Friday, June 27, 2008

fruitarian report from harley

taken in the same studio with the same lighting and hair cut. a year apart.
ive eaten no salt, seaweed,oil, rancid nuts, honey or gourmet raw etc since october when i finally got responsible with my fat intake and food quality.
both photos im 100% raw. but we can see big variations in a diet that excludes the toxic raw foods... the photo of me in the red jersey is eating a higher fat raw diet. more coco's, nuts, avo, etc plus salt and condiments. the other photo is me liv'n the real raw deal. no gourmet raw food, salt, condiments, rancid nuts etc. eating under 10% of my calories coming from fat. eating over 80% of my calories from carbs ie fruit.  which has given me increased performance on the bike. a recent win in the last 24 hour race i did proved that to myself. ive done a few solo 24 rides now and that was the worst conditions but the easiest physically and mentally.
for those that havent read '80/10/10' by dr douglas reckon your gonna hate me for not telling you sooner about it!

01.jpg 01.jpg picture by Fruitarian

02.jpg 02.jpg picture by Fruitarian

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biological war, report from fruitarian alien...

on planet earth, there are so many unwell people of all ages who are dying, suffering long painful deaths after being attacked by biological weapons; the deadly chemicals. they are the cause of cancer, and all illness. the deadly chemicals are abundantly present in all that most earthlings drink and eat, they call it food and  in fact it is not a food, but deadly chemicals, as the only natural food for earthlings is raw fresh fruit, as has been proved by only a very few fruitlings who i have been able to find so far.

destructive and deadly chemicals are also present in cosmetics, cleaning products, clothes, ...etc, yes, they are almost everywhere...planet earth is suffering in the midst of biological war. the daily statistics of death related to illness produced by biological war is high. and before their long painful deaths, they are living in the valley of sadness, lost, without awareness and self.

i also observed that some earthlings are afraid of aliens, i think they should be afraid of their self destructive nature, influenced by toxic weapons of biological war.

at times i wonder; will earthlings find their  way to raw fresh fruit revolution and victory, or will they continue to live in the sufferings of biological war?

Picture126.jpg picture by Fruitarian
my spaceship/one of...

Picture124.jpg picture by Fruitarian

and this is how you get there...:)
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Friday, June 20, 2008

end of mono raw fresh fruit juice feast and one year anniversary..

yes, another successful and unique fruitarian experience is in the past now, but also in presence and in the future, as all i gained from it is with me. it was also our one year happy anniversary of our monthly raw fresh fruit drinking feasts. 12 amazing fruitful journeys to remember and with many new ones to look forward to. l am so thankful for having fruit and it's wisdom in my life.  here is what me and mango drunk this time...and bit more about it all from

DSC03977.jpg DSC03977.JPG picture by Fruitarian

sweet mango, after one of our fruit juice feast

we are getting some sunshine but lot of clouds and some showers as well. and lots of


(only six) in last 3 days , today is durian free day as mango is fasting. durian is for as the most exciting fruit. it is always a celebration when we share one.  and  how  about 

DSC04798.jpg DSC04798.JPG picture by Fruitarian

happy and inspiring on grape juice feasting caterpillar in our!

life is sweet
love is sweet
fruit is sweet
sweet, sweet, sweet... :)
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Friday, June 13, 2008

mono raw fresh fruit juice feast

oh, yes, me and sweet mango we are feasting on raw fresh fruit juices and today is our fifth day. we do not follow any rules, we just follow our body intelligence, and mostly we agree what and when we want to drink/eat sweet sweet sweet fruit. very interesting. well, this time it is very


we made different choices:

mango is drinking raw fresh new season oranges,
i am drinking grapes.

we use to drink at same time and would have same amount of juice.
this time there are differences:
mango    kveta


4 (5dl)     4 (4dl)


4 (5dl)     2 (4dl)


2 (5dl)     2 (2dl)


4 (5dl)     4 (1dl, 1dl, 2dl, 2dl)


3 (5dl)     5 (1dl, 1dl, 1dl, 2dl, 3dl)

and from day one i am feeling as good as if i was


deeply blessed experiencing euphoric natural high. i never fasted on some time regime as it is popular by many. i fast only when i am not hungry. not because is monday, or fool moon, etc. i also do not have any time frames or limits i give my body total freedom and i follow it's intelligence; that is why i fast only when i am not hungry.  to  eat  or  not  to  eat just because someone else said so, is lucking self freedom and common sense. there is only one answer  to any question about how much, how often one should eat or fast: eat/drink fresh raw fruit when you are hungry and fast when you are not. those whom do not follow such easy simple rule of nature, are experiencing


so common in raw food and greens nuts etc. "fruitarian" and very small fruitarian world, where eating toxic and addictive cooked food at times is to believe to be ok. well, naturally, they get so sick from eating it, that some decide on some fasting regime by some "fasting guru" and they usually fail. so they feel bad and get on some toxic "food" binge and vicious circle is born. (this is just one picture of many).


