Tuesday, December 4, 2007

fruitarian & durian

yes, i love my fruitarian lifestyle. i would change it only for breatharian one. maybe one day...

yesterday i had lazy day, i was feeling so so good, relaxing in bed reading book /psychology/ and i enjoyed breakfast in bed made by sweet mango, yeah, we shared blended watermelon together in bed and bit later it was mighty durian. to me durian is magic fruit. every peace of durian give me unique experience of special flavors aromas and feelings...i feel like baby or as child always. it is like i am going back to my childhood to enjoy durian i missed on when i grew up. amazing experience. other fruit take me back to my childhood as well, but not always as durian.  when i was truly enjoying my first durian few years ago, i felt like a baby.

i love almost all fruits, and i can live without any kind for long time, but not durian. i am glad that magic durian appeal to me. mango is also i love with durian and i am glad we can share it.

mango went for swim in ocean and sunshine, i dozed of in to sweet sleep and after i jumped in to relaxing bath.

mango was back for short time when big storm and rain with some hail arrived. garden is happy.

we also shared some apricots, avos, tomatoes and paw paw...yum. yum. yummy. yum.


today was another lovely fruitarian day...

breakfast in bed: blended watermelon, reading, getting fruit: big try of very yummy nectarines, sweet sweet cherries, and some avos.

i visited friend. we had great time as always.  i was not eating.

afternoon and night sharing with mango, we also enjoyed yummy paw paw, cherries, apricots, and lot of sweet nectarines. yum!

fruitarian life is beautiful

morning rose
morning rose by me. i love flowers

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