Friday, December 28, 2007

fruitarian bliss

yes, today was another blissful fruitarian day, mango was fasting as almost always on friday, and i was enjoying watermelon drinks. i drank one not so big, very sweet and yummy watermelon and i ate the last small bit.

mango slept in /unusual/so i went for small wanerwalk and i visited our happy garden as well,  and  just  when  i walked  back in  our  shoebox,  mango  was ready  to  go  and  bury  our compost  /watermelon skins only/ in garden. when he returned i was ready to jump in bath, but mango said he would like to go for some sun busk and swim on the beach. i said ok let's do it.

oh, yes, it was very sunny and hot perfect beach day. we had some relaxing time sun busking  and  then  we  jumped  in  the  blue  ocean, swimming floating...water was bit warmer than usual and very pleasant. we left soon after as there were people pouring in big time, with their stinky sun creams, cigarettes, and near by sailing club was pouring another toxic fumes from it's kitchen.

back in the shoebox, i had my bath and then i jump in to bed for some reading and i end up drifting in to peaceful sleep in no time...for 2 hours.

mango went for walk on to another beach to get some seaweed for garden and on the way back he got some hay as well.

i woke up just when mango returned, and soon after we went on our sunny big bench to get some more sun rays.

we enjoyed lazy relaxing night. last night i end up writing text for my webpage. i always feel great after some writing.

i am feeling all day very peaceful, happy, like little kid, content...with plenty of watermelon energy.

life is sweet
strawberries in our garden
strawberries in our garden were eaten by garden pets. me and mango don't mind sharing.

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