and there is only one way to experience healthy thirst free life: join live and enjoy raw fresh fruit revolution. thirst is born from dehydration, dehydration is born from unnatural eating.  we all deserve


life is precious, i am giving to myself the best, i deserve it. and i love it. so simple, so powerful, so giving...beautiful and magic.

love is all

white  by kveta

life is      
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Friday, June 6, 2008

an apple a day

while waiting in supermarket check out queue for getting our delicious durians get scanned, the beautiful close up picture of the apple make me pick up the  leaflet saying: why we say an apple a day, wow, i thought this sounds interesting i like to see some


for change, as usually it is negative messages, how fruit is full of pesticides, sugar, or just nutritionless water, teeth enamel destructor,  too much acid, etc., i this time the message was a positive one. this is what i like to see: the positive fruit education. here are some bits and peaces from positive apple education leaflet:

have an "apple break" for four times the antioxidants of tea.

it may surprise you to learn that apples have a much higher antioxidant content than traditional superfoods such as green tea. almost four times in fact.
these antioxidants help neutralise free-radicals, those highly reactive and unstable compounds produced by stress, pollution,and other scourges or our modern world. and while the human body has its own protection against free radicals, a vital second line of defence involves dietary antioxidants.

so next time someone decides to put the kettle on, suggest an apple break instead.


fight aging with a few crunches

we've all seen those late night infomercials promising youth and vitality through the use of an ab-curler or tummy trimmer, but the truth is, one of the simplest ways to fight aging is to stop punishing your obliques and start crunching on a red delicious.

all those oxidising factors we learned about on monday can have a devastating effect on the cells in our bodies and eventually, their handwork turns up looking back at us from the bathroom mirror. ouch!

this oxidative stress has also been linked to a variety of degenerative diseases including cancer heart disease and neurological degeneration such as alzheimers and parkinsons disease. but,with the combination of antioxidants, fibre, potassium and minerals, apples are an ideal choice to help the body feel younger inside and out.


an apple today just might help you breathe easier

in australia today, around 15% of children and 11% of adults have been diagnosed with asthma.

however a number of studies have consistently linked apples to asthma protection and improved lung function. and if you're mum to be,the news gets even better. new research also suggests that mothers who eat apples during pregnancy may protect their children from developing asthma later in their life.

so it seems apples can improve lung function and help reduce the risk of asthma before even take a breath.


eat an apple to help keep the cardiovascular surgeon away.

cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in australia. it kills an australian every ten minutes. so while we are only just beginning to discover the affect apples can have on cardiovascular health, adding an apple a day to your diet may just keep thing sticking along nicely.


eat a dozen potentially cancer cell inhibiting compounds.

more recent european research has indicated that eating an apple a day or more was linked to a reduced incidence for  different cancers including oral,  larynx, esophageal, breast, ovary, prostate and colorectal.

so while no one is calling apples a cure,it seems an ounce of prevention may just come in 1kilo bags.


lose weight by eating more. apples that is, not pies.

obesity and diabetes are rapidly becoming the most important health issues in the developed world.

and it appears apples may have a role to play in their reduction-and in ours.

when you consider they have more fiber than many leading breakfast cereals (without all the added sugar and salt), as well as being a good source of potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin c, it might make more sense to stop counting calories and start counting galas.(gala is name for kind of apple like granny smith)


give in to original sin and have an apple

the humble apple may be a goody two shoes when it comes to health, but it also possesses rather seductive qualities. just ask eve.perhaps if the serpent had chosen a lesser fruit, we'd all still be naked in paradise.

but when you  consider the numerous  ways apples can be consumed; whole, juiced, grated, etc. you can see why she found the offer of an apple so hard to resist.

and given howconvenientthey are,withthatready  to  go  biodegradable packaging, sweet juicy flavor and colorful skin, you might feel a little tempted yourself.


i like to add that all raw fresh fruit is the best and only natural food for humans, and that all fruit is waiting for to be recognised, so we can all enjoy life free from all kinds of sickness. 

