Monday, July 26, 2010


what is an enema? enema is known as one of the most easiest and natural ways of getting ones colon cleaned. it is a form of laxative, a popular remedy for constipation.

this is what i read on some webpage, yes, there is a lot of information about enemas in the cyber world, and so whoever is interested can google and read on..

are enemas truly one of the easiest and most natural ways of getting our colon cleaned?

i don't think so. this is just one of many misleading pieces of information. i myself, on the contrary, perceive enemas as unnatural ways of getting ones bowel movements in order. enemas are a quick fix solution, and that is why it is so popular, especially among natural health seekers.

yes, it is true, that it's not through clogging our colon for years that our bodily systems function correctly, but rather through having clean and correctly functioning intestines.

only thanks to inappropriate unnatural diet does the intestine become a fertile environment for creation of harmful toxins. therefore the intestines do not function properly and the result is constipation. i've observed that in most cases, constipated people use some form of laxative, but that is not a healthy solution, because regular using of laxatives is drastic, addictive/habit-forming and worsens the intestinal activity/function, this is also called a lazy intestine.

in most cases of constipation or body cleansing-detox enemas or some other kinds of laxative are recommended, but that is not the right way, it is an unnatural way, drastic and forceful.

the natural way of cleaning, and keeping clean, ones intestines, is with a right natural diet.

it has been for many years a proven fact, that laxatives, including enemas, are not natural ways to clean the intestines, as is often recommended in expert literature, but rather the solution is through a natural diet. only through a natural diet of raw fresh fruit can we correctly and naturaly wash out all deposits/sediments from our intestines, and our body can work freely on boosting the immune system, improve function of all bodily systems, abolish/eliminate constipation and hemeroids, improve skin condition, and diminish the pressure on blood vessels and the kidneys.

A healthy large intestine delivers nutrition and energy, and that is very difficult when the intestines are clogged for years on end, full of partially petrified excrement. therefore our bloodstream becomes invaded with a great many toxins, which is very taxing on our bodily systems and general health, as the body has to constantly work very hard with toxin elimination.

if one wishes to eliminate the course of illness, it is wise to start with clean intestines and keep them clean via a natural diet. so our body is not a dump of toxic rubbish, but on the contrary a clean environment which supplies our body with nutrition and provides strong immunity against illness.

people who don't take good care of their health via eating unnatural unhealthy food, and hardly moving around, suffer constipation and ill health. After adopting the right diet, they may eliminate up to several kilograms of, many years old, fecal matter.

coffee enema causes coffee addiction.

An enema is an enemy of a healthy lifestyle.

raw fresh fruit are friends of a healthy lifestyle.

proper fasting or juice feasting is also very beneficial for achieving clean intestines.

my mum has been suffering from chronic constipation for at least 40 years. she is skinny, but her stomach is big as if she was 7 months pregnant. a few years ago her doctor sent her for hydro colon therapy, where they by unnatural force cleaned up some of her intestine, and she was raving on about how much better she felt and she was clearly on top of the world, i told her no wonder you feel so much better they got a lot of rubbish out from you, but you may have the same or even bigger problems with constipation after such drastic treatment. and it didn't take long, until she was telling me that i was right. yeah, she took a long and difficult path to understand that only raw fresh fruit gives her the best results. she is far from being fruitarian, but she has increased her daily fruit intake, including her favorite; freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice. i was so happy for her when i finally heard her say: "yeah raw fresh fruit works for me the best".

the definition of constipation

Incomplete, infrequent or difficult passage of stools, commonly caused by lack of fiber in the diet. Other causes include disruption of routine diet and overuse of laxatives.

dyschezia - difficulty in defecating (usually as a consequence of long continued voluntary suppression of the urge to defecate)

paw paw fruit is getting ready :)

rambutans dragonfruit and yellow sapote full of color of life and yummy sweetness made by mother earth sunshine rain stars and moon g'day my sweet magic fruit i wish you lovely afternoon :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


hello, my blog readers :)

i am sending your way yummy sunny greetings, enjoy the beauty of summer activities, which accompanied with refreshing and cooling melon watermelon, will intensify the beauty of your summer existence, and as a bonus will help you melt down your worries, and fill up your bones with health and your soul with joy.

your fruity bloger

life is beautiful

my mum is enjoying watermelon (turkey 2009). the oranges are my breakfast and i had already eaten a big plate of watermelon triangles

melon watermelon art in my kitchen :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my oprah interview

Towards the end of last year, mango received an email from oprah magazine asking him for a fruitarian interview. he happily agreed, because me and mango like fruit publicity. i told him to say that he has a fruity partner and if they are also interested to interview me. they said yes, and so did i. shortly after we were interviewed and we were waiting for notification that it was published. a few days ago, a member of, stephanie, told us that she had read some article about the fruit diet in an oprah magazine, we were surprised that we had not been notified about it, so mango wrote an email to the mag and they sent us a few e pages of the issue in question, and we could see that they printed only a very small segment of my interview. we were disappointed at first but then we were glad that even a little bit about raw fresh fruit diet was published.

