Saturday, February 21, 2009

me and mango we shared many tasty fruity meals

and drinks from all the yummy fruit i mentioned in my previous post, and when there were only sweet and juicy oranges left, sweet mango went for fruit shopping and he arrived with a box of delicious sultana grapes, one of my favorite grapes, 4 big rock-melons, longans, yum, 2 mysterious durians, tomatoes, lebanese cucumbers, and avocado. yes, i am still avocado free, and i am feeling much better for it. and amazing durians are still at their best, oh, it is even more delicious and enjoyable fruitarian fun sharing durian with mango. yes we share the durian passion. sweet, sweet, sweet.

we were less busy working, especially mango, thanks to fruitful rainy days, and we had a kind of sweet holidays, sharing more of our precious together time than usual. sweet, sweet, sweet.

life is sweet.

monkeys on the beach in  thailand

banana lady feeding monkeys on thailand beach 06

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