Monday, December 31, 2007

juicy weekend

me and mango drank blended sweet watermelon all weekend. on saturday one big one and one small one, on sunday one big one. i was bit hungry at night but i there was no melon left and i would not cut whole one, to keep it fresh for the morning. i always avoid keeping  open fruit over night, as fresh is the best.

mango is fasting today and i was drinking one small very yummy watermelon. i am feeling awesome most of the time,  today detox from 7am - 1pm;strong emotions, negative thoughts, almost want to die at one moment. i got very sleepy for 15minutes, after i pick up happy positive energy and it is still with me.

saturday was beach morning/3hours, and me and mango had great time as usual: swim & sun. swimming while watermelon feasting is more fun. everything about it is so much more beautiful...

last 2 nights i am thinking about other fruit like durian and cherries, but not for long.

life is beautiful,

i wish fruitful 2008 to all,


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Friday, December 28, 2007

fruitarian bliss

yes, today was another blissful fruitarian day, mango was fasting as almost always on friday, and i was enjoying watermelon drinks. i drank one not so big, very sweet and yummy watermelon and i ate the last small bit.

mango slept in /unusual/so i went for small wanerwalk and i visited our happy garden as well,  and  just  when  i walked  back in  our  shoebox,  mango  was ready  to  go  and  bury  our compost  /watermelon skins only/ in garden. when he returned i was ready to jump in bath, but mango said he would like to go for some sun busk and swim on the beach. i said ok let's do it.

oh, yes, it was very sunny and hot perfect beach day. we had some relaxing time sun busking  and  then  we  jumped  in  the  blue  ocean, swimming floating...water was bit warmer than usual and very pleasant. we left soon after as there were people pouring in big time, with their stinky sun creams, cigarettes, and near by sailing club was pouring another toxic fumes from it's kitchen.

back in the shoebox, i had my bath and then i jump in to bed for some reading and i end up drifting in to peaceful sleep in no time...for 2 hours.

mango went for walk on to another beach to get some seaweed for garden and on the way back he got some hay as well.

i woke up just when mango returned, and soon after we went on our sunny big bench to get some more sun rays.

we enjoyed lazy relaxing night. last night i end up writing text for my webpage. i always feel great after some writing.

i am feeling all day very peaceful, happy, like little kid, content...with plenty of watermelon energy.

life is sweet
strawberries in our garden
strawberries in our garden were eaten by garden pets. me and mango don't mind sharing.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

watermelon juice feast

is so awesome. today me and mango shared 1big and 1small watermelon. we drank them blended each time 5dl. the first one was very sweet and yummy the second small one was bit less sweet, we did enjoy our drinks anyway.

today i wee more often and i had 3times lot of  watermelon color poo. after i woke up, in the early afternoon and early night.

i was lazy all day, and i the morning after elimination i had blended watermelon with mango in the bed and soon after i drifted in to sweet sleep for 2 hours.
i spend most of the day in bed reading book about self esteem. i was feeling bit down at times but peaceful and i also knew it is not me but detox. around 5pm i began picking up on lot of energy.  i  did  same  thing few times with orange juice feast only, after fast, and i find that watermelon is more powerful. it is like melon is 80% as if fasting and orange 50%. i love sweet watermelons and i love to drink them, i have lot of watermelon days in last 22 years and always feel awesome while i am drinking raw fresh watermelon day after day. wow to magic watermelon. oh, i love to see them our garden.

mango spend some time in the garden having fun with plants and he went for wanderwalk in little bay, and he took lot of lovely pictures on the way.

i wrote same text for my website and i lost it /error/ so i was bit upset for some time, on and of. i am fully over it now. mango is great help.

i feel all day as kid. i love it. i love life.

life is magic....
baby avocado tree in our garden
baby avocado tree in our garden
dreamy watermelon
dreamy watermelon

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dry fast

yesterday was second day of dry fast, i forgot mention that me and mango do not drink while fasting.

i was feeling nicely lazy and very relaxed, content.

i did visit friend for few hours, she was sick /digestion/ and very pale. she felt like she could eat only mango and nectarine, from all food she had. as soon as she finished eating big mango she got her color back and she did look and feel much better. i love to see the positive power of fruit on others.

last night while sleeping i was waking up dreaming about having blended watermelon drink, drifting  peacefully  in  to  sleep  again, same thing happened several times. it was very sweet i felt like very little kid. i love drinking  fruit  juices. 

