Wednesday, January 2, 2008

55 tonnes

yes, 55 tonnes of rubbish was collected in sydney alone after new year eve "celebrations". a can/tin of alcohol diluted by cola soft drink/soda selling for $10 each. not, very friendly to environment/us. me and mango have only one small bag of rubbish, consisting of plastic, once in 2-3 months. all fruit compost is buried by mango in our little garden. she loves it, as fruit turns very quickly in to sweet top soil.

yeah, garden is very happy, melons are growing like there is no tomorrow, tomatoes are having lovely baby green tomatoes, working on red color production... cucumbers are showing first cucumber leaves, and tiny healthy paw paws are adorable.

me and mango we are happy too. we just returned from fruit shopping and we are looking forward to eat all the yummy fruit, they all smell amazing. we got 3 durians, 2 watermelons, 2 rock melons, box of green  seedless grapes,  tray of  nectarines,  tray  of  mangoes.  lychees,  roma  tomatoes,  1 big  fig,  avos,  1 deep red long capsicum.

yesterday we had another beach & watermelon juice day. late afternoon we got one more watermelon, we opened this morning for sweet breakfast drink and after we relaxed on the sun and after we jumped in to blue calm ocean. twice.

life is sweet.

me on the early morning beach
me on the early morning beach

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