Thursday, February 21, 2008

red bubble

my friend gave me a link for red bubble, this is great place to share and sell artwork and make some virtual friends. here is my art /some/
and new pictures are on the way. i am happy i find a new home for my pictures along with so many amazing pictures from others. yeah, i am addicted to red bubble already. i love pictures.

me and mango got yesterday heaps of honey mangoes, yum, yum, yum, they do not taste like honey, they taste just divine and season just began. wow! and some lychees, red paw paws, 2 durians, sweet tamarin, big honeydew and rockmelon, cucumbers, avos, box of mangoes and heaps of white nectarines. few bananas

yesterday we drank rock melon twice, and we ate delicious durian, lychees, tomatoes, cucumbers, avos, white nectarines, mango, and we shared one banana

we also had 2 long swims in ocean and nice relaxing peaceful time on almost deserted beach. water was very pleasant. i was not cold as usual, and i could swim in more relaxed/slow way.

me and mango enjoying our fruitarian summer days.

life is beautiful


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