Here is my interview in full.. (Mangos interview is available here.)

mango and me

mango and me, last winter in sydney 2009

1. Why did you decide to eat only fruit? Health? Ethical? Political?

i decided to eat only fruit purely for ethical reasons. love was always most valued by me, and it was directing my life. i'd been a passionate reader since early childhood, and when i was about 26, debating with some of my friends, someone said: " we are reading all kind of books, but we never look at the bible" those words inspired me to get one, and the first words i read in it were about love, so it grew on me straight away, and i was randomly reading on and off for a few years, when i came across the sentence: "do not kill" and i began contemplating those words. at that time, i was already vegan, also for ethical reasons, i just had a revelation one day, watching my father butchering a rooster, - one which he had been keeping in the garden along with chickens. that was unusual, normally i would run away from such a scene. so as i was watching, i thought to myself: "oh, how unfair this is, only a short time ago this rooster was happily living in our garden, enjoying the sunshine, our garden, chickens.. his life, and suddenly one man without thinking took his life at once, to bring food home for himself and his family." and that touched me deeply, and from then on i lost my appetite for meat. i was never tempted to eat, or have craved meat since.  i gained an awareness of the life of animals, i learned, that the rooster had not been as happy as i'd thought, living behind a fence, denied freedom to go where he desired, and i very soon became vegan.

so as i was preoccupied with the "do not kill" commandment, contemplating its meaning, i began questioning food too, and i come to the conclusion at first, that any form of cooking was also killing, so i decided to eat all my food raw. then i thought that even eating raw food i was killing, i was taking life of the plant. i always intuitively believed, that plants have an awareness, they feel and enjoy their existence. i did not want to prematurely put an end to their existence, i wanted the plant to live a full life circle, allowing it to produce seeds for another generation. i was vegan and all my food was from the plant kingdom. so i asked myself the question: 'what plant can i eat, without killing it?" and i came up with RAW FRESH FRUIT. eating fruit was a perfect solution, - the plant continues it's life unharmed, even after the fruit with it's seeds has been harvested. most plants will wither after they have seeded. oh, how i was excited it! i was so happy to find the solution, i was so glad that i could eat in peace without killing. i was on top of the world. more so, because after all, raw fresh fruit had always been my favorite food. so, just like with the rooster, i experienced the same with plants, after this revelation, i lost my appetite and desire for foods other than fruit.  that is how i became fruitarian over night.

today i am eating fruit for all reasons: ethical, health and political

sweet durian

yummy fruit in our kitchen with durian at center stage

2. What does your daily diet look like? What do you eat lots of? How much of certain fruits? Do you ever juice the fruits?

my daily diet consists of my favorite raw fresh fruits in season available from the local market. mind you, I love almost all types of fruit. so i choose fruit by its quality.

mostly me and mango feel to eat at the same time and the same fruit. we usually start with raw fresh fruit juice, mainly oranges, cucumbers or any melon. later in the day we may have another fruit juice or two.  we are eating fruit as is, mainly mono (one fruit at time) and 4 - 6 meals a day including juices. the amount of fruit each time varies, sometimes we eat more, at times less. but usually we share 1/2 kg of grapes, 1 -2 big durian or 3-4 small ones, 1/2kg of rambutan, 5 akee each, one and half of red pawpaw each, seven passion fruit each, 2- 3 grated apples each, 2 mangoes each, sharing one pineapple. longans 1/4kg each, lychees 1/4 kg each. yes, we juice fruit, only at home, and we drink it fresh straight after it is made, they are usually 1/2 litre each. our favorites are orange juice, pineapple juice, honey dew melon juice, rock melon juice, water melon juice (only me - mango usually shares one liter of juice with me, and i drink the rest throughout the day). i also drink watermelon rind, which mango is not keen on.  we are eating lots of mangoes, oranges (mainly juicing) grapes (juicing, eating), red paw paw, durians, akee, melons, mostly honey dew or rockmelon, (mainly drinking).  we also love blended fruit, like one of our favorites is mango blended in orange juice, red or yellow paw paw blended in orange juice, or just blended mango, or pawpaw. we blend melons to drink, we never juice them. we also regularly eat a mixed salad made of 250g cucumber, one or one and half tomatoes and 1/2 or 1 or maximum 1 and 1/2 avocados each. at times with red hot chili, mostly mango, i've been off the chili for a few months now.

sweet fruit of tropics

i love arranging fruit we get from local marktets

3. Some people ask about things like protein—how do you get adequate amounts?

i never questioned things like protein, i had no need, and i was not interested in it either, i've been living on raw fresh fruit for almost 24 years,  i haven't noticed any deficiencies and i am enjoying good health.