today, soon after i woke up, mango said to me: "would you like a watermelon juice? i said "yeah, i love to have one, only half  glass /2.5dl/please."it was truly like drink from heavens, we shared sweet watermelon drink in the bed. we were drinking blended watermelons /2 small ones/and mango had 2 avos and much later 4 tomatoes.

i had after every drink dark pink watermelon poo.

i spend some time in our garden with mango, today and yesterday morning. today we went for wanderwalk and we adored many plants, in the gardens on our way. yeah, we forgot take camera with us. we had lot of fruitarian fun under the sun.

life is amazing

one love,
fruit tree flower
first nectarine flower from our garden. this sweet tree is not with us any longer as some very sick person /i know whom/took some our trees away.

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Monday, December 24, 2007


me and mango agreed on fasting in times of holidays when most of the people are traditionally overeating on lot of toxic stuff. i am free of such seen, since i live in australia. yes, 22years of my freedom,not only from toxic food, but also toxic habits/ceremonies etc.

to my surprise i was not hungry at all. i even hardly thought about yummy raw fresh fruit. i am happy i can fast sooo easily, effortlessly..i was looking forward to fasting, i enjoy my days without food, i love to have rest from eating. i also enjoy not being concern about food and have my mind free from it.

and i prefer less visits to toilet, today only in the morning and at night. /few times/

i all and all i feel better. my spirit is rejoicing while i am fasting.

today was not so hot day but it was sunny so mango's invitation in the morning garden was difficult to refuse. i took some pictures, same yesterday, i love taking pictures of plants.

we were busy all day, with relaxing brakes, and relaxing lazy night.

life is beautiful,

love all,
baby mulberries  in  our  garden by  me  few  months  ago..

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

fruit feast

yes, today was another fruit feast day. since i live on raw fresh fruit only i am truly enjoying  eating. and i am naturally  so  thankful  for  all  yummy  fruits.  i  like  to eat  slowly i always did. i was pushed into eating fast many times by many people including teachers in kindergarten, and my father...well no one did succeeded i just naturally could not swallow  bits  and  peaces  of  anything.  i  could  take  medication  for  cold & flu only crashed in to powder /by mum/

today me and mango did feast on blended watermelon, avos, durian, lychees, tomatoes, around 6:30pm we had few bits of yummy durian we saved from one we munched on earlier, we both felt we want more, so at 7pm we went and got  one. yes we shared sweet and creamy durian, our last food for some time. tomorrow  is  fasting  day  for  us.

mango walked of for swim in the ocean, but he only took some pictures and went back as there were way to many people and dogs.

i was reading in bed and later on working on my website.

in the morning me and mango had lot of fruitarian fun under the sun in our tiny big garden. first baby tomato fruits are getting bigger each day and also new flowers are appearing  in  abundance. this is only the beginning and already so much joy.

with magic fruit life is sweet

beautiful flowers for everyone

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land rights

i was born on planet earth with no money in my pocket. yet, i have to pay rent to reside here. did i created the earth and the universe? did any other human did? why do i have to pay someone for something what is not theirs? i believe i/we have right to reside on planet earth for free and move as we i wish without passport and money in my pocket. i believe i have right to live freely on planet earth. earth is in chains and so am i. our freedom is taken away by greed. it is time for cultivating spirit of love & sharing.

only love  can save us. only love can free us from chains. the one whom truly love understand the nature of fruit. being fruitarian is act of love & sharing.

mango was fasting on friday, and i enjoyed my first mango of the day on our local beach. oh, yes, finally lovely beach day arrived. it was so sweet to wake up to hot sunny morning, and soon after sun basking relaxing enjoying every second of my existence. i swam 3 times. my swimming fitness is increasing even after winter break. i love love love swimming.

and i love love love raw fresh fruit.  on friday it was one mango as is, much later 2 mangoes as is, later, cucumber, tomato, avo, at night 3mangoes blended in orange juice freshly made from raw fresh oranges. yum. yum. yum.

saturday me and mango shared: magic durian, apricots, cherries, longan, lychee, avos, tomatoes, cucumber. this is the fruit we are sharing almost always this yummy summer season.
durian art
durian art by mango

life is awesome

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

happy fruitarian

i am happy fruitling. with raw fresh fruit i feel almost always happy, peaceful and content.

