Thursday, December 6, 2007

2 durian

today was 2 durian day. one for breakfast in bed other one for diner. me and mango also shared apricots, nectarines, mangoes, avos, cucumber/only me/and tomatoes. one banana  /only me/

i had another lazy day reading in bed, about midday mango come and ask me if i like to go for swim, i said no and in second he was sleeping, and in second i drifted in to peaceful sleep as well. when i woke up i had relaxing lemon bath and after euphoric cold shower. later me and mango had fun creating my web pages.

morning was gloomy and rainy from 11am bright sunny day.

me and mango had peaceful and happy day


yesterday was sunny day. me and mango went get some delicious fruits. we got 3 durians, 2 trays of mangoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, 2 watermelons, longans, apricots, 5 small bananas.

soon after we arrived back in to shoebox, we shared yummy durian, and the rest of the day and night we had longans, apricots, nektarines, tomatoes, avos, all very yummy.

we had very sweet day. life is awesome.

sweet rose

sweet rose by me

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