Thursday, December 17, 2009

goodbye sydney

said me and mango, when we were finaly leaving our shoebox in the city, the day we were so much looking forward to became a reality and off we were to far north queensland.. leaving the city behind, traveling three thousand kilometres to our first destination, a big fruity proprety called fruitopia near mareeba, where we have been invited to stay for a while.

just a few days ago, before we left sydney, emile (director) and david (cameraman) arrived from the usa, and with enthusiasm began making the documentary movie about our fruitarian lifestyle, and they have been keeping pretty busy with the movie making since the day of arrival, til today. they are easy going, realaxed and open minded guys, and it is fun to be a part of their work. i was wondering how i was going to feel in front of the camera, and i learned i am relaxed, and for most of the time i just don't pay any atention to it.

we were traveling and filming as well for six days before we arrived at this place caled fruitopia. today we are here for our second day, but to me it feels like we have been here for ages. we are on the end of some country road, with fruit propreties all along the way, and we have seen mainly mango orchads. mangoes are already a few weeks in season in this part of oz, and it was a pure joy to see so many mangoes hanging down from the trees on long stems, actualy we have seen a lot and lot of mango trees blessed with abandance of yummy fruit troughout all of queensland.

while traveling we ate yummy cherries, durian, avocado, lychees (mostly), oranges or freshly squeezed orange juice, we also stopped at tropical fruit world in northern nsw, next to the qld border and emile bought us all different kinds of sapote fruit, my favorite was the yellow one, and pineapple and a few other bits and peaces of not so common tropical fruit, which we kept sampling on the way up north. we also shared some with three young english traveling girls, we also shared with them some words mostly about fruit and it all took a part in documentary movie making. we approached a few people on our way, talking about our fruity lifestyle. most people had never heard about fruitarians, i am not surprised, fruitarians are very rare in this world, especialy the ones like me and mango, who eat raw fresh fruit only.

well, it is nice to be at some destination after a week of traveling, fruitopia is a quiet and relaxing place with a fair bit of organic raw fresh fruit around, mainly mangoes, paw paws, ice cream beans, white, black and mamey sapote, and possibly other varieties of sapote, passion fruit, cherry tomatoes, bananas, jack fruit.. and i am sure there is more..

mango has been trying by phone to contact some people he used to know when he lived here, to get some info about suitable acomodation for us. so far, we are not having much luck getting hold of people..

winding down, enjoying much more fresh air, fruit and people..

life is beautiful


Fruity Jules said...

Dear Kveta. . .

I am thrilled to read about your new adventure. I know you have dreamed about this for a long time. I bet making the documentary is FUN. I'm so glad it is being made. The world needs to SEE and KNOW about this. Please keep us posted as we all love and care about you. Way to realize your dream, sister!

Love you,

kveta said...

sweet and fruity jules,

thankyou for your yummy note :) it is great to be out of sydney, and exiting looking for a dream home. we are surrounded by thousands of fruit trees, the birds are singing beautifully and even i sing with more joy and more frequently.

yes, making the documentary was fun.

keep sweet and fruity as you are

love you too,