true is at times like after watching crude oil documentary last night, i may get bit upset. never for long. i believe in fruit revolution. there is need for lot of energy for toxic "food" production. raw fresh fruit is most easy food to produce. fruit is life giving. there is no need for endless fields of grains, sugars, legumes, seeds, vegetables etc. no need for "food" industry.

me and mango sharing colorful sweet fruit: we  drink daily very yummy watermelon blended, always different and full of surprises durian, avos, tomatoes, cucumbers /only me/, also in last few days paw paw, cherries,  longan,  lychee,  and  very  tasty mangoes.

still waiting for a beach day. showers are great, garden is very happy. everything is growing fast.

life is beautiful,

love all,

lovely flowers by mango

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unknown fruit

any guesses what this fruit is called?

have a sweet yummy day

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Monday, December 17, 2007

magic fruit

give me strength to live in confused world. with my clear mind i feel at times like an alien. i wish i was born on fruit planet where fruit is natural food for every happy and peaceful creature. free of killing.

me and mango do not visit beach on weekends as it is full of people and dogs. on saturdays i usually visit a friend. this saturday another friend was visiting as well and we had amazing conversation. it was like i was reading her mind. she ask me if i am psychic. i said yes i am.

on sunday me and mango got some fruit: 3 durians, 1box of mangoes, cherries, apricots, white nectarines, watermelons, tomatoes, avos.

on saturday we enjoyed drinking blended sweet watermelon, and we ate some very yummy red paw paws, longan, nectarines, tomato, cucumber avo.

on sunday magic durian, yum, yum, yum, apricots, cherries, avos, tomatoes, later on cucumber and much later  white nectarines, only me.

some tomatoes mango planted and is taking care of  in our garden are flowering and there are few adorable tiny baby tomatoes as well. and yes, lot of watermelons seedlings are everywhere...and some paw paws.

still waiting for nice beach day weather. today is cloudy and showery.

life is sweet

i love flowers

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Friday, December 14, 2007

80 bilion

cans of soft drinks /soda/ is consumed in usa in one year. that is lot of sugar, lot of metal, etc

thanks magic fruit i am never thirsty. thirst = dehydration. raw fresh fruit contain the best juice. it cannot be compared with the water. with raw fresh fruit there is no need for water to drink at all.  that is why i do not have to wonder what kind of water i should drink, or how much...and so on. 

me and mango are enjoying our summer fruits, logan, nectarines, durians, cherries, avos, pealed tomatoes, and /mainly me/pealed libanise cucumbers.

today we went on beach but left as it was busy like on the weekends, i was ok with is as for me was bit cold today /22+/ mango was  fasting and i drank one watermelon, and ate one nectarine,  2 avo, 2 tomato, 2 small cucumber. me and mango we always peal tomato and cucumber.

day was nice and sunny, early in the morning i went for wanderwalk and i took pictures of some flowers.

me and mango enjoying our peaceful relaxing days, and each other.

life is awesome.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


is popular topic. last few years i can clearly see big changes, weather patterns are more extreme. there is not enough rain or too much rain...etc. we all know about it. it is obvious now everywhere.

with fruitarian lifestyle, we can safe not only planet but also ourself. raw fresh fruit is most environmentally friendly food. best for our planet and us..

me and mango we are enjoying and sharing raw fresh fruit every eating day.  in last few days we let in to our bloodstream  yummy  durians,  nectarines,  apricots,  red  paw  paw,  longan, mango, tomato, libanise cucumber, avocado, cherries, pineapple, watermelon.

we enjoy our fruit as is and almost always mono. mango is more mono than me. we drank watermelon, i ate some as well. pineapple was too sour to eat, but juice was ok.

summer fruit is this year very very tasty and prices are more friendly. most of fruit is half price, compare to last year.

looking forward to beach days, lately is bit cloudy and showery, not sooo hot.

me and mango enjoying peaceful relaxing fruitful time together.

life is sweet.


ibis just around the mango

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Friday, December 7, 2007

i am

reading true story, by sally morgan: wanamurraganya the story of jack mcphee, in the bed.  this quote is clear about how essential is to be in right environment: "there were rules at the settlement for everything, and i have to admit i found it very frustrating because i wasn't used to living in such a strict way. funnily enough though, i soon found myself becoming just like everyone else, and accepting that i was living in a gaolhouse. it was the kind of place that stopped you from wanting to really better yourself.

surely it is not only food what make us.

this morning i was reading again, relaxing in the bed, breakfast was also in bed 5dl of yummy watermelon, blended.

