Sunday, February 3, 2008

dry fast day one

mango was dry fasting on friday and i had one orange juice 5dl, orange one mango juice 5dl, twice few hours apart, tomato juice 5 dl, and 5/ 3 and 2/ tomato as is without skin. one early delicious apple only me.rainy cold 21+cludy gloomy day outside and warm and happy in our shoebox.

yesterday was rainy saturday with lovely sunny breaks. me and mango shared orange and one early delicious apple juice 5dl, yellow melon/casava/5dl, yellow melon casaba 5dl, tomato juice 5dl, tomato juice 4dl, tomato juice 4dl. yeah, all juice day.

today is rainy day, i am missing the sun all ready, today me and mango are dry /without water/fasting i am feeling peaceful and i am a bit in my own world and i do not feel hungry at all, but i was for a bit fantasizing about watermelon juice on the day of breaking my fast.

today and yesterday i am having strong healing sensations in my right leg. it is truly magic experience.

few days ago i had 1/4 of small avo and the same day after, third day i just had tiny taste and gave the rest to mango.  he is having usually 2 avos a day. i am happy i do not miss it, as i feel so so so much better. and i poo and wee more often as well.

i am also happy that it is not big deal to go without food and water.

life is amazing,
yummy strawberries, full of life
yummy strawberries, full of life.

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