Saturday, September 27, 2008

my english is

improving bit by bit, especially from the time i am with mango, he is showing me all my mistakes, and because i have used them for such a long time, it is taking time to change the bad habits. i can see how i am  programed like a computer and i act like a robot, doing things automatically. i reached the point, where i feel uncomfortable  to write  in  english,  as i am aware of how many mistakes i am making and how much more i still have to learn. i spoke about it with mango and i asked him, if he would help me to correct  my  blog  posts,  he  said  yes,  so  we  did  the 2 last  posts  today.  i am so lucky to have such a helpful sweet heart. he is sleeping now, so we will correct this text tomorrow.

today was another warm and sunny day with an all blue sky.  our first meal was a very sweet orange juice, a durian picnic next to our garden later on was a big disappointment, as the durian fruit was almost tasteless and sweet less, so we exchanged it for a sweet yummy one...and we ended up eating it in the park just above the beach, with a beautiful view. the ocean was so calm and so blue and the shallow water was so green, the durian was magic, so was the long relaxing time afterwards. about 2 hours later we agreed we would like some orange juice so we left our special place and arrived at another one..and yes, we had an orange juice, and a bit later we had a paw paw picnic under the sun, yum, yum, our backyard, and some kids arrived and chatted with us, and a 4year young boy told us that he want to kill all aliens, and it was almost impossible to talk him out of it...

when the sun left we left as well and mango made for us an apple orange banana drink and we watched some movies

life is
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Friday, September 26, 2008

i was shot today

it happened very fast and it took me by surprise, i was enjoying the warm spring sun on me, around hair flying in the gentle breeze  and  my  hands  were  busy  hanging  some  freshly  washed (in cold water only) clothes, looking forward to meeting sweet mango in the garden as soon as i finished, to join him in some gardening, smiling feeling so blessed and suddenly i can feel someones eyes on me, so i turned my head in that direction and i saw just for a split second about a 5year young small boy with his mum, in one hand he held hers and in the other hand he had a gun, and as soon as i looked at him....he shot felt like for real, only pain and death were not present and i thought to myself, oh, how easy it is to kill someone, and so fast that one does not have time to say is not just the kid with his toy in my eyes, it is clearly a conditioning of the mind.

besides that, today me and mango enjoyed: orange juice, orange juice, 5dl and raw fresh, avo, tomato, and very yummy paw paw... raw fresh fruit every day, magic durians, strawberries, rock melons, oranges, tomatoes, avos, all so yum!

i do not have gun.

all raw fresh fruit lifestyle is about love

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for all :)
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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the zakynthos holiday with my sweet mum

was very successful, oh, yeah, we were looking forward to our love sun sea and raw fresh fruit holiday as always, because we always have a beautiful time.

the greek island zakynthos, we had seen from air just few minutes before landing,  welcomed us with very hot 40+ sunny morning, it was the most hot day of our stay, it was usually around 37+, me and my mum we love hot sunny days. it is interesting for me to see how she always changes, it is like she raised from death. she is so happy she is almost always smiling, she often repeats that she does not need much to be happy in her life, just love, peace, sun, sea and yummy food...

well, some "food" she eats i consider stinky and yucky, just it's smell can make me sick, but she ate very little of it. in the 11days she had 1can of dead sardines, and 50g of some long lasting salami. rest of her diet was 80%raw fresh fruit including juices, 10%steamed vegetables, 10%bread, margarine, black coffee.  she lost 4kg in 11days

swimming as she does, holding onto her air pillow , happy just like the little kids around us, she spend most of her time in the sea, while i was relaxing on the sand enjoying the hot sun, taking a few swims for around 20minutes or so. we were on the beach every morning after showering and breakfast, then we had a  shower again and something to eat/drink, followed by a siesta in bed (full on relaxation) at times chatting, then shower, beach, shopping, shower, eating/drinking reading tarot cards, chatting, singing, often siting on our balcony.

we went twice for a walk but we did not like the place so much: too many buildings, not enough nature.

the turtles were too far away for us to see. we could have gotten a boat trip to do so, but we were told about the the noisy engines and the loud music and a probable hot day on the ship without a swim or shower, so we decided to spend our day as usual, to make sure it was going to bee a good one...

nectarines, grapes, watermelons oranges and grapefruits, all local, were so much sweeter and yummier than the once we were getting  in the czech republic. we juiced and drank all the citrus fruit, and most of  the very sweet watermelons

yum yum yummy yum...

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i am back in the sweet land of oz

the place on earth i always miss when i leave for overseas, back in the sweet arms of sweet mango, the sweetest person i ever met.

i flew with russian airoflot from prague to china, but as soon as i boarded the qantas ship, i was at home, feeling so happy to see smiling friendly people again, even my fruit platter meals improved, still they were bit tragic, as some melons were a long way from being ready, hard and tasteless...but that is ok with me because i am an experienced air traveler, so i know what to expect and i take my raw fresh fruit with me. i do that even on earth, when i am visiting other earthlings, or i just do not eat.

the trip was very long: i left my mum on wednesday early morning and i arrived to mango on friday around midday. i spent the whole day in shanghai airport, but i did not mind, i was so glad that i was leaving for the place where i truly wanted to be...

happy lucky blessed me

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enjoying and sharing magic durians with sweet mango...

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