Sunday, February 24, 2008


yeah, we are in last summer month and as usual i wish that summer never ends. some may think that is impossible, but it is for those whom willing to travel. just like little prince was moving to be constantly with sunset and sunrise, i love to travel to follow hot sun. true sometimes i am trapped to do so. like right now. me and mango cannot move out of sydney or travel as we are waiting  for  mango's  residential visa. any day now. so yes, we both are looking forward to freedom from city environment like noise and air pollution.

true is we are lucky, living very close to beautiful coast so we can enjoy beach on sunny days, and there is always yummy fruit in fruit shops including our beloved magic durian.

in last few days we are enjoying summer fruits: blended rock melon, lychees, mangoes, honey mangos, white nectarines, red paw paws, avos, cucumbers and tomatoes. and mango was fasting on friday.

i am busy downloading my pictures to redbublle. would you like to have look? just click on the pictures below.

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tinah said...

Hi Kveta, everything you write sounds like paradise~ mmm red paw-paws :-)

I am deliciously sunbathing and tuning in to the message relayed in the book The Secret Life of Plants. Kveta, I am visualizing your back aligning beautifully and coming into place, I am putting my hands over your back. I did this for my dad before and his pain went away. I trust life responds to our best intentions. : )

tinah said...

By the way, your pictures are gorgious! I could hardly believe my eyes, the flowers are so beautiful!!

kveta said...

hi tinah,

thankyou for your sweetness..every word is appreciated.

enjoy all you do.