Wednesday, December 26, 2007

dry fast

yesterday was second day of dry fast, i forgot mention that me and mango do not drink while fasting.

i was feeling nicely lazy and very relaxed, content.

i did visit friend for few hours, she was sick /digestion/ and very pale. she felt like she could eat only mango and nectarine, from all food she had. as soon as she finished eating big mango she got her color back and she did look and feel much better. i love to see the positive power of fruit on others.

last night while sleeping i was waking up dreaming about having blended watermelon drink, drifting  peacefully  in  to  sleep  again, same thing happened several times. it was very sweet i felt like very little kid. i love drinking  fruit  juices. 

today, soon after i woke up, mango said to me: "would you like a watermelon juice? i said "yeah, i love to have one, only half  glass /2.5dl/please."it was truly like drink from heavens, we shared sweet watermelon drink in the bed. we were drinking blended watermelons /2 small ones/and mango had 2 avos and much later 4 tomatoes.

i had after every drink dark pink watermelon poo.

i spend some time in our garden with mango, today and yesterday morning. today we went for wanderwalk and we adored many plants, in the gardens on our way. yeah, we forgot take camera with us. we had lot of fruitarian fun under the sun.

life is amazing

one love,
fruit tree flower
first nectarine flower from our garden. this sweet tree is not with us any longer as some very sick person /i know whom/took some our trees away.

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