Sunday, December 23, 2007

fruit feast

yes, today was another fruit feast day. since i live on raw fresh fruit only i am truly enjoying  eating. and i am naturally  so  thankful  for  all  yummy  fruits.  i  like  to eat  slowly i always did. i was pushed into eating fast many times by many people including teachers in kindergarten, and my father...well no one did succeeded i just naturally could not swallow  bits  and  peaces  of  anything.  i  could  take  medication  for  cold & flu only crashed in to powder /by mum/

today me and mango did feast on blended watermelon, avos, durian, lychees, tomatoes, around 6:30pm we had few bits of yummy durian we saved from one we munched on earlier, we both felt we want more, so at 7pm we went and got  one. yes we shared sweet and creamy durian, our last food for some time. tomorrow  is  fasting  day  for  us.

mango walked of for swim in the ocean, but he only took some pictures and went back as there were way to many people and dogs.

i was reading in bed and later on working on my website.

in the morning me and mango had lot of fruitarian fun under the sun in our tiny big garden. first baby tomato fruits are getting bigger each day and also new flowers are appearing  in  abundance. this is only the beginning and already so much joy.

with magic fruit life is sweet

beautiful flowers for everyone

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