Wednesday, December 12, 2007


is popular topic. last few years i can clearly see big changes, weather patterns are more extreme. there is not enough rain or too much rain...etc. we all know about it. it is obvious now everywhere.

with fruitarian lifestyle, we can safe not only planet but also ourself. raw fresh fruit is most environmentally friendly food. best for our planet and us..

me and mango we are enjoying and sharing raw fresh fruit every eating day.  in last few days we let in to our bloodstream  yummy  durians,  nectarines,  apricots,  red  paw  paw,  longan, mango, tomato, libanise cucumber, avocado, cherries, pineapple, watermelon.

we enjoy our fruit as is and almost always mono. mango is more mono than me. we drank watermelon, i ate some as well. pineapple was too sour to eat, but juice was ok.

summer fruit is this year very very tasty and prices are more friendly. most of fruit is half price, compare to last year.

looking forward to beach days, lately is bit cloudy and showery, not sooo hot.

me and mango enjoying peaceful relaxing fruitful time together.

life is sweet.


ibis just around the mango

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Anonymous said...

Kveta I really enjoy reading your journal!!! I am trying to practice being a fruitarian. I have found that it is very soothing to my body because I have acid reflux and a scarred esophagus because of the bad food choices I made in the past. For the past three days I have been eating and drinking fruits. I use your journal to stay focused on what I know will heal me and help me to do what is right for our Mother Earth. It would be awesome if you wrote a book because you would surely have amazing things to write about. Your perspective of the world would open up a lot of hearts and minds!!! I know you have opened up my heart and mind. Love to you and yours

kveta said...

thank you trina, for such a positive and sweet note. i am glad you are enjoying yummy fruits, feeling much better for it and that my journal is helping you to stay focused. may your love for fruit be constantly with you. you surely know its heavenly goodness after 3 years of experience.

i would love to write some fruity books, but first i would like to stop reading so much. yes, i am working on it!