Friday, December 14, 2007

80 bilion

cans of soft drinks /soda/ is consumed in usa in one year. that is lot of sugar, lot of metal, etc

thanks magic fruit i am never thirsty. thirst = dehydration. raw fresh fruit contain the best juice. it cannot be compared with the water. with raw fresh fruit there is no need for water to drink at all.  that is why i do not have to wonder what kind of water i should drink, or how much...and so on. 

me and mango are enjoying our summer fruits, logan, nectarines, durians, cherries, avos, pealed tomatoes, and /mainly me/pealed libanise cucumbers.

today we went on beach but left as it was busy like on the weekends, i was ok with is as for me was bit cold today /22+/ mango was  fasting and i drank one watermelon, and ate one nectarine,  2 avo, 2 tomato, 2 small cucumber. me and mango we always peal tomato and cucumber.

day was nice and sunny, early in the morning i went for wanderwalk and i took pictures of some flowers.

me and mango enjoying our peaceful relaxing days, and each other.

life is awesome.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta and Mango
Passing by to wish you and Mango Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year.
I also wan´t to thank you both because you are very inspiring to me.
I am delighted to see that people like you truly exist in this world.
I am spending the next two weeks in a Buddhist Monastery for I want to know myself I see ya in two weeks!
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Anonymous said...

ps: you look really great in that picture Kveta!
to be fruitarian is to be beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kveta,

You are beautiful


kveta said...

dear fylype,

thankyou. merry christmas and happy new year from me and mango to you.

i am truly happy you are inspired and delighted.

yes, true, to be fruitarian is to be beautiful.

enjoy your self discovering

one love,

dear tinah,

thankyou. enjoy your day,

one love,