Thursday, December 24, 2009


is our home for now, while me and mango are looking for our dream home. we went to see some property on the atherton tablelands, with a stunning far away view of hills and valleys, but without water to swim in and a phone line, so we had to let go of this lovely place, i was a bit disappointed as i could see myself live there happily. it was a good experience, we first had an idea to go for some temporary property, that didn't exactly meet our full needs, but after viewing this proprety we decided, that the best thing to do would be to wait till our real deal dream home comes along.

david and emile left us a few days ago, it was not so easy for me to say goodbye, those people were a part of my life for a relatively short time, but it feels like i have known them for ages, and i truly miss their presence. i hope to see them again one day. being a part of the making of a fruity documentary, was very interesting and educational. i noticed, that most people like to be "stars" and they are willing to listen and debate more enthusiastically about fruit, while a conversation is being filmed. without the film crew, i find it is very rare to get people interested in fruitful fruity conversations. the power of the media is surely huge.

when we arrived at fruitopia, there was a care taker and two wwoofers present, and we were welcomed by all. we had just missed out on a raw food gathering, organized by thirty bananas a day people: harley and his girlfriend freelea, plus their friend nick. all great ozeee kids, eating raw, mainly fruit, folowing the principle of calorie counting etc. inspired by doug graham, one of the well known raw food gurus. harley, his girl and their friend nick arrived a few days after us here at fruitopia, and we had some interesting long discussions about our similarities and differences in our lifestyles and it was all very interesting and fun and educational for all of us. despite our differences we remained in good spirits, and we enjoyed our time together and we hope to meet up again in the future.

and it just happened, that one night we all had dinner at the same time and place and while we were at it, i noticed a special beautiful and loving energy flowing around, as everyone truly and fully enjoyed their raw fresh fruity meal with real zest for life and beauty.

we are here now for about a week and we have met some other local raw food mostly fruit munchers, and it is great to see people enjoying eating lifefull food. and yes, fruit is the most popular winner for sure. my spirit always rejoice at such scenes.

due to christmas holidays everyone left today to the big town cairns for several holiday activities, and me and mango are left at home alone.. nice change..

harley, freelea and nick left for good, they are a sweet traveling rawfood people and they usually don't stay at the same place for toooo long.

me and mango continue looking for our dream home, visiting real estates, and checking local papers and asking anyone we strike conversations with for some tips. yesterday we went to visit the information centre in mareeba, as i wanted to know where some great swimming spots in the area are, and next to it was an art gallery shop, so i got in, while mango was resting in a shady place under a lovely big tree, lying on the bench reading local papers, and i walked through the shop enjoying lots of different artwork and on the end there she was, sitting and knitting, a lovely lady, rosemary, who works there once a month, selling artwork. we had a nice and interesting conversation, and she asked me to give her my ph number, and she promised that if she heard about some suitable fruity place for me and mango, she would ring. i said that is very kind and i am sure she knew a lot of people in area, being such a friendly soul, and she said looking deeply straight in to my eyes: i know everyone. i answered with a big smile. yes, i could have chatted with rosemary for much longer, but i was not alone and i did not want mango to wait for too long, so i said sweet goodbyes and we were off to fruitopia for a nice refreshing fruity meal. our favorite at the moment is blended mangoes, and sometimes we squeeze some raw fresh orange juice in as well. yum, yum, yum.

emile and david also enjoyed blended mangoes, and some other fruits, like ice cream beans, bananas, etc. i hope after their fruity experiences with us, they let more fruit into their lives, to inspire others and to contribute toward a better health for themselves and the planet earth.

love and peace may be with you all.

life is beautiful.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

goodbye sydney

said me and mango, when we were finaly leaving our shoebox in the city, the day we were so much looking forward to became a reality and off we were to far north queensland.. leaving the city behind, traveling three thousand kilometres to our first destination, a big fruity proprety called fruitopia near mareeba, where we have been invited to stay for a while.

just a few days ago, before we left sydney, emile (director) and david (cameraman) arrived from the usa, and with enthusiasm began making the documentary movie about our fruitarian lifestyle, and they have been keeping pretty busy with the movie making since the day of arrival, til today. they are easy going, realaxed and open minded guys, and it is fun to be a part of their work. i was wondering how i was going to feel in front of the camera, and i learned i am relaxed, and for most of the time i just don't pay any atention to it.

we were traveling and filming as well for six days before we arrived at this place caled fruitopia. today we are here for our second day, but to me it feels like we have been here for ages. we are on the end of some country road, with fruit propreties all along the way, and we have seen mainly mango orchads. mangoes are already a few weeks in season in this part of oz, and it was a pure joy to see so many mangoes hanging down from the trees on long stems, actualy we have seen a lot and lot of mango trees blessed with abandance of yummy fruit troughout all of queensland.

while traveling we ate yummy cherries, durian, avocado, lychees (mostly), oranges or freshly squeezed orange juice, we also stopped at tropical fruit world in northern nsw, next to the qld border and emile bought us all different kinds of sapote fruit, my favorite was the yellow one, and pineapple and a few other bits and peaces of not so common tropical fruit, which we kept sampling on the way up north. we also shared some with three young english traveling girls, we also shared with them some words mostly about fruit and it all took a part in documentary movie making. we approached a few people on our way, talking about our fruity lifestyle. most people had never heard about fruitarians, i am not surprised, fruitarians are very rare in this world, especialy the ones like me and mango, who eat raw fresh fruit only.

well, it is nice to be at some destination after a week of traveling, fruitopia is a quiet and relaxing place with a fair bit of organic raw fresh fruit around, mainly mangoes, paw paws, ice cream beans, white, black and mamey sapote, and possibly other varieties of sapote, passion fruit, cherry tomatoes, bananas, jack fruit.. and i am sure there is more..

mango has been trying by phone to contact some people he used to know when he lived here, to get some info about suitable acomodation for us. so far, we are not having much luck getting hold of people..

winding down, enjoying much more fresh air, fruit and people..

life is beautiful