Friday, February 15, 2008

yummy fruit

yesterday me and mango shared 2 durians, yum, blended white nectarines for the first time ever, yum, lychees, longans, tomatoes, only me one capsicum, avos, i had less than 1/4. and we also enjoyed surprisingly yummy  first  watermelon  from  our  garden.  it  was  really  cute  and tiny one.  we ate it on the sun yeah, we had a garden picnic..

mango was fasting today and i had blended white nectarines for breakfast and then i was drinking all day blended banana and watermelon 5dl about 7 times, each time one banana. watermelon was not sweet enough so banana made it sweet and creamy. yum.yum.yum. 3 tomatoes one red capsicum and one tiny /smaller than egg/avo.

i slipped in to negative thinking, for short time, so i went for little wanderwalk to change focus and i find new  baby cucumber in our garden. wow, that made me so happy.

me and mango had peaceful and relaxing day. missing swim. today was bit cold and showery.

life is sweet

lovely ocean,just around the corner
lovely ocean, just around the corner...

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tinah said...

hi Kveta,

I like the sound of watermelon blended with bananas mmm
Do you like the bananas when they have a few brown spots? When do you find they taste the best?

Thank you! :)

kveta said...

hello tina,

i find bananas best when they are ripe that is when they develop brown spots.

have you tried watermelon banana smoothie? i love it.

have fruitful day,