Wednesday, March 5, 2008

amazing watermelon

yeah, last night, me and mango got disturbed by mighty noise, we both thought that some one try to break in trough kitchen window, but very fast we could see what truly happened; one about 10kg watermelon decided to jump from the shelf on to the table and from table on to ground tumbeling down like a thunder and landed not far from me and mango. i was amazed that watermelon did not crack open. i dropped  watermelon  at  times  even from only few cm from the ground and they all broke open...

tonight i made watermelon juice form me and mango and i carried jug from blender full of juice and i was rushing and i fall over something and i had full on fall on my right knee and as i landed jug followed it hit the ground and half of juice splashed up /there is bit on the sealing/ and most of it land in my hair /my hair love it/ bit on my shoulders and heaps on front of me and bits all over everything as far as 2 meters, something like this happened to me only once about 11 years ago with rock melon.

me and mango are getting ready for watermelon juice feast. there are only some mangoes left for tomorrow and maybe one cucumber and some cherry tomatoes from our garden, and after we are ready to drink watermelons for as long as we want to. we both looking forward to it.

today we were drinking watermelons /almost 2/ and we drank 5dl of mango each. yum! yum! yum! we also enjoyed tiny bit of sweet tamarin.

yesterday we had very tender sweet and creamy first cucumber from our garden along with very delicious cherry tomatoes from garden as well. and we drank one watermelon /bit by bit/and we had one or 2 mango drinks yum! most of our fruit drinks are 5dl each. or bit over. and few very yummy nectarines.

from the time of my last post we are sharing lot of yummy durians, nectarines, red paw paw, lychees, longans, grapes, mangos, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes from garden and avos.

we run out from avos 2 days ago and i feel already so much better it only arrived tonight, before that i was bit toxic/mood swings/. it amazes me how much better i feel mentally and physically without avocado in such short time. my plan is not give in after watermelon feast. last time once i gave in i find very difficult to give up so i made decision to go with it and stop on our watermelon drinking days. fast or mono juicing is very helpful in giving up toxic substances. trick is not give in after.

we also visited beach few times in last few days. swimming relaxing sun busking as usual...fruitarian lifestyle is the most sweet one

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