around midday me and mango went for swim and sun. we had fun as always, and today i swam as far as mango, usually i am to cold to swim as far. that made me happy.

later, hot bath, cold shower, reading /spaceship/ viewing some videos for bb. me and mango are getting excited about the fact that i may be in big brother house.

tonight i rang my sweet mum and she was bit busy, so we talk only 20minutes. she said ring on monday. she won very expensive holiday in sardinia for 2. she is going in europian spring time. wow, i am very happy for her. and lately she is happily telling me how she is looking after herself eating more fruit & veg. she sound more lively. unreal.

mango was today fasting and i enjoyed not too big and very sweet watermelon, some blended some as is, one nectarine, 2 avos, 2 tomatoes, 1 tiny cucumber /libanise as usual/

not long after we returned from beach short lived big storm arrived.  tomatoes in garden was singing with joy as all plants, oh yeah, lot and lot of baby watermelons are sprouting out everywhere. i love power of life.

life with sweet mango, love, yummy fruit, magic sun and ocean is truly wonderful.

grape flowers
beautiful grape me

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vote for me if..

you want to see me in the  big brother house. i would like to go there to promote fruitarian lifestyle, so far almost unknown.

click here:

beautiful mulberries

yummy and beautiful mulberries

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

2 durian

today was 2 durian day. one for breakfast in bed other one for diner. me and mango also shared apricots, nectarines, mangoes, avos, cucumber/only me/and tomatoes. one banana  /only me/

i had another lazy day reading in bed, about midday mango come and ask me if i like to go for swim, i said no and in second he was sleeping, and in second i drifted in to peaceful sleep as well. when i woke up i had relaxing lemon bath and after euphoric cold shower. later me and mango had fun creating my web pages.

morning was gloomy and rainy from 11am bright sunny day.

me and mango had peaceful and happy day


yesterday was sunny day. me and mango went get some delicious fruits. we got 3 durians, 2 trays of mangoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, 2 watermelons, longans, apricots, 5 small bananas.

soon after we arrived back in to shoebox, we shared yummy durian, and the rest of the day and night we had longans, apricots, nektarines, tomatoes, avos, all very yummy.

we had very sweet day. life is awesome.

sweet rose

sweet rose by me

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

fruitarian & durian

yes, i love my fruitarian lifestyle. i would change it only for breatharian one. maybe one day...

yesterday i had lazy day, i was feeling so so good, relaxing in bed reading book /psychology/ and i enjoyed breakfast in bed made by sweet mango, yeah, we shared blended watermelon together in bed and bit later it was mighty durian. to me durian is magic fruit. every peace of durian give me unique experience of special flavors aromas and feelings...i feel like baby or as child always. it is like i am going back to my childhood to enjoy durian i missed on when i grew up. amazing experience. other fruit take me back to my childhood as well, but not always as durian.  when i was truly enjoying my first durian few years ago, i felt like a baby.

i love almost all fruits, and i can live without any kind for long time, but not durian. i am glad that magic durian appeal to me. mango is also i love with durian and i am glad we can share it.

mango went for swim in ocean and sunshine, i dozed of in to sweet sleep and after i jumped in to relaxing bath.

mango was back for short time when big storm and rain with some hail arrived. garden is happy.

we also shared some apricots, avos, tomatoes and paw paw...yum. yum. yummy. yum.


today was another lovely fruitarian day...

breakfast in bed: blended watermelon, reading, getting fruit: big try of very yummy nectarines, sweet sweet cherries, and some avos.

i visited friend. we had great time as always.  i was not eating.

afternoon and night sharing with mango, we also enjoyed yummy paw paw, cherries, apricots, and lot of sweet nectarines. yum!

fruitarian life is beautiful

morning rose
morning rose by me. i love flowers

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Sunday, December 2, 2007


yeah, i love hot summer time. in summer there are lots of yummy fruits. lots of swims in ocean. flowers everywhere.

in last few days me and mango enjoyed very yummy durians, avos, tomatoes, rock melons, apricots, paw paws, oranges. grapefruit/only me/

mango is having great time in the garden, this morning i joined him for some gardening fun. the biggest  tomato plant have first flowers.

with mango's navigation i learned more about how to create my web pages. 

every day is sweet, life is beautiful

tomato seedlings
tomato seedlings come as surprise in few pots on the balcony about one month they are much bigger and in the garden

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