colorful beauty of fruit

colorful and magic beauty of fruit in detail

4. What do you feel like, after making the switch?

very soon after i made the switch i felt much healthier, even though i had not had any serious health problems, and thanks to my light diet, i was feeling ok the most of the time. i noticed that i gained more energy, i felt more light, my digestive system was working noticeably better, my mind was more clear and i was feeling generally more happy.

grapes mango rambutan

mango grapes and rambutan on our kitchen table

5. Do you know/live with other fruitarians? Do you socialize with others? Has it ever been an issue in social situations?

my ex husband joined me on a fruitarian diet straight away, and he also soon changed his lifestyle after we got divorced.  i've been living the last four years with my sweet fruitarian partner mango.

mango is the only frutarian i know who eats raw fresh fruit only. but i met some "fruitarians" who are eating nuts, seeds, greens, vegetables, dry fruit, B12 supplements, and all of them are drinking water. i do not perceive them as fruitarians, but raw foodists. my definition of fruitarian is a person who eats raw fresh fruit only. i was surprised when i found in wikipedia and on other websites this false definition of a fruitarian: "a fruitarian eats fruit, nuts, seeds and greens."

i socialize with others. i'm comfortable with being who i am and i have no issues being different and accepting the choices of others. despite that, there are some issues i have: i find the smell of cooked, and some raw foods, offensive it makes me at times nauseous. i feel uncomfortable around drunk people. in almost all cases, when i attend some social scene where food is present, i am accepted and served fruit with love. if i  attend a new social scene, with food, i take my own fruit with me, or i simply don't eat, 'even if i have some fruit with me, at times i just don't feel like eating. i also learned that most people don't notice whether or not i'm eating. if someone offers me food, and for some reason i want to avoid discussing the fact that i am fruitarian, i might say: oh, thank you, i'm not hungry right now, i just ate." if i still get pressured i would add: i'll have some later. but most of the time i would say: " thank you, i wont have any, i eat only fruit."

just arrived from markets

fresh from local markets: pineapple, durian, passion-fruit,
avocado, paw paw, grapes, rambutan, tomato, courgette :)

6. How has being a fruitarian impacted your identity, and how you think of yourself? How has it changed “Who you are?”

thanks to my fruitarian lifestyle i feel great, awesome, clear minded, light, more healthy than ever, more relaxed, more aware, more loving, more worthwhile, more beautiful, more positive, more playful, more creative, more grateful, more thankful, more spiritual, more intuitive, euphoric and satisfied. i  became a better person. i contribute much more toward a healthy environment. inspiring some people on my fruity fruitful path.

i think of myself as a very blessed child.

fruit and me

me and fruit

Sunday, July 11, 2010


is a fruit i used to value more for its looks than for its flavours, so for many years i ignored pumpkin as a food source and if someone offered me one, i used to refuse it. only once i made an exception. it was about twelve years ago. i had a neighbour tereza she had cerebral palsy and was a very lonely girl and she use to often visit me. i used to make yummy fresh fruit juices for us from my own fruit and after some time she came over with a pumpkin. i asked her what the pumpkin was for, and she said for juicing i said hmmm i don't think it is going to be very nice juice, and she said, why not? pumpkin is yummy. well i wanted to make her happy and i made the pumpkin juice and i was very surprised how tasty it was. but i also for some reason forgot about it and i never juiced any pumpkin again.

a bit over two months ago me and mango were given a pumpkin while visiting fruitopia i refused it at first but i decided to take it as a house decoration and a few weeks later i left overseas for two months to visit my family and friends and when i returned i saw the pumpkin in our kitchen and i asked if it is the one from fruitopia and mango said no, he juiced it with tomato and cucumber and this one was given to him by a man at the local markets who sells fresh produce from his garden. mango refused the pumpkin as well but the man insisted so mango took it.

today, this afternoon, when we were wondering what to eat next, mango suggested pumpkin and tomato juice. i said hmmm, this sounds very interesting, so mango went ahead and made it. and to my big surprise it was a very delicious drink, i enjoyed to its last drop.

and later on we ate the pumpkin and tomato pulp from the juicer mixed with avocado. i ate it first without avocado and later on i added half of an avo and it was both ways delicious. it was again mango's idea.

well, for so many years i ignored such an awesome treat. amazing. sometimes i have a treasure right in front of my nose and i don't even notice it. i learned from this experience to be more slow in refusing any fruit and pay more attention to it.

pumpkin is not only a beautiful fruit to look at, but it is also very tasty fruit for juicing.

pumpkins grow easily they don't need much water as well and i am sure there will be from now on always pumpkins growing in our fruity garden. yum, yummy, yum. i think tomorrow i am going to sow some pumpkin seeds from the pumpkin we ate and drank today. and even though it was a small one, we have another half left for tomorrow.

today we drank pineapple orange juice, we ate longans in the sunny garden, we drank orange mandarin juice, then pumpkin tomato juice, later on we ate pumpkin tomato pulp with avocado, then we ate cucumber tomato avo mix, and finally we finished off the longans.

life is beautiful

yummy pumpkin

yummy pumpkin