, and from that time on when she complained about her health, i just said i am sorry to hear that, i would not say much more...only a few times i told her to cut the fat out. she did not like it...yes, because she loves the fat. i understand it is not easy for her.

well, after some time, she began voluntarily to give me reports on what she was eating, and how she felt after her meals without me asking, and i always praised her positive fruity progress. yes, magic sweet fruit is increasing in her diet. and finally i am hearing what i wished to hear for such a long time, last night she said to me, "oh, a few days ago i sinned" then she paused and i was thinking i wonder what this is about, not showing any curiosity, waiting in silent excitement for her confesion...not for long, in a few seconds she continued: "i ate some stroganof i made, i had only a little bit, and very soon after i felt very sick, i could feel how much fat there was, how heavy it was, and even when i had only steamed chicken breast with vegetables i felt sick after that as well, so i think i cannot eat meat any more..." oh, how i was happy to hear that her body is saying no to meat and heavy fatty foods. i knew it would happen, as she is now eating mainly raw fresh fruit and raw or cooked vegetables for about the last 7 months and she lost over 10 kg. so i explained to her what is happening and that that is very good news, as her body is stronger now and quicker to recognise and reject highly toxic "food". what she is telling me makes sense to me and i believe her. but when i hear or read somewhere stories like that someone was fasting for 40 days and then had a steak and felt great, but after eating banana was feeling sick, it is clear to me that that is a statement of pure nonsense. just like most of the info on what and how to eat/drink i have ever seen. no wonder almost everyone is so confused, there is so little truth, and so much misleading information.

those who knows the truth, recognises the lie. truth/clear mind opens eyes, lie/confusion closes them.

my mum is 72 and it seems like her life just began
my mum is 72 and she feels like her life just began
my mum is 72 and her goal is to live a long healthy and peaceful life
she is my sweet mum.

and she now boasts to others, about how i helped her, advising them to eat more fruit and veg. 

i am enjoying summer watermelon

i am enjoying summer watermelon

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

avocado and me

we are not the best of friends. the longer i live my fruitarian existence the more my body rejects one of my favorite fruits. i give up on eating avos a few years after i became an ethical fruitarian. i just find them difficult to digest. i do not have this obstacle/discomfort with any other fruit. well, i used to eat avos now and then, and at times i would go a long time without. since my fruitling mango moved in with me, i got in to eating avos again, as he loves them and eats them almost daily. my body was ok for some time, and then i would observe not only physical but also mental discomfort and that made me slow down on avos or have a few days break from them. was not so easy, as my appetite for avocados was growing...and the ones we get are just heavenly...yum, yum, yum.

happy sunflower in our garden
happy sunflower in our garden

well, i came to the point once again, that i better say no to tasty yummy avocado, so i can enjoy my fruitarian existence to its full potential. yes, my fruitarian existence without avo is more joyful, euphoric, light, positive, bright...and so on :)

i observed, in the good old days of the fruitrevolution forum, that most people said they also have some negative experiences after eating avocado fruit especially when eaten in excess.

i believe that everyone has a slightly or more different avocado experience. mango seem to have no problem with them. so i think the best is that everyone make their own personal avocado test. experiment and observe, listen carefully to what your body mind and spirit tells you and learn from it. the best way to learn is via experience.

a few days ago me and mango we enjoyed a sweet time on the beach. the ocean was not so cold so we had 2 long swims. we always relax under the sun before and after each swim. the day was hot with blue sky. the other days were showery or too cold for our beach siesta.

sunny sunflower in our fruitarian garden
sunny sunflower in our fruitarian garden

the coldest and rainiest day was on sunday and that is why we skipped our market day. we had a lovely busy and lazy day and we went to get some tomatoes, mangoes (at the moment6 boxes are with us) :)a few bananas some apricots and so on, and as we drove around our market we could see only 3 stalls, well, some people are very tough.

me and mango we are sharing yummy orange mango drinks, we ate some very yummy cherries for the first time of the oz cherry season, and almost daily yummy apricots, nectarines, drinking pears apples mixed with orange and mango, yum, yum, yummmy, yum.

mango is having some break from durians, and i had one yummy creamy and sweet one, i ate one half and the next day the rest. today i have sweet durian free day.

i said good buy to avocados.

the digital photography course is over, it was fun, and we learned a bit there are a lot of nice pictures ahead...

raw fresh fruit drink to remember: apple mango orange and grapefruit mix.

our garden is beautiful and happy.  

fruit is it!!!

fruitarian life is sweet

sweet sweet sweet

i love sunflowers in our garden
i love sunflowers in our garden

Saturday, November 15, 2008

9 days on raw fresh fruit juices

were easy enjoyable and very beneficial as always. raw fresh fruit juices are easy to digest, they enter the bloodstream faster, and therefore fresher, than when the whole fruit is eaten, even when it is well liquefied in the mouth by chewing. i am aware that they are some who think, usually after reading somewhere about it, that raw fresh juices are not "healthy" or recommended. i am sure, if they would only have a go at it, they would see in a very short time, the TRUTH about raw fresh fruit juice goodness. well, it can be that some highly toxic people can feel a bit uneasy at times, but that is only due to detox, as while raw fresh fruit juices are entering the bloodstream, the body is happily detoxifying.

