Thursday, February 7, 2008

29 watermelons

yes, me and mango got another 11 watermelons yesterday. it was one great watermelon view as mango put all 29 yummy watermelons together, on few benches and tables. one watermelon slipped and opened after landing with big splash on the kitchen floor. one third of sweet watermelon was for garden, and we drank the rest. i went see a friend for few hours and when i returned mango said: one watermelon exploded ! wow ! and juices was all over the bench dripping down on safely covered printer and other said he was alarmed by explosion and quickly removed funny watermelon in to compost bucket, he also got about 7 liters of juice from bench and floor. he was amazed how much juice was out. garden had watermelon feast with us...yum!

i love to share fruit. yesterday me and mango shared 6 watermelon sweet delicious drinks /blended sieved/5dl all. one and 3/4 watermelons

today 5 divine watermelon drinks as usual. one watermelon

today was beach day, ocean lost its blue due to heavy rain and storms in last few days, and full of sea grass and it was fun to swim in it. we were relaxing absorbing sun ryes. swim was one long one and one only 1/2 way, it was not so sunny and hot any more, mango was chatting to some fresh Aussies, from uk and i had fun with their adorable children, creating sand castles...later beautiful deep blue and gray sky hiding the sun and promising rain made us all leave the beach.

i am enjoying my watermelon juice feast days...i do not have desire for other fruit yet!

life is beautiful

whale.picture by Fruitarian
the blue whale by fruitarian kveta

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Unknown said...

What brand of juicer to you use to make Watermellon juice?

Thank you.

Om Mani Padme Hum,
Lama Jigme

kveta said...

i blend watermelon. before i do i take the seeds out. at times i pour blended watermelon trough sieve for extra smoothness.

you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

You are making me want to drink and eat some watermelon too!

All the best Kveta
Sending love...

kveta said...

go for it fylype, enjoy sweet watermelon juice magic.

love & fruit,