Sunday, December 23, 2007

land rights

i was born on planet earth with no money in my pocket. yet, i have to pay rent to reside here. did i created the earth and the universe? did any other human did? why do i have to pay someone for something what is not theirs? i believe i/we have right to reside on planet earth for free and move as we i wish without passport and money in my pocket. i believe i have right to live freely on planet earth. earth is in chains and so am i. our freedom is taken away by greed. it is time for cultivating spirit of love & sharing.

only love  can save us. only love can free us from chains. the one whom truly love understand the nature of fruit. being fruitarian is act of love & sharing.

mango was fasting on friday, and i enjoyed my first mango of the day on our local beach. oh, yes, finally lovely beach day arrived. it was so sweet to wake up to hot sunny morning, and soon after sun basking relaxing enjoying every second of my existence. i swam 3 times. my swimming fitness is increasing even after winter break. i love love love swimming.

and i love love love raw fresh fruit.  on friday it was one mango as is, much later 2 mangoes as is, later, cucumber, tomato, avo, at night 3mangoes blended in orange juice freshly made from raw fresh oranges. yum. yum. yum.

saturday me and mango shared: magic durian, apricots, cherries, longan, lychee, avos, tomatoes, cucumber. this is the fruit we are sharing almost always this yummy summer season.
durian art
durian art by mango

life is awesome

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