Friday, December 7, 2007

i am

reading true story, by sally morgan: wanamurraganya the story of jack mcphee, in the bed.  this quote is clear about how essential is to be in right environment: "there were rules at the settlement for everything, and i have to admit i found it very frustrating because i wasn't used to living in such a strict way. funnily enough though, i soon found myself becoming just like everyone else, and accepting that i was living in a gaolhouse. it was the kind of place that stopped you from wanting to really better yourself.

surely it is not only food what make us.

this morning i was reading again, relaxing in the bed, breakfast was also in bed 5dl of yummy watermelon, blended.

around midday me and mango went for swim and sun. we had fun as always, and today i swam as far as mango, usually i am to cold to swim as far. that made me happy.

later, hot bath, cold shower, reading /spaceship/ viewing some videos for bb. me and mango are getting excited about the fact that i may be in big brother house.

tonight i rang my sweet mum and she was bit busy, so we talk only 20minutes. she said ring on monday. she won very expensive holiday in sardinia for 2. she is going in europian spring time. wow, i am very happy for her. and lately she is happily telling me how she is looking after herself eating more fruit & veg. she sound more lively. unreal.

mango was today fasting and i enjoyed not too big and very sweet watermelon, some blended some as is, one nectarine, 2 avos, 2 tomatoes, 1 tiny cucumber /libanise as usual/

not long after we returned from beach short lived big storm arrived.  tomatoes in garden was singing with joy as all plants, oh yeah, lot and lot of baby watermelons are sprouting out everywhere. i love power of life.

life with sweet mango, love, yummy fruit, magic sun and ocean is truly wonderful.

grape flowers
beautiful grape me

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Anonymous said...

Inspired by you...
I never tried durian Kveta.
But I will. I wanna know by myself if that fruit is delicious to me as it is to you ;) go there if you want to know more about me!

I use messenger. If you also use it please let me know because I would love to keep in contact with you to share some ideas.

With Love,

kveta said...

good luck with durian, i hope you are the chosen one and enjoy it.

i do not use messenger. we can keep in contact via this blog.

you have interesting my space, only i find bit difficult reading over the background pictures.

have fruitful day,

Anonymous said...


wisdom, inspiration, spirit. to me you are those 3 things. I'm praying you get to be on Big Brother. I'm 18 years old and have so many health issues. I'm going fruitarian and sticking to it. I've tried in the past but failed. I want to show others that you can live on a fruit diet. I'd love to know how long you have been fruitarian.
do you have an email address?
mine is

i would love to learn more. How was detoxing for you? what has been the hardest part of your fruitarian journey? how has your health been?

your Canadian fan,

kveta said...

dear kelsey,

thankyou for such sweet note.

yes,let let magic fruit in your life and free yourself from all health problems.

i was without health complaints when i become fruitarian over night. so i was not aware of my mild detox. intense detox arrived while i was fist time fasting, /after 2 years on raw fresh fruit only/but it was gentle and easy to go trough.

my health is great i am free from all medications.

i am fruitarian for 22 years,and hardest think is to see others suffer from eating toxic food,laughing at my fruity lifestyle.

i do not spend much time on internet, so i do not have time for
e-mail friends. we can keep in touch here.

i wish you fruity success.

with peace,