it is only the second time that me and mango drank a variety of raw fresh fruit on our regular monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast, usually we drink only oranges, grapes or watermelon. i observed there is not much difference if i drink mono or if i mix my raw fresh fruit drinks. i began to think that it may be the juices alone from which the body truly benefits, and not so much the mono regime.

we broke our yummy fruit drinking feast with magic durian, yum, yum, yum, and we continue to drink most of our fruit as always. some may think that drinking fruit is unnatural. i on the contrary, think that if i live in more natural surroundings, i would be in a paradise fruit forest, with such an abundance of yummy raw fresh fruit. because i do not believe that dried fruit or fruit frozen for too long, is truly  fresh and therefore should not be eaten. in my abundant fruit paradise i would naturally want just the best of the best that fruit can give me: its raw fresh juice.

the sunday market was fun and i am ready for the next one tomorrow.

the day before yesterday was a beautiful beach day, me and mango had 2 long swims even though the ocean was more cold than usual, and we charged our 'batteries' with powerful sun rays. yeah, the ocean was cold, but so beautifully blue and calm as a lake...and as always i felt amazing afterwards.

and we had fun on our digital camera course.

every day is sweet with yummy raw fresh sweet fruit
every day is sweet with my sweet sweetie mango
and it was the mighty raw fresh fruit that guided me to his life.


ps: today we just finished a very yummy "one apple one orange juice and almost one durian" mix. the durian was not particularly sweet and creamy, that is why. yum. i could eat it again. a not especially good durian became something rather special. durian is magic.

looking forward to my morning swim

Saturday, November 8, 2008

seventh day on fruit juice.

raw fresh fruit drinks are yummy, refreshing, life giving, and provide a way for the body to detox and heal itself more successfully than if just raw fresh fruit is eaten. it is almost like fasting, only more gentle.

today is our seventh day on fruit drinks and each drink is a treat. in the last 2 days we were drinking  orange and mango, pineapple apple orange, orange mango kiwi, cucumber with dash of tomato (only once), cucumber wit dash of zucchini (only once)

the day before yesterday we had sweet fruitarian fun under the sun on the beach. the ocean was a bit wild and cold but we had 2 good swims, it was a hot day, even though at times cloudy. on our way back we found some treasures to sell at the market.

enjoying every day, sun is shining, birds are singing, it is warm or hot, fruit is plentiful and delicious, me and mango we are enjoying our days and each others company.

life is beautiful

free monkey. thailand holiday with mango 2006

free monkey. thailand holiday with mango 2006

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the fourth day on our traditional monthly raw fresh fruit juice fun

began with a yummy mango orange drink, still our favourite, the mangoes are just heavenly and the valencia oranges sweet as...

the first day was a local sunday market one, and we had our first drink around 1pm, it was a freshly squeezed orange juice by mango, we drank one orange each. we arrived back in our shoebox around 3pm and we had several orange mango drinks til 6pm.

we prepaid for a spot at the local markets for 13 sundays, it was a good deal plus we have some stuff to sell. i truly enjoy interacting with other people and having a "little shop". i used to play as a kid at my grandmas making my little shop selling goods to my imaginary customers it was one of my many favorites, i never was and i never am bored. well, it is nice to be able to do what i always enjoyed, only on a different level and different form, i am more life experienced and my customers are not imaginary. i like the markets better than a shop because i can be outside.

on monday, the second day, we drank orange mango mix all day. on tuesday, the third day, we enjoyed a few mango orange drinks and two drinks made from raw fresh pineapple apple orange and kiwi, and one from pineapple apple orange mix. all raw fresh and very tasty. all 1/2 litre at times bit over as always.

yesterday, the third day, was for me a bit dramatic, i went trough mild detox, i had a few short mood swings, my emotions were running high, i wished i could stay in bed with a book, but i went along with mango to our second session of the digital camera for beginners course. we had a good time despite my "moods", we took some nice pictures and we learned some new stuff. from about 3pm my mood swings left me and i was back to myself.

all last week was peaceful relaxing and at times busy.

on the monday we had three awesome swims, the ocean was cold at first but in a few seconds very enjoyable, i was moving fast so i was able to stay in the water as long as i could. i love swimming. sun ray catching, relaxing, enjoying mango's company, we also munched on one big mango each and we used the skins for our skin.

on tuesday (last week - still) we had our first digital camera course day

on wednesday i visited a friend

on thursday a sweet day with mango only

on friday i visited another friend, i was traveling on public transport, i got a sore back from the bus seat and headache for a half hour from the city pollution

on saturday i visited the same friend as on wednesday.

all last week, before we started drinking only raw fresh fruit, we drank mostly orange mango mix, and we ate some avos, tomatoes, cucumbers and a few not so hot chillies. and a fair few magic sweet and yummy durians yum, yum, yum...

life is yummy.

monkey in thailand 2006 holiday with sweet mango

monkey in thailand 2006 holiday with sweet mango