Monday, December 31, 2007

juicy weekend

me and mango drank blended sweet watermelon all weekend. on saturday one big one and one small one, on sunday one big one. i was bit hungry at night but i there was no melon left and i would not cut whole one, to keep it fresh for the morning. i always avoid keeping  open fruit over night, as fresh is the best.

mango is fasting today and i was drinking one small very yummy watermelon. i am feeling awesome most of the time,  today detox from 7am - 1pm;strong emotions, negative thoughts, almost want to die at one moment. i got very sleepy for 15minutes, after i pick up happy positive energy and it is still with me.

saturday was beach morning/3hours, and me and mango had great time as usual: swim & sun. swimming while watermelon feasting is more fun. everything about it is so much more beautiful...

last 2 nights i am thinking about other fruit like durian and cherries, but not for long.

life is beautiful,

i wish fruitful 2008 to all,


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