Wednesday, February 13, 2008

after dry fast and juice feast

today is 4th day of eating yummy summer fruits after dry fast and watermelon juice feast.  i was craving avocado so i had just 1/4, next day 1/2, and next day /today/one. when i ate first avo it felt really strange in all ways; the heaviness...

me and mango shared /last 4 days/and enjoyed magic durians/only 2days/, longans, lychees, white nectarines, nectarines, mango blended in grape juice, peaches, red paw paw, figs, tomatoes, capsicum,  avo. and today only, sweet tamarin from thailand.

monday was a beach day.  we had fun as always. swim and sun. on almost deserted beach. yum.

every day is beautiful.

life is beautiful.

our local beach /one of/

one of our local beaches

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Anonymous said...

Amazing spot. I want to go there!
Looks like paradise...
And all the fruit you're eating seems also very yummy.

peace and love :)

tinah said...

Thanks for your yummy fruity influence~ today for me green grapes, red grapes, and 1/5 of a pineapple~ :)


kveta said...

hi fylype,

i hope you make it here one day. yes, bit like a paradise with lot of sun and yummmy fruits and unique nature.

i am sure there are many magic places in portugal.

in love and fruit

hi tinah,

i am glad i have fruity influence on you. enjoy your yummy fruits.

fruit rules,