back to apples: me and mango are not big fans of them, we just agreed  not  to  buy  them,  as  they  mainly  end  up  in  compost.  the best fruit is the kind you love the best. choice is yours, as all fruit is packed with life giving and healing goodness.

me and mango

besides oranges we bought 5 boxes of green and  black grapes, we enjoyed 2 huge very tasty durians, some avos, green capsicum (only me), that was yesterday, today is mango fasting and i had 2 times 5dl of very sweet grape juice.

yes, still cloudy and rainy

yes, life is beautiful

cherryguava027.jpg picture by Fruitarian

cherry guava

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

is ORGANIC FRUIT essential?

is ORGANIC FRUIT essential to live on raw fresh fruit alone?

i say no, it is not essential, i live on raw fresh fruit mainly from fruit shops or markets, that depend on my location, rarely at supermarkets, for many years now, and i am living satisfied fruitarian existence free from any medication or supplements.

surely i am aware that organic fruit is the BEST, but what kind of organic fruit? there are many organic ways to fertilize, producing top soil, and pesticide. i myself would not like eating fruit if i knew it was fertilize with blood and bone, or fish powder...etc. reality is i do not have control over how my fruit was fertilized etc. but i have and use


and this is how i pick my fruit:

i use common sense and i avoid expensive fruit, as it is out of season (so i am contributing $ for storage in toxic gas, waxing etc.) more money i pay more toxic the fruit is as toxins are not cheap.  so i always go for CHEAP FRUIT :)

i  look at  fruit  and  i  can  intuitively feel if that fruit is healthy, i see it's life radiance.

then i touch and smell the fruit and i feel again its freshness and its aroma is very pleasing.

if possible i taste the fruit, once i taste it i know for sure how


i am enjoying with joyful joy eating is. yes, i can recognize healthy fruit just like i can recognize healthy people: fruitarians. as only rawfreshfruitonly fruitarian can experience the best possible, as it is the only natural food for humans.

i also believe that raw fresh fruit is alive not dead and it have power to detox its body. fridge and freeze for example contribute the toxicity of fruit. i store and eat and drink my raw fresh fruit at room or outdoor temperature. i am dreaming and planing on moving in to tropics and grow the worlds


how am i going to do it? easy. with love and fruit, my friendly educators of common sense = wisdom. the best and healthiest fruit for me is the fruit i am going to grow for myself. and yes, time is near, only a bit and one year...

yes, i will write a book about it.

yes, it is still raining.

yes, me and mango are still fruitarians enjoying juices from green grapes or oranges, eating some avos tomatoes and very few mandarins.

i love fruity life, fruitful life is beautiful

DSC00327.jpg ja a ocean picture by Fruitarian
me and ocean :)
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

fruit in season

yes, winter time arrived with yummy winter fruit season: citrus fruit, golden kiwi are our favorites. i love fruit seasons, it is always so exciting, always something new a new season of sweet and juicy oranges with it's delicious fresh refreshing life giving juices. i always get cravings for seasonal fruit few weeks before it arrive and i am joyfully looking forward to enjoy them with joy! yes, raw fresh fruit give me lot of joy, euphoria and giggles.

me and mango we are eating only raw fresh fruit in season. i do not even have appetite or crave the other season fruit. raw fresh fruit in it's season, that is what i want, and i am lucky i give to myself what i want, happy to know what is the best for me. natural body wants naturally natural food: raw fresh fruit in it's season.

once, about 7years back i was visiting czech republic and i was mad about one kind of apple and so i took about 4kg with me when me and my mum left by bus for 3 weeks holiday in south italy. but from day one i lost interest in the czech apples, and i was enjoying the very yummy persimmons, peaches, grapes, figs, etc. from very friendly and cheap local fruit shop just around the corner, yeah, we were getting our fruit daily on the way from the beach. also as gift from one gentlemen: freshly picked figs daily. now, me and my mum we do not like waist anything, especially food, but we just did not want and never ate a czech apples. we gave some away, and left the rest behind...i find it interesting how quickly my body react to different climate. so when i travel i naturally always want  eat the fruit in the season of the country i am in.

yesterday and today is raining, it is nice change after sunny may. the land is happy, including our garden.

me and mango we are sharing juices from green grapes, and eating durians, avos, tomatoes, cucumbers, chili, golden kiwis, persimmons, pineapples, bananas, i am sure i forgot something...

me: lately not much reading and writing, lot of thinking, relaxing. long hot baths followed by very cold short showers. enjoying fruity days with the most sweet mango.

life is sweet

DSC00719.jpg picture by Fruitarian

raw fresh fruit is so beautiful and tasty...
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