Monday, March 23, 2009

i got carried away

with the czech language, and i had a break from writing in english. yes, i find some of the english grammar a bit difficult, but i still like to write in english, and the best for me would be to write in english and czech together. just use the words that suit the best for what i would like to say. this is the way that i at times hand write my personal notes.

me and mango we are continuing having one beautiful and fruitful day after another. even when things don't always not come out as we wish, we don't let it get to us and we smile it off... :) it is easy as we believe that everything happens for a reason.

last sunday, we missed out on our market day, it was raining at 5 in the morning, so mango came back to bed for more sweet sleep. and i slept as long as i needed, and when i woke up to a beautiful sunny day, mango was busy for a few hours, making some money, and we spent together the rest of the day.

this sunday we did the markets and it was fun, even though i was a bit sleepy around midday, and we did not make much money. the sun was shining and sky was blue, we relaxed, and we drank a fresh orange juice made by mango on the spot three times, and i ate 2 big bananas, mango had a little bit from me, and he also had two avocados. back in our shoebox, we enjoyed a raw fresh rockmelon drink, later on another one, and then as the last meal of the day, king of the fruit, the mighty and the most sweet durian. yum, yum, yum... this time creamy and juicy, with a lot of amazing flavours.

yes, the durians are still very tasty and we just can't get enough of them. so we are having one almost daily and just a few days ago we had two; we had one small but very creamy and delicious durian and i was craving another one so badly, that a few hours later mango left to get an another one, and we enjoyed the second very yummy durian of the day. and i was satisfied. i still enjoy bananas when they are available, and i sometimes eat just one or two, and at times four, five or six yummy bananas. today a girl from the next market stall gave us 2 huge lady finger bananas, i ate one soon after, yum. mango told her and her friend that we live on just fruit.

lately we are drinking lots of green fresh grapes, sweet rockmelons, watermelons, oranges, oranges pineapples and bananas mix, and we are eating, grapes, a little bit of watermelon, pealed tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers, hot, or less hot chillies. sweet tamarind. and mango only, avocado.

it is hot and sunny and me and mango are on the beach about twice a week, swimming and relaxing in the sun.

ripening on the porch

home grown bananas are getting ready :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i have a ticket

and i am going to fly away from sydney via abu dhabi and brussels to prague. then i will somehow travel in to a tiny town in the western part of czech republic, very near the german border, visiting my sweet mum, dad, sister and her 2 grown up kids and husband, they all share a house with a garden, only 2 minutes walking distance from the black forest. and i will be visiting some relatives and friends as well, and some will visit me at my mum's place.

i rang my mum last night, and i told her that i will arrive on 29th of may, and she was very pleased to hear that we are going to spend some time together soon, and we've already planned a holiday somewhere in southern europe by the sea, with her grandchild romana and romana's son david (3y), romana is the daughter of my brother dusan and she is like a daughter to me. and great friend, and twin. we share a very special relationship. i am so looking forward to spending some time with her, mum, and david together on our early summer holidays. i am also going to stay with romana and david at their place in as/ash, during my stay in the czech republic.

i also found a very good 3day art course for drawing and singing. i came across it on someone's czech traveling blog. and i would like to attend it.

i will return back in to mango's arms on 29th of july... and i am looking forward to it so much...

me and mango are having a good time as usual, yesterday we drank watermelon and we also shared 2 small very tasty durians, oh, heavens...

today we shared blended bananas in orange juice twice, pealed and chopped tomatoes, lebanese cucumber and chili, and orange juice.

we are postponing our juice feast, just because we feel like we want to eat some fruit as well. especially durians.

and 2 days ago we had a lovely time on the beach, swimming, relaxing while sunbasking and some walking. there were only a very few people around, for most of them the beach season is over. and i always feel energized and very good, after the euphoric nature's beauty treatment.

with raw fresh fruit and sweet Mango, life is beautiful

rainbow lorakeets

rainbow lorakeets on friend's balcony (oz)

life is sweet

Monday, March 9, 2009

still really enjoying our yummy durians

me and mango we are still really enjoying our yummy durians, and lebanese cucumbers and tomatoes are also very sweet and tasty, on top of it, we bought a box of amazingly yummy nectarines. so we are postponing our monthly raw fresh fruit juice feast. we are having grape juice daily two or three times a day. we are eating sweet nectarines and bananas as is separately and mono, or mushed up by fork. mango likes to add usually 1/2 avo as well.

yesterday was a market day and even though i had to wake up early (ten minutes to five) and i slept only for 3 hours, as is the case on most of our market sundays, and the day was busy, but we made only a little bit of money, i felt at peace, happy and i had great day anyway.

at the markets we had 2dl of raw fresh orange juice (9am) and around 11am a few nectarines and a bit later we shared one banana, around 2pm we had more nectarines and shared one banana a bit later after that. on our arrival back in the shoebox, we shared a very sweet green grape juice and about 40 minutes later we opened and indulged in a very unique durian with many new flavours. oh, the segments of fruit were huge, and i felt very blessed... two hours later we pealed and chopped lebanese cucumber and tomatoes, with red hot chili peppers. yum! and mango was already sleeping when i had about 3-4 nectarines.

it was a nice warm cloudy day with hot sunny patches, and toward the end of packing up, gentle rain began dropping and dripping down on us and all, and as soon as we finished and drove of, the rain became much more intense. it felt good to be safe under the car roof. and it was raining the whole night and early morning, then was only cloudy and now it is 14:00 and the yummy sunny sun came out to greet us all. i washed a few things by hand and decided to hang it out on the washing line a few hours ago, but it looked more like rain than sun, which my friendly neighbour, who i run in to, agreed with, and i told him, that i will just see what happens. and as we chatted away, it come to it that he offered me a clothes hanger that i could use for drying my washing indoors or on the balcony. i said, let me see it... and yes, it was just what me and mango had been looking for, for some time already, because we need one for the markets. mango is going to be pleased.

he is away working (gardening) for a few hours, and i've had a very nice and long hot bath followed by a refreshing cold shower and giggly euphoria. and i did some writing. i am organising meeting up some family and friends. also writing for my czech fruity blog, and at forum.

i love my peaceful and happy life

life is sweet

ja a jack fruit

me with one of my favorite jack fruit at bangalow market at far north nsw the rainbow reagon. holidays with mango 2007

Saturday, March 7, 2009

me and Mango, we continue enjoying delicious durians

autumn is here, and it still feels like summer, days are remaining hot and sunny. just how i like it.

enjoying one fruity day after another, sharing eating yummy durians, sultana grapes, bananas, tomatoes and lebanese cucumbers, hot chilies, and Mango only tasty avos, drinking orange pineapple banana smoothies, green grape juice, mango orange smoothies, all fresh and raw.

me and mango are busy and days are passing by very fast. i am enjoying writing in the czech language, it is such a breeze compared to english, where i have to watch more closely at what i am doing, and even then i make a lot of mistakes, and i am lucky that i have my sweet Mango to help me with their corrections and that is the way i am learning to master the english language and it also helps me to let go if i am not sure while writing, and look in to it with him, it saves me a lot of time and i can write in a better flow. yeah, the czech language is very easy for me, i do not have to wonder about grammar or spelling it all just comes up/out naturally. i've hardly written anything in czech for many years now, and only lately i've been feeling the need/want for it. well, now i am doing it and it feels like i've found a new exciting skill, but i already master it.

i also returned to the czech forum with a fair few raw food enthusiasts on their way to where ever they would like to be with their eating habits. i was happy see that i was welcomed back with joy and appreciation by many, especially by those who believe in raw fresh fruit and are each on their individual unique path to get there. they are some old and some new raw fruit and raw food earthlings happy to see me. it took me by surprise and it filled me with a lot of joy. and my czech fruity blog is already well visited. it is awesome to see such a big interest from such a small country.

lately i had very strong feelings that i may go this year to visit my family and friends in the czech republic, and i was pushing it away thinking to myself why do i feel this way? it is a bit early to go. but as time went the feelings were getting stronger and i stopped pushing it away and i began looking for reasons as to why i should go... and i had a few reasons in no time, so soon after i thought it may be a bit expensive to go and mango may not like the idea for whatever reason as well... and so yesterday i decided to tell him all about it and see what he thinks. he said: "if you feel like going, then go for it". so i felt relieved that there is no obstacles and i finally decided to go.

so i mentioned it on forum and we are already organising with a few girls a durian get together. let's see what will happen.

i am happy i've begun to write more and read less, just as i wanted.

the healing sensations are still with me, but they don't come so often.

me and mango we are enjoying sharing our life together more and more as time goes by. i am going to miss him when i go overseas, but returning back to him is going to be very exciting and beautiful. we will keep in touch by phone and net.

and after a year or two i am back in to bananas, i crave them and eat them, at times 5-7 for a meal, or 2 soon after another fruit meal.

almost daily and it is always exciting like a brand new durian experience for us.

life is beautiful

langsat and durian

juicy langsat creamy druitan and little me in the mirror... sweet fruit feast accompanied by sweet Mango who is close by. thailand holidays 2006

i am on top of the world

i am on top of the world :)